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RCC April 9, 2012

President Paul Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Members present:  Paul Anderson, Kathy Brakke, Rebecca Christensen, Bert Siemieniewski, Lori McLaen, Shari Leinen, Ione Pherson, Jeanne Leinen, Delores Lysne, Diane Smith, Bill Anderson, Roger Pearson.

The secretary’s minutes from the March meeting were read and approved. Lori moved/Rebecca gave the second.  Delores commented on difficulty getting information [from vendors] to do the cost analysis on Hall events as discussed at last month’s meeting. Paul said they would get all the information needed.

Financials were looked at and discussed in lieu of a report since the treasurer was absent.  Balance sheet shows $12,106.61 in checking and Savings. The net income from the supper/play & pinochle tournament totaled $2,980.46.  Bert made a motion to approve the financial report and Kathy offered the 2nd to the motion.

Old Business:

There was some discussion regarding the supper served with the play.  It was suggested, in the end, that the play be held two nights, one with a supper and one without… making it more accessible for everyone, and bringing in another night of profits.   Families with children could then attend the night of the play only.  That would be a solution to the cost and noise issues.  It will be looked into for next year’s production.

Paul reported on the sign committee meeting that was held Thursday evening, March 29th.  Members attending that meeting were Paul, Deb Banish, Gretchen Vann, Pam Maloney and Carolyn Christensen.  Carolyn reported that there is just under $5,000 in the Horizons Fund that can be used for whatever project it is needed for.  The money had originally been allocated for different projects that were being pursued but not completed, such as aTeenCenter.  The advertising committee had been working on signage for the Two Mile corner at one time.

Paul presented one proposal from Stewart Signs for an electronic sign that would go up on the same corner that the original sign was.   A one sided sign would cost $8,800.00 instead of the original quote of $7,900.00 because it would need to be 3 feet taller to be seen.   The cost base would be added to that price.  It would be rated to 120 mph wind.  Greg Donaldson, owner of the property, gave his permission to put the sign on that corner if it was decided to put one up.   The city would own the sign and be responsible for the maintenance.  RCC would pay the balance of the price of the sign, after the Horizons money.  Non profit groups could advertise for no cost but businesses would be charged a fee for ads.

Rebecca voiced concern about the sign, the original cost, and the cost of electricity, etc.  She was wondering if the fee would be assessed to property taxes or water bills in the future to maintain the sign.   Bert asked that we table the decision for at least a month, so that more research can be done, including getting solid numbers for the cost, and a plan for up keep.   There was also discussion about what the goal of the sign was,  how readable it would be to drivers going through town with it parallel to the street, and if the cost was feasible.  The original intent of the ad committee was to bring in traffic from the highway by advertising businesses in Rutland.  It was tabled.

Bert, Rebecca and Delores offered to look into the regulations for putting up a sign on highway 11 near the 2 mile corner.  Bill suggested they work with Neuman Signs.

Jeanne Leinen submitted a report on the Easter Eggs hunt held at the hall on Saturday, March 31st.   She thanked the Community Club for it’s donation of $200.00.  The money bought three bikes and a cash prize of $25.00 to be given away to the kids.  That total was $194.53.  She also received donations and gifts to use for prizes from community residents.

Paul contacted Bonnie Anderson, the first name on Work Group #2, about chairing the Memorial Day dinner.   She agreed.

Lori reported on the meeting that was held by the welcome Committee, consisting of Lori, Ione and Ben Durbin.   There were many good ideas discussed, including the possibility of having a ‘brochure kiosk’ in the new pavilion at Silver Lake.  The committee will meet again soon, including Sue Anderson, to finalize some plans.

New Business

Bert made a suggestion that the executive committee of  RCC get together and go through the by laws and policies of the organization to update them if necessary.  She also said it would be helpful to have thorough job descriptions for the officers of the Community Club written up.   The board agreed to get this done as soon as possible and bring changes/revisions back to a regular RCC meeting to be voted on.

Jeanne Leinen suggested that we start each meeting with a Pledge to the Flag as was the custom for years.

Kathy asked what the plans for the piano are, it was an issue brought up at last month’s meeting.   She said the piano is of very high quality. Bill explained it was donated by the Rutland Band Mothers through fund raising in the 1950’s and early 60’s.  Kathy will look into getting the piano tuned before Memorial Day.  Jeanne moved that the Community Club pay for the tuning…Rebecca provided the second.  Motion passed.   The Piano needs to be stored where it is warm so it stays in tune longer.   A discussion followed and a place will be found for the piano.  The current storage spot is being converted to a mop closet with a sink, since the plumbing is there already.

Thank you to Lori for all her volunteer hours she is putting in painting and cleaning at the hall.

Meeting Adjourned.  8:00 pm

Secretary, Ione Pherson


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