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The Rooster Crows – October 14, 2016

Autumn leaves of red and gold are this year’s story, nearly told.  The trees now sleep, in dreams of glory, to awaken next Spring, with next year’s story.

Daily temperatures get a little cooler each morning, and don’t get quite as high each afternoon.  This past week saw a few days with highs in the 40’s, then Sunday and Monday, October 9 & 10, reminded thermometers that numbers in the 70’s could be displayed.  By Tuesday and Wednesday, though, any thoughts of perpetual Summer had been replaced with the reality of October.  The month of October is, in some ways, similar to the legend of the ancient Greek soothsayer, Cassandra, a woman of great beauty whose presence always foretold tough times ahead.  October is here.  Winter is on its way.

Local grain producers took advantage of the dry, fair weather conditions last week to finish up on soybeans and make great strides with the 2016 corn harvest.  The Rutland Elevator has been receiving grain early in the morning, late in the evening and at all times in between, as the combines have been steadily threshing out a bountiful harvest.  As fast as local trucks and semis haul the grain in, the semis of the Wheaton-Dumont Co-op have been hauling it away to the Co-op’s unit train loading facilities.  No confirmed yield reports on the corn harvest, yet, but, as the old saying goes, “It sure looks good from the road.”

Jen Christianson, the owner and operator of Alley Cuts Hair Salon in Rutland for the past 15 years, has announced that she will be closing her shop at 205 First Street in Rutland as of the close of business on Friday, October 14.  Jen states that she has sold her building at 205 First Street to Lori McLaen, a former owner of the structure. Lori is planning to convert the building into short term rental units. This building started out as the Thompson Lumber Yard office in Cayuga, and was moved to Rutland in the 1930’s, after the old Farmers’ Store was destroyed by fire. It’s first use in Rutland was as the office for the International Harvester implement business that was operated by Lincoln Flados until 1938, and then by Emil McLaen until Emil moved the business down the street in the 1940’s. After that it was variously occupied as a barbershop, small appliance repair shop, coffee shop and lunch counter and private residence until it became the home of Alley Cuts in the mid-90’s. Jen will now be devoting all of her working time to her hair salon in Gwinner.  The Rutland community extends its thanks to Jen for her 15 years of service on Rutland’s Main Street, and wishes her well in her new endeavors.  Congratulations and best wishes are also due to Lori on her new venture.  Jen says that she will be serving coffee, cookies and bars in the shop on her last day, Friday, October 14. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – October 7, 2016

“The sun always shines on Rutland,” is the old saying around here, and that statement was never more true than on Sunday, October 2, 2016, Uff-Da Day XXXII.  The day dawned clear and cool, with a light breeze out of the southeast, and it just got better from there.  The group participating in the Uff-Da Day 5k Run/Walk at 8:00 a.m. was small but enthusiastic, and Jenny Gulleson of this community turned in the fastest time at 29.77 minutes.  Chasing hard on Jenny’s heels were: Bobbi Jo Maley; Samantha Gillespie; Gail O’Brien; Jennifer Christiansen; Andrea Erickson; Kelly Moe; and, Katie Woytassek.

