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The Rooster Crows – August 28, 2015

A preview of September’s weather kept nights cool and afternoons moderate during the past week, with some wind over the weekend that kept the Flags on Rutland’s Veterans Memorial snapping.  Wind speeds up to 35 mph on Saturday night and Sunday morning littered yards with twigs and leaves, but no serious damage was reported.  Rain showers on Saturday afternoon and early on Sunday morning left .35 of an inch of precipitation in Roger Pearson’s rain gauge at 409 Gay Street, but up to .8 of an inch was reported to the north, south and east of town.  Mike Kulzer reports that the rains must have been coming at the right times and in the right amounts, as the corn and soybean crops still look very good, at least from the road.  With commodity prices and stock prices both taking a beating last week, due to global concerns about the condition of the Chinese economy, according to the experts on TV, on the radio and at the coffee counter in the Rutland Café, it’s nice to have good looking crops in the field to take minds off the glum news from the markets.  For farmers, the message from the markets seems to be, “If you can’t make it at today’s prices, raise more grain and buy a bigger truck.”

“Don’t Let The Smoke Get In Your Eyes,” was the line from the old love song of the 1940’s, but it could be back on today’s hit parade, as smoke from out of control forest fires in the mountains of Washington, Idaho and Montana drifted east across the prairies this week, reaching the eastern edge of North Dakota on Wednesday, August 26.  Drought in the Pacific Northwest has made controlling the fires nearly impossible, as thousands of acres of tinder dry timber have gone up in smoke.  According to the weather gurus on TV, the smoke will block out some sunlight, and temperatures will be cooler than otherwise might be expected for this time of year.  The smoke will make it more difficult to breathe, but you won’t sweat as much.  Every cloud has its silver lining it seems, even a cloud of smoke.

In the hospital this past week were: Janice Christensen at Oakes from Wednesday, August 19, to Sunday, August 23; Irene Anderson in the Sanford Hospital at Aberdeen from Friday, August 21; and Tyler Banish, eldest son of Mike & Debbie Banish, in Sanford Hospital at Fargo as of Monday, August 24.  Their many friends in Rutland wish all 3 of them a speedy recovery and return home. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – August 21, 2015

One of Mayor Ron Narum’s backyard thermometers read 99 degrees on the afternoon of Saturday, August 15, and the other registered 2 tenths of a degree higher.  Rutland and vicinity was sizzling through the “Dog Days of August” last week, and everyone over 60 was thinking, “How did we ever get through this without air-conditioning?”  The answer came on  the morning of Sunday.  August 16, when a cold front moved through, dropping temperatures into the low 60’s by that afternoon.  The rain, a slow drizzle, came  on Tuesday, the 18th, and was as welcome to local residents as it was to the thirsty corn and soybean fields that had been stressed by the previous week’s heat.  With the mercury in the upper 50’s on Wednesday morning, a jacket wearing Roger Pearson reported .35 of an inch of rain in his gauge at  409 Gay Street; Silver Lake Park Manager Dennis Goltz reported 1.1 inch of precipitation at Silver Lake; and, Dave Bladow reported .82 of an inch at his farm home along ND Highway #32, southeast of Gwinner.  No frost in the forecast, yet, but it’s out there, somewhere beyond the northern horizon, just waiting for its time.

Dennis Goltz, Manager of the County Park at Silver Lake, reports that the Park has already had its biggest year, ever, in terms of the number of campers and camping fees collected.  As of the end of July, camping fees collected for 2015 already exceeded $25,000, and Dennis expects that several thousand more will be added to the total before the camping season ends.  Visitors to the Park also report that it has never looked better.  The County employees responsible for maintaining the Park at Silver Lake are: Dennis Goltz, Manager; Paula Hanson, Assistant Manager; and, Sue Schweitzer, seasonal assistant. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – August 14, 2015

