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The Rooster Crows – December 22, 2017

Mild weather was Mother Nature’s pre-Christmas gift to the region, with temperatures up into the 30’s and 40’s at the beginning of the week. The Weatherman, though, he’s always our hero, has informed all that by Christmas Eve the temp will be Zero. Well, this is still North Dakota, and this is December, after all.  Thursday, December 21, was the Winter Solstice, and from then on the days get brighter and longer. According to Siri, the little know-it-all who resides in a lot of cellular phones, Winter will depart these parts on March 19, 2018, 2 days after St. Patrick’s Day. Ain’t that the “Luck o’ the Irish?!”

This past week the Rutland community has welcomed another new citizen, Miss Henlee Ann Maly, who was born to Jesse and Bobby Jo (Chesley) Maly at 4:39 p.m. on Sunday, December 10, 2017, at Sanford Hospital in Fargo. Henlee tipped the scale at 7 pounds 7 ounces, and stood 19½ inches tall in her bare feet.  Little Miss Maly made her debut in public with a visit to Nordland Lutheran Church in Rutland on the morning of Sunday, December 17, in the company of her parents. Welcome to Rutland, Henlee, and Merry Christmas, too. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – December 15, 2017

True to his word, Santa Claus swept into the Rutland Town Hall at 5:00 on the afternoon of Saturday, December 9, to take part in the community’s 72nd annual Santa Claus Day. Half an hour after activities began, sleigh bells announced the arrival of Santa Claus, himself, at the front door of the Town Hall. Santa brought mild temperatures, into the 30’s, with him this year, although the sharp northwest wind that accompanied him and his team had a raw bite to it, just to remind all in attendance that it was 20 degrees below zero for Santa’s visit last year. Santa Claus Day proceeded with games and crafts for kids; BINGO games with cash prizes for each game; and, a soup & sandwich supper served by the Rutland Community Club. Those in attendance also signed up for a drawing for Christmas turkeys donated by local businesses and individuals. While other events proceeded, Santa listened to Christmas requests and posed for photos with children and adult admirers, alike. Santa’s elf assistant made sure that each child received a bag filled with candy and other small gifts prepared by the Rutland Community Club for the event. After the last BINGO game was played, the drawing for Santa Claus Day Christmas Turkeys and hams donated by local businesses was held.  Recipients of Christmas Turkeys and hams were: Eli Olson; Charlie Anderson; MaryAnn Thornberg; Rylee Roney; Gaven Christianson; DJ Allen; Kaia Mahrer; Delores “Pee-Wee” Breker; Lilith Pavek; Hadley Bladow; Rita Preble; Lyndsee Pherson; Sylvan Carlson; Braylon Wyum; Tracy Haussler; Ann Erickson; Avery Woytassek; Dawn Mahrer; Janice Christensen; Carol Fridgen; Phyllis Erickson; Diana Anderson; Patti Dockter; Mark Wyum; Emily Anderson; Kellen Dockter; Diane Smith; Paul Anderson; Tony Banish; Larry Christensen; Kylie Ceroll; Bill Anderson; Shane Jensen; Dana Bosworth; Leonard Heinen; Shane Breker; Abbie Erickson; Chelsey Seeley; Doris Hoistad; Polly Rohrbach; Hal Nelson; Samantha Stenvold; Jimmy Fust; Lucy Mahrer; Marcia Brakke; Roger Pearson; Bert Siemieniewski; and, Tanya Hamilton.  Local businesses and individuals who donated turkeys, hams and other gifts for Santa Claus Day were: Jake’s Feed & Seed; The Grainery & Bunkhouse; Rutland Oil Company; Farmers Union Insurance; Sargent County Bank; Mayor Ron Narum; Andy Hoflen; Joe’s Ag Supply; Joe’s Fertilizer; Lariat Bar; Waloch Johnson Insurance; Dave Bladow Enterprises; Wild Rice Air Ag; R2 Inc.; Cal Jacobson Enterprises; Bernard Mahrer Construction; Oleo Acres; U-Stor-It of Rutland; Jim & Ione Lunneborg; Nelson Electric; Bill Anderson; Jerry Sapa Construction; McLaen’s Service; The Bird’s Nest; The Old Parsonage; Alley Cuts; Volunteer Firemen of the Rutland-Cayuga Fire Department; and, the Coteau Des Prairies Lodge. Joe & Patty Breker donated the beautiful 20’ blue spruce Christmas Tree that brightens Rutland’s Main Street. His task performed, Santa and his helpers then returned to their North Pole Christmas Headquarters, via the Eden SD home of their special friends, Mr. & Mrs. LaRon Knebel, to load up the sleigh for Christmas Eve and make a final check of the “naughty and nice” list. Before his departure, Santa Claus pledged to return to Rutland next December for Rutland’s 73rd Annual Santa Claus Day, and reminded all that they should be nice all year long, and naughty not at all. “And we heard him exclaim, AS he drove out of sight, HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL, A GOOD NIGHT!” Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – December 8, 2017