Uff-Da Day chefs at the Rutland Town Hall had been preparing roasters full of “Rutland Scalloped Potatoes” since 6:00 a.m., and by 8:00 the aroma was already wafting down the street.  The fire in the wood burning cookstove at the Pioneer House had been stoked up, and the oven was glowing with heat for Marry Ann Thornberg’s demonstration of baking bread the way Great-Grandma used to do it.  By 10:00 a.m. the craft vendors had their booths set up and were doing business, and other craft demonstrations were getting underway.  By 11:00 a.m. the town was filling up, lefse and rommegrot enthusiasts were getting their fill at the Seniors’ Center, Uff-Da Tacos and Bratwursts were on sale at the Fire Hall, and the Town Hall was full of diners enjoying their first helping of those scalloped potatoes made with real potatoes, real cream and real ham.  Mr. Gerald Stubson of Wahpeton, formerly of Colfax, a man who has been enjoying rommegrot for nearly 90 years, stated that Rutland’s Uff-Da Day Rommegrot, prepared under the direction of “The Rommegrot Queen,” Wendy Jacobson, was delicious, about the best that he had ever tasted.  While adults watched craft demonstrations, kids enjoyed the inflatable games that were set up across the street from the Town Hall and riding on the “Uff-Da Train.”  More than 72 antique and classic motor vehicles were on display in the auto show on Gay Street that had been organized by David & Pat Bladow.  Dave reported that this was the largest number of participants in the history of the Uff-Da Day show.  Several vendors had wagon loads of pumpkins, squash & gourds for sale at various sites around town, and the price was right!  Many wine aficionados stopped by the front porch of The Old Parsonage to sample the wine produced by the Prairiewood Winery of Elliot ND.  By 11:00 a.m. Kaia Mahrer was entertaining with her violin, accompanied by her grandmother, Kathy Brakke, at the Seniors Center, and Lois Hoistad had her accordion producing music at the Town Hall.  Meanwhile, on the east side of town, Lyle Erickson and Richard Lysne were getting entrants in the 2016 Uff-Da Day Parade lined up on Dakota Street, and Gay Street, and Anthony Street, and on Cooper Street, too, as the nice weather encouraged many to participate in one of the day’s signature events.  As 2016 is an election year, there were plenty of candidates to meet among the parade participants.  In some cases, candidates were even observed visiting with each other.  Everybody gets along on Uff-Da Day.  At 1:00 the Parade, led by the American Legion Color Guard from Bergman-Evenson Post #215 of Rutland, stepped off, precisely on time, just as it has every year, rain or shine.  Lowell T. Wyum introduced the parade participants to the huge throng of onlookers on Main Street from his vantage point on the corner of First and Arthur Streets.  Following the Parade, Kenny & Tanya Hamilton of Joe’s Ag Supply had kids scrambling for coins in the annual Uff-Da Day Nickel Scramble on Main Street.  The NorSweDanes Folk Dancers from Fargo and Grand Forks entertained in the Town Hall, as did Lois Hoistad on the accordion, “Brad And His Dad” on the spoons, Harvey Bergstrom with the accordion and the Earl Fust Family Band throughout the afternoon.  Then it was time for the Pedal Tractor Pull, organized and supervised by Brian Ciesynski of Cayuga, in which kids from 5 to 50 tested their strength, coordination and pedal power on Main Street.  At 3:00 p.m. the Finnish Wife Carrying Race pitted more than a dozen couples in timed races for the coveted First Prize of the female partners weight in beer.  As an incentive, the cases of Old Milwaukee were brought over from The Lariat Bar and stacked up near the balance beam scale at the center of the race/obstacle course.  In the first heat, Curt Johnson, carrying Uff-Da Day Chairperson Marcia Brakke, raced against Paul Anderson, carrying Marcia’s twin sister, Margot Ganske of San Diego CA.  Curt & Marcia won that heat, but didn’t come close to winning First Prize, which was claimed by Mariah Herding of Hankinson and Zach Fink of Fargo.  Meanwhile, good music, good food, good friends and good conversation continued on at the Seniors Center and the Town Hall throughout the Day.  If you missed Uff-Da Day this year, don’t worry.  Uff-Da Day XXXIII is coming up on the first Sunday in October of 2017.  From the Uff-Da Day committee to all who attended, participated in and enjoyed Uff-Da Day XXII, “Takk skal de ha!” Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – September 30, 2016

Combines have been moving at top speed as local farmers were threshing out the 2016 soybean crop this past week.  On Monday morning the Gulleson Brothers were at work on the old Brown Farm 2½ miles east of town, while Jake Erickson and his Dad, Larry, were at work on the bean field on the east side of town, between the railroad track and the cemetery.  Reports are that yields are generally good to excellent, between 40 and 50 bushels to the acre.  Cameron Gulleson states that the sunflowers which they had growing on the old Torgerson Place, 4 miles south of town, also yielded well.  These sunflowers were of the high oleic type, which produce an oil that is in high demand for commercial cooking as it does not break down in high temperatures.  Sunflowers were a big crop in this area back in the 70’s and 80’s, but insect and disease problems with sunflowers made other crops a better bet over the past 25 years.  Cameron states that the producer needs to have a contract to market sunflowers these days, and that the Cargill plant in Moorhead is one of the processors that were in the market for the 2016 season.

