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Sidewalk Replacement

The City of Rutland is seeking bids for sidewalk removal and replacement for approximately 2/3 of a block from and including the alley West of Rutland City Hall at 115 Gay Street, to the corner of Bagley Street.

Bid should include, but is not limited to, separate costs for each of the following stages:

  1. Removal of existing sidewalk: Include separate costs for full removal and replacement of all sidewalk including the newer existing sidewalk leading to the City Hall access ramp AND costs excluding the new sidewalk (“a work around”) for cost comparison purposes.
  2. Disposal of existing cement and other debris from the site (concrete is not to be disposed of at the City landfill).
  3. Installation of rebar, gravel, sand and other materials necessary to lay cement.
  4. Outlet/drainage for City Hall downspout runoff from Hall to street, under the sidewalk[1]
  5. Plan to ensure level sidewalk area at the American Legion building; existing sidewalk has been raised, presumably due to the large tree on the site and its expanding roots.
  6. Cement application and any curb replacement/cuts needed for the project.

Bids are requested by noon Monday, May 1, 2017 by email to or delivery to City of Rutland, PO Box 181, 115 Gay Street, Rutland, ND 58067.  The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids for this work.

If you have questions, please contact the Rutland City Council President Michael Mahrer at 701-678-4675 or

[1] City Hall building will have a new gutter installed at the East entrance to the building.  Downspout will be installed on the Southeast corner of the entry to drain below the cement and into the Street. It will be near the location of an existing shrub which will be removed.

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The Rooster Crows – April 21, 2017

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and he arrived here on Monday, April 17 with more than an inch of rain for all the good boys and girls in the Rutland community. Well, this time there was no determination of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, as the rain fell on all, both the just and the unjust, alike. The first rainfall of the Spring season, actually, the first precipitation of any consequence since last Fall, deposited anywhere from .6 of an inch to 1¼ of an inch of very welcome rain over most of Sargent County. The rain was accompanied by thunder, lightning and a stiff southeast wind that gave shingles, doors, windows and siding a significant test. With trees and grass already green and growing, it is expected that wheat, corn and soybeans will not be far behind.

It wasn’t Santa, but the Easter Bunny who was in charge at the annual Easter Egg Hunt held at the Rutland Town Hall on the morning of Saturday, April 15. The Easter Egg Hunt is organized every year by the Jerry & Jeanne Leinen family of this community. The following report was received from Jeanne Leinen:

“Saturday April 15th, starting at 10 a.m., was yet another successful Easter Egg hunt at the Rutland town hall. With 47 children participating, along with a crowd of parents, grandparents, and onlookers in attendance. Some joining us from as far away as Turtle Lake, ND, Underwood ND and Wahpeton ND. Mother Nature chose to spit rain just before 10 o’clock. When lightning was spotted we began so that all could get inside. The children made short order of finding the 1,196 Easter Eggs that had been distributed through the Town Hall. Then the 4 give away tables were opened for them to choose 2 toys they would like to take home. The excitement really builds when the stage is opened and they can see something that really catches their eye. The stage drawing winners were: Musical instrument toy, was won by 9 month old Silvan Carlson; Stuffed bunny was won by 2-year-old Avery Woytassek; Musical toy was won by 2-year-old Charli Anderson; Plaid bunny was won by 2-year-old Piper Nelson; Big boy tie bunny was won by 9-month-old Adlie Woytassek; Tonka wobble wheels copter was won by 2-year-old Corbin Carlson; Frozen bowling set was won by 3-year-old Jocelyn Voth; Wagon full of alphabet blocks was won by 2-year-old Ami Leno; Princess Castle play set was won by 2-year-old Beckette Jensen; Beginners scooter was won by 5-year-old Paislee Pherson; Tea set with push cart was won by 5-year-old Brooklyn Pherson; Custom cruiser was won by 4-year-old Cohen Jensen; Road ripper truck with cycle was won by 4-year-old Thad Voth; Star Wars hot wheel sets were won by 6-year-old Chino Gray Hawk and by 8-year-old Brayden Siemieniewski; Speed Clash racing set was won by 8-year-old Chase N; and, 2 Barbie dolls were won by 6-year-old Anna N. Finally, the kids had to wait no longer and the drawings began for those items that they had been waiting and waiting for. Now, let their name be the one called! Coupe Flintstone type car was won by 2-year-old Will N; Girls bike was won by 6-year-old Abi Grosz; Boys bike was won by 8-year-old Russell Lee; and, the motorized skate board was won by 9-year-old Levi Wangen. During the ball scramble those finding the ball with the tiny envelopes attached were: Lydia $1.00; Anna $1.00; Carter 1.00; Chase $1.00; Thad $5.00; Kyai $1.00; Violet $10.00; and, Tyson, $20.00. As usual, the Easter bunny was kept busy with hugs and pictures. A fun time was had by all! As the Noon whistle blew, all the bunny helpers were heading off to nap away until next year.”