The Sun was shining on Rutland this past Saturday, August 8, 2015, in more ways than one.  A community-wide rummage/garage sale had been scheduled for that morning, and a large crowd was on hand under a bright and sunny sky as one man’s, or woman’s, trash became another’s treasure over the course of the morning.  Some local folks had their tables set up on the sidewalks on Main Street, and the scene resembled a Saturday from the mid-1950’s, with Main Street filled with people ready to do business.  No sales of cream, eggs or chickens have been reported, though.  At about 10:00 the Relay For Life Junk Fest vendors opened their shops, and Ione Lunneborg has provided the following report: “It was an amazing day for Sargent County Relay for Life!  The Junk Fest was sponsored by the Little Old Ladies of Sargent County.(Val Bjork and Ione Lunneborg)  Junk Fests are the hottest thing for those who recycle and repurpose items that may otherwise have found their way to the city landfills. The Little Old Ladies are always looking for unique ideas to raise money for Relay for Life and thought we would try this out and we were thrilled with the results! It was the first one in Sargent County!  We had 17 vendors bringing their wares from Milnor, Lisbon, Oakes, Fullerton, West Fargo, Jamestown, Marion, Kathryn, Fairmont, St John ND and Britton SD.  An estimate of 400 people were in attendance.  Vendors and shoppers went away with huge smiles and comments of wanting to attend next year’s event! So we will be back! Brian Bjork and Jim Lunneborg–hereafter known as The Little Old Men of Sargent County–make all our events possible with all the help setting up and tearing down and always supporting our passion and our purpose! We could not do this without the support of family and the relay family!  Three relay teams served food and beverages out of the Rutland Seniors Center.  Team Rutland Rockets served their famous scalloped potatoes. Team 4 Seasons Fighters served nachos and loaded nachos, and Team Shirleaders provided sweets and beverages throughout the day.  All profits will go to Sargent County Relay for Life. We are trying to stamp out cancer one dollar at a time. The whole town was rocking with all the visitors!  The Little Old Ladies will be at Uffda Day, on Sunday, October 4, with a money board and tickets to our Coteau Des Prairies Lodge Brunch in November.  Keep up with us on our Facebook page! We are trying to live up to our motto “Oh, crap! What are they up to next?”  Also follow Sargent County Relay for Life online to watch how the money totals build as we end our fiscal year by August 31st.”  Kathy Brakke reports that her antiques & collectables shop, The Old Parsonage, was full of customers from shortly after 8:00 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon, and that the air conditioning system recently installed at The Old Parsonage by Cal Jacobson and crew kept her customers cool and comfortable throughout their shopping experience.  By 4:00 p.m. the Junk Fest began winding down, and the 7th Annual Rutland Rib Fest got rolling.  The Earl Fust Band got the crowd rocking right out of the chute with country music that had toes tapping as the aroma of ribs on the grill drifted across Main Street.  Six different rib recipes and styles were entered into this year’s competition, judges Kevin McKibben, Ryan Siemieniewski and Eva Nelson had to make some hard choices.  After all the ribs had been tasted, and all of the sauce licked from fingertips, the ribs prepared by Hanna brothers of Milnor were judged to be the “Best Ribs In Rutland” for 2015.  Turn and Burn BBQ of Lisbon had entered two different styles of ribs, one dry and one with sauce, and captured both 2nd and 3rd place in the judging.  Kim “Digger” Degenstein d/b/a Diggers bbq of Forman and North Country BBQ of Ellendale received Honorable Mention. Hanna Brothers were in the Winner’s Circle again, with the People’s Choice Award, at the end of the evening.  All of the rib vendors did a land office business, as did the purveyors of sweet corn, deep fried green beans, mini-donuts and other side dishes.  The Taiwanese style Chinese cuisine served by Ms. Sun of Havana, formerly of Taiwan, was also a big hit.  Rutland’s American Legion Auxiliary was serving pie and ice cream in the Rutland Seniors’ Center, and ran out of both before the evening was done.  The weather cooperated, and even though a big thunderstorm with tornado-like tails hanging out of it passed by to the south late in the afternoon, the Sun was always shining in Rutland.  A warm late afternoon transitioned into a very pleasant evening, and the Raw Sugar Band from Lisbon took over music duties sometime around 8:00.  Raw Sugar had just returned from performing at the big motorcycle rally at Sturgis SD, and its artists were pumped to make music in Rutland.  Official Rib Fest events concluded with a big fireworks display at Lou Sanderson Field on the north side of town at 9:30 p.m.  The Lariat Bar kept on rocking til closing time, though.  Congratulations to Debbie Liermark, Sarah Hernandez and Brad & Rebecca Christensen, organizers of Rib Fest, for another outstanding event. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – August 7, 2015