Bob Larson of Economy Propane of Oakes was in Rutland on Thursday, September 22, delivering propane to customers in this community.  The price of propane has come down quite a bit from the highs of a few years ago, and is now 85 cents per gallon, less than ½ of what it was only a couple of seasons ago.  Mr. Larson stated that Economy Propane has quite a few customers in the Rutland area, and that he likes to get around when the weather is nice to meet his customers.

Propane isn’t the only item that has declined in price recently.  Gasoline is now less than half of what it cost in 2014, and diesel fuel has followed suit.  Information recently released by the Census Bureau indicates that the median income for American families rose by 5.2%, $2,800 per household, in 2015, the biggest jump since records have been kept, and 3.5 million Americans lifted themselves out of poverty in 2015, the largest number to do so since 1968.  With energy costs down, family income up, unemployment down, the longest sustained period of job growth in the nation’s history still in progress, inflation nearly non-existent, interest rates at record lows, the rate of violent crime only half of what it was 25 years ago and, poverty on the decline, everyone should be happy, right?  Wrong!  Half of America thinks that the country is heading in the wrong direction.  The other half thinks that the direction is right but the improvements are not occurring fast enough.  Half of the country thinks that the glass is half empty, and the other half thinks that it is half full.  In about 6 weeks, Americans will decide whether the wrong direction-half empty gang or the right direction-too slow-half full crowd will govern the nation for the next 4 years.  Stay tuned. Read More »

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Rutland Council Agenda

City of Rutland, October 3, 2016, Meeting Agenda

  1. Additions to/Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of minutes: September 12, 2016
  3. Public comments, if any
  4. New business
    1. Building Permit
    2. Gaming Permit
    3. Liquor Permits
    4. City Engineer Proposals
    5. 2017 Budget
  5. Old/Unfinished Business
  6. Financial Report
    1. September Cash Balances Report
    2. September Revenue and Expenditure Reports
    3. Presentation and Approval of Bills
    4. Collections/Delinquents Report
    5. Auditor Report
  7. Communications from the Mayor
  8. Announcements
  9. Adjournment

Next City Council Meeting: Monday, November 7, 2016

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The Rooster Crows – September 23, 2016

Soybean harvest has now been underway for nearly 2 weeks.  Occasional rain showers have interrupted progress, but a short break to take care of machinery and other chores is not unwelcome, as long as it’s brief.  For the most part, the weather has been typical of late September, warm & sunny during the day and cool  & damp during the night.  Mike Walstead reported that the beans he had been harvesting in Rutland Township on Monday, September 19, were at 10% moisture, almost too dry to harvest, as extremely dry beans may crack or shatter during the harvesting process, converting them from a valuable commodity to dockage.  The light shower on the morning of Tuesday, September 20, .06 of an inch according to Paul Anderson’s electronic gauge, halted combines for the forenoon, but most were rolling again by Tuesday afternoon.  Gary Thornberg reports that the soybean harvest has been proceeding at a brisk pace in Weber Township, and that yields of 40 bushels to the acre, or better, seem to be the norm.

If you are looking for a 1929 Model A Ford, fully restored and in perfect running order, Doug Spieker has all of the parts you might need to build one.  Doug has the Model A chassis, a 1929 Crown Victoria body that was manufactured for Ford by the Murray Company, engine blocks, transmissions, wheels, radiators and all of the other parts needed to make a fully restored classic antique automobile.  Doug, a skilled mechanic, machinist and metal worker, had intended to do the restoration work himself, but, after several years of pondering the project, finally decided that he has too many irons in the fire and just needs to let some of them go.  Give Doug a call at 724-6298 if you have a hankering to follow in the footsteps of Henry Ford and build a Model A.  The Model A Ford was built from 1928 through 1931 by the Ford Motor Company.  It was the successor to Ford’s famous Model T, better known as the “Tin Lizzie,” the automobile that put America on wheels.  The Model T was built from 1908 through 1927, with only minor modifications over those 20 years.  The Model A had a more rounded appearance than the Model T, actually had all 4 doors, had a standard transmission and had real brakes, among other improvements.  At the time it was said that in making the Model A, Henry Ford had “…made a lady out of Lizzie!”  “It’s all there.” says Doug, the master’s touch is all that’s needed to bring her to life.” Read More »

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