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The Rooster Crows – June 25, 2010

Well, more rain and a little more heat.  Stand back and watch the corn grow!  So far, Rutland and most of Sargent County have been spared the 3 to 6 inch deluges that have drenched our neighbors, but a dash of hail on the morning of Tuesday, June 22, was a reminder that the crop is not in the bin, and the proceeds are not in the sock, just yet.

Brian Pherson, the 4th generation of the Pherson family to be involved in the custom harvest business, departed Rutland with the Pherson Combining crew on Thursday, June 10, bound for southern Kansas.  An excellent winter wheat crop is reported in that area.  The custom harvesters have also been blessed with Plenty of Rain since their arrival in Kansas 2 weeks ago. 

With water, water everywhere, can fish be far behind?  Local anglers are reporting good catches of northerns, walleyes and panfish on local waters, and a few lunkers, too.  Bill & Jerry Woytassek took a father-son fishing trip to Waubay Lake in South Dakota last Wednesday, June 16, and found the waters there to be to their liking.  Bill showed that old Dad has still got what it takes by landing a monster walleye that was reported to measure 29 inches long and weigh in at over 9 pounds.

The Rutland Fire Department was called out at about 11:00 a.m. on Friday, June 18, to extinguish an automobile fire on Main Street.  The auto, a 1987 Mercury Monterey, was owned by Francis Maly of Forman.  Francis had just driven over to have dinner at the Rutland Seniors’ Center, and was playing a game of cards when he was informed that his car had burst into flames.  The fire did extensive damage to the engine and the front of the car, destroying the battery and blowing out a tire as well.  The cause of the fire has not been determined, but it is believed to have something to do with the combination of fuel, air and heat.

Robert “Pinky” Hoffman of Wichita KS stopped in Rutland to visit friends and family here on Friday, June 18.  Pink was a familiar figure on Rutland’s streets back in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s when he was a frequent Summer visitor at the Ransom Township farm home of his uncle and aunt, the late Harry and Lydia Hoffman.  His cousins in Rutland include: Gretchen Vann; Deb Liermark; Kathy Brakke; and, Mark Bauman.  Pink was bound for Bismarck for a visit with his old friend, Rutland native Frank Carlson, then on to the Black Hills of South Dakota en route to his home base in Wichita.

Bids were opened at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 18, for a street repair and resealing project in the City of Rutland.  Mayor Narum reports that the City Council and the City’s engineer, Les Norton of KLJ Engineering, Valley City, were surprised and pleased that the bids came in well under the original engineer’s estimate.  Two bids were received, with the low bid coming in at about $130,000.00 and the high bid just $10,000.00 more.  The original engineer’s estimate was over $200,000.00.  The City Council is expected to accept the low bid and award the contract at its July 5 meeting.  It is expected that the work will be completed before Summer’s end.

The Rutland Park Boards annual invitational men’s slowpitch softball tournament had to be rescheduled, relocated and restructured, but it won’t have to be replayed.  The tournament, originally scheduled to be a round robin event at Lou Sanderson Field in Rutland on the 12th and 13th of June, had to be postponed due to heavy rain and soggy field conditions, but the Park Board adapted, improvised and overcame their difficulties.  The tourney was played at Williamson Park in Havana on Saturday, June 19, as a double elimination, one day event, reported Park Board member Jen Christianson.  Teams from Fargo, Wahpeton, Enderlin, Havana, Forman and Rutland participated in the tournament.  The Rutland team lost its first game, but battled back and made it to the championship round where they met up with the undefeated team from Forman.  The Rutland men handed Forman their first defeat of the day, leaving both teams with one loss apiece and requiring one more game to determine which team would wear the victors’ laurels.  The final game came down to the wire, with the Forman squad taking home the championship trophy.  The Park Board is planning another softball tournament at Lou Sanderson Field in August, the Hal Nelson Honorary, when it is hoped that players will not need waders and rubber rafts to retrieve balls hit to the outfield.

The public information meeting concerning the upcoming street project here, held in the Rutland Town Hall at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, June 21, was sparsely attended, as Rutland’s citizens showed up disguised as empty chairs to voice their opinions about the project.  With the word out that the cost will be considerably less than expected, and the fact that the need for the improvement is universally recognized, most felt that they knew all they needed to know about the matter.  Let the work commence!

 The farm auction sale held at the Lowell Kriz farm in Shuman Township on Wednesday, June 23, drew a good crowd of bidders eager to bid on Lowell’s well maintained line of farm equipment.  Those who attended the auction report premium prices being paid for the larger items.  Lowell has long been known to keep his farm machinery in tip-top condition.  Auctioneer Jim Smykowski of Cayuga conducted the sale.  Lowell’s fine herd of cattle had previously been sold to Mac Pherson of Rutland.  The Kriz farm is located north northwest of Cayuga, and old-timers will remember it as the Roman Pieterich farm.  Lowell is currently residing at Four Seasons Healthcare Center in Forman.

Rutland native Dick Nelson, owner of Dick Nelson Sales & Leasing in Valley City, called on Wednesday with the information that a former Rutland School Superintendent, the late Robert Rindt, will be inducted into the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Medora on Saturday, June 26.  Mr. Rindt, also known as “Cowboy Bob,” served as Superintendent here from 1958 to 1961, and oversaw the construction of a new Grade School building during his tenure.  The new building was occupied in December of 1959 and continued in use  as a facility of the Rutland and Sargent Central school systems until 1981.  He was “Mr. Rindt” during the school year, but became “Cowboy Bob” with his trick riding, roping and shooting act on the rodeo circuit during the Summer months.  Rindt also worked extensively with the youth of the communities in which he taught, teaching gymnastics and his entertainment specialities to any who wished to participate.  His daughter and son, Roberta and John, are expected to attend the induction ceremony in Medora, said Dick.  The program will run from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, and is scheduled to be heard on radio station KDDR AM1220 of Oakes and radio station KOVC AM1490 of Valley City.  It will also be available on the internet at, says Nelson.  Dick Nelson Sales and Leasing is one of the sponsors of the broadcast.  Robert Rindt was an unforgettable character who left a positive mark on the communities in which he served, as well as on the students he mentored.

Meanwhile, in the nation’s capitol, Harry Truman’s “The Buck Stops Here!” sign is back up on the President’s desk and, in Afghanistan, American and NATO forces have a new commander.  In a strong and forceful action reminiscent of President Truman’s firing of Gen. Macarthur back in 1951, during the Korean War, President Obama fired Afghan forces commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal and replaced him with Gen. David Patraeus, former commander of U. S. forces in Iraq.  Gen. McChrystal was fired for the same reason that Macarthur was fired 59 years ago.  He forgot who he was, what he was, where he was and why he was there.  McCrystal, like Macarthur, was recognized as a General of considerable ability, but, like Macarthur, arrogance, ego and insubordination led to his fall.  Back in 1787, the authors of the United States Constitution wisely provided for the nation’s military forces to be under the control of the civil government, in order that the military would ever be the servant, rather than the master, of the American people.  It’s good to know that the American Constitution, and the spirit of Harry Truman, are still alive and well in the White House.

Well, that’s it for this week.  For more information about what’s going on in Rutland, check out the community’s web site at  Stop by the Rutland Facebook page and the Rutland blog while you’re at it, too.  Later.

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