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Bids for Sidewalk Replacement

The City of Rutland is seeking bids for sidewalk removal and replacement. The project starts at the alley just west of Rutland City Hall at 115 Gay Street, to the corner of Bagley Street.  The area is approximately 2/3 of a block.

Bid must include separate costs for each of the following stages:

  1. Remove existing sidewalk from the alley west of the Hall at 115 Gay Street to the corner of Bagley Street. Concrete, approximately 24’ 6.5” x 21’, was laid in 2011 when the City added an access ramp. That concrete walkway can remain in place; however: (a) Include separate costs for full removal and replacement of all sidewalk including the 2011 section;  AND (b) Include cost, excluding the new sidewalk, in the bid.
  2. Install rebar 2.0’ O.C., 4” sand bedding and other materials necessary to lay concrete. Install approximately 2,000 SF (total project area) of new 4” thick concrete sidewalk with thickened edge along street.
  3. Replace alley 16’ x 5’ at East end of Hall.
  4. Replace 48’ of existing curb in front of the Hall
  5. Install a sidewalk trench gate for the City Hall downspout runoff from Hall to street, under the sidewalk[1] at the Southeast corner of the Hall entry.
  6. Maintain level sidewalk area at the American Legion building; existing sidewalk has been raised due to the large tree on the site and its expanding roots.
  7. Install ADA Ramp at East end of project, at the corner of Gay and Bagley. Type of cut to be determined (see enclosed NDDOT_D750-03 Curb Ramp Details).
  8. Dispose of existing concrete and other debris from the site (concrete is not to be disposed at the City landfill).
  9. North Dakota Contractor’s License and Certificate of Liability Insurance are required.
  10. Requires a minimum one-year warranty.
  11. Project must be completed by September 22, 2017. City will deduct $25.00/day for late completion.

Bids are required no later than noon Monday, July 10, 2017 by email to or delivery to City of Rutland, PO Box 181, 115 Gay Street, Rutland, ND 58067

The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids for this work.

If you have questions, please contact the Rutland City Council President Michael Mahrer at 701-678-4675 or For print copies of the request, send an email to the City Office at

[1] City Hall building will have a new gutter installed at the East entrance to the building. Existing shrub will be removed.

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The Rooster Crows – June 16, 2017

Thunder; lightning; wind; and, rain!  Prayers were answered in the affirmative at about 5:00 a.m. on the morning of Tuesday, June 13, when the heavens opened and bestowed approximately 1 inch of rain on Rutland and vicinity.  This was in addition to the .1 to .15 of an inch that arrived on Sunday, June 11, just before Church. Paul Anderson’s electronic rain gauge at 309 Gay Street recorded 1.05 inch on Tuesday morning, while the gauges of neighbors Roger Pearson and Norbert Kulzer at 409 and 415 Gay Street, measured .9 and 1 inch, respectively.  Norbert reported that his gauge also contained a dead fly, and he’s not sure if the fly drank down the water in the gauge before expiring, or if it displaced enough water to push the measurement up to the 1 inch mark.  Those flies are kind of tricky. Mike Anderson reported .85 of an inch of rain at his farm northeast of Rutland, and Mike Wyum’s rain gauge measured an even .9, according to his brother, Mark.  Rick Bosse called in a report of 1.1 inch from his farm home near Brampton.  The general rain was just what crops needed, after the stress imposed by the heat and wind of the preceding weekend.  More thunderstorms were predicted for Tuesday evening and arrived on schedule, at about 7:30 p.m., just as a big unit train was passing through town. This storm hit like a speeding freight train, and brought wind that was even more violent than that provided for the morning show.  It even took down some large tree branches in town, just as a demonstration of strength. At about 8:15 p.m. the National Weather Service spotted some cloud rotation between Havana and Rutland, a sign that a tornado may be forming, so the tornado warning siren wailed in Rutland for several minutes until that threat ended with no tornado but a lot of adrenalin. According to Paul Anderson’s electronic precipitation measuring device, the evening storm produced .95 of an inch of rain, making a total of 2 inches for the day.  According to The Assembled Wise Men, it was a good rain that was badly needed, despite the damage inflicted by the other components of the storm.

Mac Pherson of this community reports that he accompanied Rick & Sherry Bosse on a fishing excursion to Kraft Lake, formerly Kraft Slough, near the Village of Crete in northwestern Sargent County on the evening of Monday, June 12, just as the weather was about to change, and tied into the walleyes in a big way. According to Mac, the trio first tried jigging rigs from a stationary boat, but had no luck, so they switched to trolling with spinners and found their prey in about 20 feet of water. Using some angleworms and some minnows as bait, they landed 10 nice walleyes before heading for home ahead of the rough weather. There are those who doubt the veracity of tales told by fishermen, but a good story is a good story. This tale told by an angler is as true as they get.  The proof is in the frying pan. Read More »

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Water Quality Report Available

The City of Rutland Water Quality Report is now available for review at Rutland City Hall and at the Rutland Post Office, the Rutland Senior Center, and at the Sargent County Bank. If you wish to have a print copy mailed directly to you, please call City Hall at 724-3081.

The Consumer Confidence Report is published annually and is available to the public by July 1st. This is a report of our community’s drinking water supply as required by the EPA and North Dakota Health Dept.

2016 Water Quality Report

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Water Rate Increase

The Rutland City Council adopted a resolution on June 5, 2017 that will raise the base water rate from $20.00 to $23.00 for the first 3,000 gallons of water usage.  All other water/sewer/garbage rates will remain the same.

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The Rooster Crows – June 9, 2017

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.  In Sargent County, though, it falls mainly to the north, south, east and west of Rutland, or so it seems.  The heat and wind that swept across the area during the first weekend of June has once again aroused concerns about the supply of soil moisture needed to sustain rapid crop growth this Spring.  Some crop damage was reported in soybean fields where the wind could get a direct shot at newly emerging soybean plants, cutting them off at ground level.  Newly hatched geese would earn the death penalty for such destruction, but the wind gets off scot free.  Well, as the old timers used to say, “Every day that it doesn’t rain is one day closer to the day that it will,” and, “If it doesn’t rain again, it will be a long dry spell.”  Can’t argue with either statement, and can’t do a darned thing about it, either.  According to The Assembled Wise Men, the lack of rain is probably Obama’s fault.  As for the wind, well, that’s pure Trump.

After an evening of dark clouds, lightning flashes, rolling thunder and ominous forebodings, all of the sound and fury produced a puny .11 of an inch of rain in Rutland during the late evening and early morning hours of Tuesday & Wednesday, June 6 & 7.  Mark Wyum reported on Wednesday morning that fields that he farms in the Crete area received no precipitation at all, while the Stirum and Gwinner areas were blessed with .9 to 1 inch of rain.  Well, it’s not much, but it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! Read More »

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