City Permits and Forms

If you have questions on any of these forms, please call the City Office at 724-3081 or email


Animal License Application

Dog and Cat license applications and payment are due annually July 1.

New Account-Water-Sewer-Garbage For new residents or changes on residential/commercial service



Building permit application:  Fee:  $10.00 for first $10,000 of project; $2.00 for each $1,000 over $10,000 project. See exceptions below.

Building permit applications are approved by the City Zoning Administrator.

Building permits are required for interior remodeling/updates, roof replacement, siding, doors or windows, to repair/replace steps or decks (same size or smaller) or for similar improvement/repair projects. THERE IS NO FEE FOR HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS THAT ARE WITHIN THE CURRENT BUILDING FOOTPRINT.

Building permits are required for additions to a permanent structure (ex: new or enlarged deck), storage buildings and fences. Projects must adhere to the City Zoning Ordinances.

Building Permit Applications are approved by the Zoning Administration (City Auditor).  No building projects may commence until written notice of formal approval.  Projects started without approval will be fined $100.00. If the fine is not paid, the fine plus the permit fee will be assessed to the property. Projects must begin within 45 days of approval and be completed within 12 months or the permit will be void. Application fee is non-refundable.


Gaming Permit Application:   Fee: $15.00 per application

A permit application is required for any charitable gaming conducted in the City of Rutland, including bingo, raffles or drawings, game boards, and related types of gambling. Total value for all prizes awarded during the calendar year is limited to $12,000.  Organizations with a State Gaming License are not eligible for local permits and should contact the State Attorney General Office at
Print and complete the Application for Local Permit (SFN9338).  This form may be completed online and then printed out (Note:  Make certain the “fit to page” print option is NOT checked).  Information will not be saved.  Submit two original copies with the $15.00 fee per event to City Hall.
The City Auditor will return a signed Local Permit after City Council approval.


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