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Community Club – May 14, 2012

RCC Minutes, May 14, 2012

Vice President Rebecca Christensen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Lori McLaen; Ione Pherson; Pam Maloney; Delores Lysne; Hal Nelson; Gretchen Vann; Jeanne Leinen; Ann Erickson; Bert Siemieniewski; Bill Anderson; Carolyn Christensen.

The minutes from the April Meeting were read and approved.

A copy of the treasurer’s report was provided in Deb Banish’s absence. Delores moved to approve.  Hal gave the second.  Motion passed.

Old Business:

Rebecca read an email from Paul Anderson regarding the sign issue.  Paul is on vacation and could not attend the meeting.  Paul gave a clear, concise price breakdown and pro’s and con’s for the placement of the LED sign.

Rebecca gave an update on the research she has been doing on getting a sign at the 2 mile corner.  There are lots of road blocks, including zoning, permits and what kind of advertising we would want out there.  She cited many signs along the state highway between Lidgerwood and Hankinson that don’t appear to meet any of the criteria she was given, and more homework has to be done.

The two different signs that are being considered prompted a lengthy and  productive discussion, and went back and forth between types and locations. Pros and Cons on both sides of the issue were discussed.

Bert said the one sided – parallel to the street LED sign would not be cost effective for the number of people that would be able to read it.  You would have to be stopped on main street or on the sidewalk to do so. Hard to read and everything cannot be read driving by at posted speed limit as tested in Forman, Milnor, and Hankinson.

Rebecca brought pictures and descriptions of alternative signs like the old sign Rutland used to have.  Promoting these types of signs and their costs is serious reason to consider this option.  There are many features with these signs as well. Single or double sided, lighted, portable, mounted, wind protectors. They can be customized! they each have 3 or 4 lines for messages. All come with 10 year warranties against yellowing. Extra letters can be bought.  This sign option is very cost effective way to get messages out to those in the community.

Gretchen said the letters for a manual sign would be difficult to store and there would be a problem with accessibility.  Also, she voiced concern about vandalism and the rearranging of the letters on a manual sign, as was done in the past.

It was also pointed out that an LED sign would also be subjected to the same vandalism, access to the flash drive, who is going to operate it, and with the height is there going to be access to it.

Rebecca pointed out that we could accomplish two signs, a manual one somewhere on main street and one on the highway, for far less than half the cost of one LED sign.

Hal asked what our main purpose of a sign was? Bill stated there are two purposes: (1) on the highway for letting people know we are here, and (2) to inform the community of current and upcoming events.

Pam voiced concerns about highway regulations, and a sign at the 2 mile corner.

Delores proposed we buy a sign and moved to buy a static sign.

Lori asked for more homework for all signs, permits, Horizons funds. There is no agreement yet on placement or what kind of sign.

All agreed Rutland needs some type of display for community activities.

Ione/Bert moved/seconded to table the sign discussion, motion passed.

Bert asked Carolyn to clear up the misunderstanding about Horizon money available.   Carolyn said there is $2500 available for sure, and $2000 that was undesignated funds would have to be approved and signed off by the committees and chair-persons within these committees: Ad Committee, Housing Committee, Recreation Committee, and the Trail Committee  – bringing the total to $4500 if all funds are approved.

The sign issue was again tabled and will be revisited with new information at the June meeting.

Piano update. Piano is back in the cupboard, and has been tuned.

Memorial Day- Nordland Lutheran Church 10:00; Town Cemetery       10:15; Program 11:00; Dinner following.

Bert Hall update- Floor is done, lines were repainted, painting is done in hall. Entryway is in progress, to be carpeted and painting soon, possibly Memorial Day weekend.

Table – Grill redesign by Rodney and in progress.

Bagpiper coming on Uffda Days

New Business

Thank you from Pam, Relay for Life has raised $24,000. Scheduled on June 15th in Gwinner, noon to midnight.

RCC sponsors lunch for Blood Drive, and should continue to do so.

Arden Anderson is struggling in the hospital. He is a huge supporter of this community, and RCC should send a card. Carolyn moved to we send a card and $100 visa gift card. Hal second, motion passed. SC bank- gift card- Ione to talk with Deb.

Playground equipment for SC school was brought up, and it was decided we should be proactive and donate some money, since we haven’t officially been asked.  Bill made a motion to donate $100, Rebecca second and motion passed.

Ione brought up Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) which is a program through the US Postal Service that small businesses can send mass mailings for $0.14   Bill motioned for RCC to set this up through Ione and allocate $500 to get this started.  Delores Second and Motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned 8pm

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