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The Rooster Crows – January 23, 2015

The “January Thaw” began on Wednesday, January 14, out here on the prairie, and it provided a welcome respite from Winter’s brutal cold for all.  Sunny skies and temperatures up into the 40’s over the weekend rid Rutland’s streets and sidewalks of snow and ice, making for safer travel by both pedestrians and motor vehicles.  The January Thaw can’t last forever, though, and the arrival of new snow on Tuesday, January 20, was a reminder that Winter still has more to say before taking its leave, but it sure was nice while it lasted.  Mayor Narum had the City’s snowplow truck clearing snow from the streets by 4:30 a.m. on the morning of Wednesday, January 21, and Jim Brown had his snow shovel in action at about the same time, clearing sidewalks and driveways of the newly fallen snow.  A hearty “Thank You!” is due to the Mayor, to Jim and to the others in the community who do their part to keep our streets and sidewalks clear and safe throughout the Winter.  Thanks, too, to our County road crew of Merrill “Sparky” Engquist, Virgil Nogowski, Tom Manley, John Mlnarik and Paul Shearer, and to our State Highway Department crew of Tom Hillestad, Chuck Anderson and Barry Christianson for getting out there to open the roads when the rest of us are still snug and warm in our beds.

Jake Erickson has been on light duty since undergoing shoulder surgery on Monday, January 12.  Rutland’s Utility Main Street Businessman, Norbert Kulzer, has been taking care of business at Jake’s Feed & Seed while Jake has been laid up.  With his shoulder and arm completely immobilized until healing is complete, Jake does not expect that he will be resuming full-time action at his place of business for another 3 to 4 weeks.  In the meantime, though, Norbert is making some great deals on feed, seed and supplies while the boss is out, so stop in at Jake’s Feed & Seed, where they’re always glad to see you.  Jake’s many friends in Rutland wish him a speedy recovery.

It has been reported that Carter Wayne Gebhardt was born in Fargo on Wednesday, January 14 to former Rutland resident Julie Gebhardt.  According to the information received, young Carter weighed in at just under 7 pounds and stood 19 inches tall in his bare feet on arrival.  Carter’s Great grandparents are June (Lien) Pherson and the late Dennis W. Pherson Sr. of this community.  Among his Great-Great-Grandparents are the late Percy and Edith (Thornberg) Pherson.  Carter is in residence with his Mom, his Grandmother, Melody Pherson, and his Uncle, Daryl Pherson, at their home in Cayuga.  Julie’s many friends in Rutland extend a hearty welcome to Carter Wayne Gebhardt.  His middle name is the same as that of his Great-Grandfather Dennis, and his Great Uncle, Dennis Pherson Jr. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – January 16, 2015

“Some Like It Hot,” was the name of the movie from the 1950’s, but that movie was not about North Dakota in January.  Sub-zero temperatures had greeted local residents nearly every morning this year until Wednesday, January 14, when the morning reading finally had a + sign in front of it.  Cold has been the rule since Christmas, with the high in Rutland on Monday, January 12, reaching all the way up to 4 degrees below zero.  The TV weather forecasters are predicting a “January Thaw” for this weekend, though, and no one is complaining about that prognostication.

Sargent County Auditor Pam Maloney was in Bismarck from Wednesday through Friday, January 7-9, last week, attending the annual meeting of the North Dakota Weed Control Association.  The Association’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” was posthumously presented to the late Richard O. “Dick” Anderson of this community on Wednesday, January 7, and Pam accepted the award on behalf of the Anderson family.  Dick worked for the Sargent County Weed Control Board for 16½ years, from July of 1997 to December of 2013, and had also served as an officer of the State organization.  He had served as Assistant Sargent County Weed Control Officer from July of 1997 to August of 1998, and as Weed Control Officer from August of 1998 until he resigned due to ill health in December of 2013.  Dick had been nominated for the award by a member of the State Association’s governing board, Jim McAllister. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – January 9, 2015

Without any encouragement at all, January has been living up to its reputation as the coldest month of the year, and it is barely a week old.  The mornings of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 5, 6 & 7, had the mercury hovering at the 10 below zero mark, with the wind chill factor at 35 to 40 below.  Wind chill was something no one around here had ever thought about until the late Dewey Berquist, the longtime TV weatherman for WDAY-TV Channel 6 in Fargo, started talking about it as a topic to spice up interest in his weather report segment of the 6:00 and 10:00 o’clock news back in the late 1960’s.  Wind chill is not really a measure of temperature.  It is a measure of the rate of heat loss from items that are out in the weather, whether a rock, an automobile or the exposed skin of anyone foolish enough to be outside in a short sleeved shirt and without a jacket.  The higher the wind velocity, the faster the rate of heat loss, thus an actual air temperature of -10 with a wind velocity of 20 mph removes heat from an object, or a body, at the same rate as the body or object would lose heat if the temperature was -45 with no wind.  Once the temperature of the object, or body, equaled the ambient air temperature, though, it would not get any colder, no matter what the wind speed.  So, even though wind chill feels cold, it is not really as cold as it feels.  Now, doesn’t that make you feel better.