Blow ye winds, Hi-Ho, coming in with ice and snow!  Winds of 45 to 55 mph pummeled this area on several occasions last week, the final blow being inflicted by the dreaded Polar Vortex that added rain, snow and ice for a nasty combination on the afternoon and evening of Monday, December 4.  The blowing snow resulted in white-out conditions for a while on Monday, leading to “No Travel” advisories by the North Dakota Highway Patrol.  Sargent Central, a school with a long-standing reputation for braving any kind of weather, sent its students home at 12:30 p.m., and Sargent County Sheriff Travis Paeper closed the County Courthouse at 3:00 p.m.  Predictions of up to 6 inches of snow were not realized, though, and normal activities resumed on Tuesday morning.  We have survived the first winter storm of the season.  We can do the rest of the winter standing on our heads!

County Sheriff Travis Paeper reports that an Oakes woman narrowly avoided serious injury in a 1 car roll over on ND Highway #11 near the Sargent-Dickey County Line at about 2:30 on Monday afternoon.  The woman pulled out to pass the vehicle in front of her, lost control of her car on the icy road surface and rolled over into the deep drainage ditch on the south side of the highway.  The driver of the vehicle she had been trying to pass happened to be glancing at his rearview mirror when the car rolled, and called 911 to report the incident.  According to Sheriff Paeper, the visibility was so bad and the ditch is so deep and steep that had the other driver not witnessed the rollover at the time it happened, the car and driver would very likely have been upside down at the bottom of the ditch for a long time before being discovered.  As it was, she and 3 dogs were rescued from the wreck with only minor injuries.  It was while directing rescue efforts at the roll over site that the Sheriff made the decision to close the County Courthouse early.  “The visibility was so bad,” he said, “that it seemed best to send everyone home while there was still some daylight left.”  Only 2 more weeks until the days start to lengthen again, but right now daylight is in short supply.  Whatever happened to all of that daylight we deposited into the Daylight Savings Time plan last Summer?

Three of Rutland’s Wise Men, 1 from the northwest corner and 2 from the east side of town: Rodney Erickson; Norbert Kulzer; and, Mac Pherson; decorated the Community Christmas Tree on Main Street with strings of lights on Friday, December 1.  The 3 took advantage of a lull in the wind and the availability of Rodney’s high lift to get the job done on Friday morning.  They even got the Christmas Star fastened to the peak of the 20’ blue spruce that had been donated by Joe & Patty Breker.  The tree was one of several that the Brekers have had to cull from the grove at their Tewaukon Township farmstead in recent years in order to allow the rest of the trees room to grow.  With that tree lighting the way, Santa Claus should have no trouble finding Rutland on Christmas Eve. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – December 1, 2017

Thanksgiving is in the past, and the Christmas season is now upon us.  One sure sign of the season was the appearance of the Rutland Community Christmas Tree on Main Street on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 28.  A crew of local lumberjacks consisting of Roger Pearson, Larry Christensen, Paul Anderson, Doug Speaker, Jameson Biel, Joe Breker, Patty Breker and Cher Spieker gathered near the Coteau des Prairies Lodge on the Breker Farm in Tewaukon Township at about 10:30 on Tuesday morning, selected the appropriate tree, a 20’ tall blue spruce, from the grove of mature evergreens at the Joe & Patty Breker farmstead,  cut the tree, loaded it onto Doug Spieker’s trailer and hauled it to town.  Also assisting in the procedure were Lodge guests Scott & Katie Exum of Jacksonville AL.  The tree was deposited at the corner of First & Arthur Streets, ready for decorating on Wednesday, November 29.  Local businessman Rodney Erickson is ready to provide the lift equipment needed to stand the tree upright, and to get the lights and decorations evenly distributed from top to bottom as soon as the wind lets up long enough to allow the job to get done.  The official Community tree lighting ceremony will be held on the evening of Saturday, December 9, at the close of Santa Claus Day festivities in Rutland.  Another tree of similar size was cut to be installed in the Great Room of the Coteau des Prairies Lodge, as the centerpiece of that establishment’s Christmas decorations, at the same time that the Rutland Community Christmas Tree was felled.

Bob Sundlie of Troy Ohio was a Rutland visitor from Thursday, November 16, until Tuesday, November 21. Bob headquartered at the home of his brother, Chuck Sundlie, and resided at the Bradbury house, 419 Cooper Street, during his stay here.  He made several visits to the North Dakota Veterans Home in Lisbon to visit his Dad, Leif Sundlie, during his stay in the old home town.

Matt & Nicole Cramton of Ramsey MN, accompanied by Nicole’s mother, Shirley LeFebvre of Andover MN and Mark & Kim Cramton of Fargo, were Thanksgiving weekend Rutland visitors at the home of Renee Cramton.  Nicole, Kim, Shirley and Renee stopped in at The Old Parsonage to do some Christmas shopping during their visit in Rutland. Read More »

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Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

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