Spring wheat harvest is now underway in the Rutland area, and reports are that this year’s wheat crop varies from great to terrific.  Yields of 50 to 70 bushels per acre have been reported, with some test weights as high as 64 pounds and protein at 14%.  One producer reported 80 bushels to the acre with 16% protein and 66 pound test weight, but he was the last guy to make his report, and all of the realistic numbers had been used up.  Wheat is no longer the “King of Crops” on the northern plains, but it does still figure prominently in the rotations of many producers, and this year it promises to play a significant role on the balance sheet, as well.

There are many stories that tell “the long and the short of it,” but it isn’t too often that the descriptive phrase becomes a visual reality.  On Monday, August 3, two combines, one a self-propelled and the other a PTO powered pull type began straight cutting spring wheat in one of Dennis McLaen’s fields about a mile west of the intersection of County Road #10 and ND Highway #11.  The long and the short of that story was that Dennis was operating a modern Case-IH rotary combine that was cutting a swath down the field that was 40 feet wide, and the other combine, a 73 year old 1942 Model 42R International Harvester powered by a WD-45 Allis Chalmers tractor was cutting a swath 42 inches wide down the same field.  Rutland native David Susag had rescued the ancient 42R from a junk pile in the trees on the old Louis Saunders farm southeast of Rutland several years ago, and had completely restored the old machine to showroom condition.  David had the know-how to get the job done, as he had grown up on the Susag family farm a mile west of Rutland where he had often repaired and worked with equipment of a similar vintage, and he had recently retired from a long career as a mechanical engineer with the Case-IH, formerly Steiger, tractor factory in Fargo.  David’s WD-45 Allis-Chalmers was also a restoration job he had successfully completed several years ago.  David reported that the restored Model 42R IHC handled the heavy wheat crop very well, but couldn’t quite keep up with its huge Case-IH successor.  Although he enjoyed the day in the field, showing off his new old combine, and appreciated the fact that the heavy wheat crop shined up the innards of the old 42R, David states that he is not interested in a new career in the custom combining business.  Congratulations to Dennis on a tremendous wheat crop, and thanks to David for reminding us of how the harvest used to be brought in, back when farms, and the machinery that was used to farm them, were a lot smaller.  The 42R, and other machines like it, was a tremendous technological achievement, replacing the men and horses formerly required during the harvest season with a piece of machinery that didn’t have to be fed or paid while it wasn’t working, and freeing up the labor force formerly required for farm work for factory work and military service during World War II.  They are mere toys by today’s standards, but back in 1942 they were the biggest deal on wheels.

David & Glenn Kulzer arrived in Rutland on the evening of Wednesday, July 29, ready to attend the reunion of descendants of Myrtle (Aus) Kulzer and Roman Kulzer from Friday, July 31 to Sunday, August 2.  Glenn Kulzer resides at Dillon, Montana, where he is employed as a pharmacist.  Glenn and his uncle, Norbert Kulzer, were fishing on Lake Tewaukon on Thursday, July 30, and brought in 6 walleyes, a great day of fishing, according to Glenn, and a “disappointing catch,” according to Norbert.  Grandma Patty, son Ross and grandchildren Lilah and Cohn arrived on Thursday, July 30, having traveled across Montana at a more leisurely pace.  45 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren attended the reunion.  The 6 children of Myrtle & Roman are: the late Kurt Kulzer; Norbert Kulzer; David Kulzer; Diane Davis; Kathy Kriegelstein; and Karen Buisker.  The Kulzer descendants headquartered at the Coteau des Prairies Lodge, and also toured sites of interest in Rutland on a wagon ride through the community, with Norbert driving the D-19 Allis-Chalmers tractor that pulled the wagon.  The Kulzers wrapped up reunion activities on the evening of Sunday, August 2, with a marshmallow roast around a bonfire on the lots owned by Glenn Kulzer at 115 Dakota Street. Read More »

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Rutland City Council Agenda

The Rutland City Council will meet Monday, August 3, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.  The tentative meeting agenda is shown below

Aug 3 2015 agenda

Supporting materials and documentation are available from the City Auditor’s Office, email to or call 724-3081.

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