Brad Christensen, Rebecca Christensen and Debbie Liermark took advantage of some favorable air fares to fly like the wind and escape winter’s chill with a brief post-Christmas vacation trip to Wendover NV, where the lights are always bright and the city never sleeps.   The trio were in Wendover on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, December 26, 27 & 28.  They returned home on the morning of Monday, December 29, and report a very enjoyable trip.

Duane Bergh stopped in at The Rutland General Store on the morning of Wednesday, December 31, for some advice, whether solicited or not, from the Assembled Wise Men before heading up to Fargo for New Year’s Eve.  Duane has been in southern California since harvest operations wrapped up this past Fall, and was really appreciating the sub-zero temperatures that greeted him when he got back to his Weber Township farm home near Havana.  Duane stated that he would be attending a family gathering in Fargo over the New Year holiday before heading backto warmer weather on the Pacific coast. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!  Out with the old and in with the new, and all that.  The year of 2014 departed as it had begun, on a blast of frigid, artic air that had sub-zero temperature readings in the double digits, and the wind chill bouncing off 30 below on the morning of Tuesday, December 30.  Only 78 days to go until the first day of spring, though, so things are looking up already, and the New Year has only been with us for 2 days.

Students in Sargent County’s schools will be back in class on Monday, January 5, and, even in Washington DC, President Obama has sharpened his Veto pencil and is ready to hit the books with the newly elected Republican controlled Congress, whose leaders have promised to work with the President, as long as he goes along with everything they want to do, and undo.  2015 could be an interesting year.

The extended family of the late Boyd & Catherine Jacobson filled the air throughout Rutland with the beautiful music of Christmas carols on the evening of Tuesday, December 23. Among those who entertained at several residences around town were: Pam (Jacobson) Maloney; Taryn (Maloney) Jensen and Cohen Jenson; Brianne (Maloney) Nelson; Shannon Mehrer, Hilary (Jacobson) Mehrer, Jacob Mehrer & Thomas Mehrer; Kaci (Jacobson) Millette, Cora Millette and Cruise Millette; Megan (Christensen) Means; and, Shannon (Christensen) Jablonsky, Caleb Jablonsky & Mattie Jablonsky.  The Christmas Carolers concluded their evening with hot chocolate & some hot games of Pinochle at the home of Larry and Carolyn (Jacobson) Christensen.  All who heard their music express their thanks to the Carolers for a beautiful Christmas gift.

Mark Weber reports that he was in Fargo on Friday, December 19, to take in the NDSU Bison-Sam Houston State Bearcats football game, and struck up a conversation with a neighboring diner over lunch.  When Mark stated that he lived in Rutland, his new acquaintance began rattling off the names of Rutland residents with whom he was familiar.  Mark’s conversation partner turned out to be Mike Schneider of Bismarck, an officer of the Kadrmus, Lee & Jackson (KLJ) Engineering firm.  During the 1980’s and 1990’s Mr. Schneider had been the KLJ engineer in charge of several of Rutland’s municipal street and sewer improvement projects, so he literally does know Rutland “inside out and upside down.”  Mark also reports that he has recently taken a new position with a new employer, as sales manager for Maple Valley Ag of Tower City ND.  Mark will be in charge of all seed, fertilizer and chemical marketing and sales for the independently owned provider of agricultural supplies and services, and will also be supervising several agronomists employed by Maple Valley.  Mark, his youngest son, Adam, and several fellow employees will be accompanying Mark’s new employer to Frisco TX to watch the Bison play Illinois State for their 4th consecutive Division 1A College Football Title.  The title game is scheduled to be played on Saturday, January 10.  The Rutland community extends congratulations to Mark on his new endeavor, and best wishes for good luck to the NDSU Bison as they go for 4 in a row. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – December 26, 2014

As promised, Santa Claus stopped in at the Rutland Town Hall on the afternoon of Saturday, December 20, to take part in the community’s 69th annual Santa Claus Day event.  Activities began at 3:00 p.m. when children gathered outside the Rutland Town Hall heard sleighbells and saw Santa Claus, himself, riding down the street as the guest of honor in Roy Hildebrandt’s horse-drawn, rubber tired people mover.  Santa explained that there wasn’t any snow for the runners of his sleigh, and that he was resting the reindeer for Christmas Eve deliveries.  Santa Claus Day proceeded with games and crafts, including a Christmas cookie decorating contest, for kids; BINGO games with cash prizes for each game; a bake sale held by the Rutland Raiders 4-H Club; and, a lunch of coffee and bars served by the Rutland Community Club.  Those in attendance also signed up for a drawing for Christmas turkeys donated by local businesses and individuals.  According to Santa Claus Day co-chairperson Cher Spieker, approximately 40 youngsters participated in the Christmas cookie decorating contest, and the winners were: Braydon Siemieniewski, pre-school; Mattie Jablonski, age 6-8; Abby Erickson, age 9-11; and, Briana Monsen, age 12 and over.  The cookie decorating contest winners prizes consisted of $5.00 worth of North Dakota quarters.  While other events proceeded, Santa listened to Christmas requests and posed for photos with children and adult admirers, alike.  Santa’s elf assistant made sure that each child received a bag filled with candy and other small gifts prepared by the Rutland Community Club for the event.  After the last BINGO game was played, the drawing for Santa Claus Day Christmas Turkeys donated by local businesses was held.  Christmas Turkey winners were: Taylor Lehman; Kurt Breker; Janelle Brakke; Gavin Christianson; Tyler Banish; Sophia Erickson; Janet Kiefer; Norbert Kulzer; Kaia Mahrer; Janice Christensen; Diane Smith; Jeff Olson; Cohen Jensen; Patty Breker; Kaycee Hamilton; Mark Bauman; Braydon Siemieniewski; Mandy Stroehl; Ione Pherson; Rylee Roney; Lucy Mahrer; Adeline Stenvold; Kim Kohler; Cher Spieker; Diana Anderson; Brian Pherson; Ted Lee; Joyce Christensen; Rita Preble; and, Pam Maloney.  The following Rutland businesses contributed the Christmas turkeys to Rutland’s Santa Claus Day: The Rutland General Store, Gretchen Vann, Owner; Lori McLaen, PMR, Rutland Post Office; Roger Pearson d/b/a Roger’s P & H and fishing consultant; Rutland Oil Co., Greg Donaldson proprietor; Mayor Ron Narum; The Grainery, Lori Mclaen, owner; Lariat Bar, Rebecca & Brad Christensen, proprietors; Pride of Dakota Flax and U Store It, Paul Anderson, owner; Oleo Acres LLC, Bill Anderson & Paul Anderson owners; Dave Bergeman, Farmers Union Insurance; Sargent County Bank Rutland Station, Shawn Klein, Manager; Rutland Cayuga fire Department, Cam Gulleson, Chief; Bladow’s Used Machinery, Dave Bladow, proprietor; Cal Jacobson, Jacobson Plumbing, Heating and Excavating; Nelson Electric Solutions, Josh Nelson, proprietor; R2 Inc and Wild Rice Air, Rodney Erickson, owner; Anderson Law Office PC, Bill Anderson, Attorney; Jakes Feed and Seed, Jake Erickson, Proprietor; Bernard Mahrer Construction, Inc., Mitch Mahrer, President; The Old Parsonage, Kathy Brakke, proprietor; Dakota Precision Fabricating, Inc., Shannon & Hilary Mehrer, owners; Joe’s Ag Supply and Joe’s Fertilizer, Kenny Hamilton, CEO; Alley Cuts, Jen Christianson, proprietor; and, Waloch-Johnson Insurance-Rutland Office, Kristine Radke, Manager.  Santa Claus Day events concluded with the lighting of Rutland’s Community Christmas Tree, complete with the huge, lighted, star at its peak.  The new Christmas Sleigh built for Santa by Doug Spieker was also on display for all to enjoy.  His task performed, Santa and his  Stetson wearing elf teamster then returned to their North Pole Christmas Headquarters, via the Eden SD home of their special friends, Mr. & Mrs. LaRon Knebel, to load up the sleigh for Christmas Eve and make a final check of the “naughty and nice” list.  Before his departure, Santa Claus promised to return to Rutland next December for Rutland’s 70th Annual Santa Claus Day.  Debbie Banish expressed the thanks of the Rutland Raiders 4-H Club for a very successful Christmas Bake Sale held in conjunction with Santa Claus Day activities.  According to Debbie, more than $300.00 in free will donations to the 4-H Club were received.  Congratulations to the Rutland Community Club, and to 2014 Santa Claus Day co-Chairpersons, Doug & Cher Spieker, for a fun and memorable community event. Read More »

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