Thanks to Jeanne for the report. The Rutland community extends its thanks and congratulations to Jerry & Jeanne Leinen and the members of their family for another successful, and much appreciated, community event. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – April 14, 2017

It’s Spring, and it’s April. Nothing more needs to be said for native North Dakotans to know what the weather has been like. It has been warm, up to 72 above and very pleasant on Saturday, April 8, and it has been cold, down to 21 above with a frigid northwest wind on the morning of Monday, April 10. Despite the swings in temperature, there has been remarkably little precipitation so far this Spring, and the .01 of an inch received on the morning of April 5 is the heaviest rain so far this month. No rain means good conditions for field work, though, and many are reporting that wheat seeding has been completed. Jim & Kyle Marquette had their wheat planted by Thursday, April 6, and wouldn’t mind a good rain, or even 6 inches of wet snow, about now.

With nicer weather, the pheasants that survived the Winter are showing up in good numbers in the Rutland area. But pheasant season doesn’t start until October 7 this year, and fishing season is open right now. With all of the ice gone from area lakes, Roger Pearson reports that dedicated anglers are catching fish on a hit or miss basis. Roger was at Lake Tewaukon on the evening of Tuesday, April 11, where he caught 2 walleyes, 2 northerns and 1 bullhead. One walleye was 24½ inches long and full of spawn, so that one went back into the lake, as did the 2 northerns, a 2 pounder and a 4 pounder, and the bullhead, a large one of the speckle bellied variety. The smaller, 19-inch-long, walleye went home to Roger’s frying pan. That’s a good day’s fishing – 5 fish caught, and only 1 to clean.

Larry Christensen, Doug Olstad and Bill Anderson joined Tom Manley at the Spring meeting of the North Dakota American Legion’s 10th District at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5, in Lisbon. This was Tom Manley’s final meeting as 10th District Commander. The Rutland Post received 3 awards: 100% Membership Honor Ribbon; Americanism Award; and, Outstanding Service To The Community Award. 45 Legion members representing 10 of the District’s 25 Posts heard reports from Statewide and National officers; elected Tom’s successor, Todd Rike of Lidgerwood, as District Commander; and, elected Tom as the District’s delegate to the National convention in Reno NV this July. The current officers of Rutland’s Bergman-Evenson Post #215 of The American Legion are: Larry Christensen, Commander; Tom Manley, Vice-Commander; Doug Olstad, Adjutant; Ted Lee, Chaplain; and, Calvin Jacobson, Sergeant At Arms. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – April 7, 2017

Mother Nature didn’t pull any April Fool’s jokes around here last week, unless a very pleasant day with lots of sunshine and very little wind is considered to be humorous. Well, it did have a lot of people smiling.  A few local farmers were in the field last week, getting their wheat planted before the first rains of the spring season.  Shane Breker was reported to be in the field in the hills south of Rutland on Wednesday, March 29, one of the first to get started on the 2017 crop.  Shane reported that fields in the hills were in very good condition, while those on the flat were still a little too wet to work. Kurt Breker and Mike Anderson were also planting wheat near Cayuga on Thursday, March 30.  Tractors and seeders were on the move throughout Sargent County by Tuesday, April 4, planting wheat this week and getting ready to seed corn and soybeans next week.  Although wheat is not the major crop it used to be around here, it is still an important component in the cropping plans of many who practice a 3 crop rotation: wheat; corn; and, soybeans; in their farming operations.  Barley, oats, millet and other crops once considered to be mainstays in any cash grain farming operation are rarely discussed and seldom seen these days, having gone the way of the passenger pigeon.  Now all that is needed is a good rain, a rip-roaring thunderstorm that will knock the rest of the frost out of the ground, get the grass growing and make sure that the earth is fully awake after Winter’s slumber.

Rutland’s “Wild Bunch” consisting of: Beverly Kulzer; Ann Erickson; Dianna Anderson; Joanne Harris; Janice Christensen; Bonnie Anderson; and, Janet Kiefer; headed east early on the morning of Wednesday, March 29, bound for the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  The local ladies drove to Fergus Falls MN where they met a tour bus from Judy’s Tours of Fargo which took them on to the Cities and to 2 theatrical productions: a performance of “The Lutheran Church Basement Women” at the Plymouth Theater; and, a dinner theater performance of the musical “Grease” at the Chanhassen Theater.  They also did some touring of sites in Minneapolis-St. Paul, but “what happens in Minneapolis-St. Paul stays in Minneapolis-St. Paul,” is their motto, so the rest of the story may never be known.  The ladies arrived back in Rutland on the evening of Thursday, March 30, and report that a good time was enjoyed by all, and justifiably so! Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – March 31, 2017

Spring got her footing back this week, and the month that came in like a lion, with ferocious winds and cold temperatures, is living up to its traditional image by exiting like a lamb, calm, sunny and warm.  Local cattlemen have welcomed Spring’s arrival with open arms.  Sunshine and dry conditions are just what newborn calves need to get a good start, and that’s just what they’re getting.  Mac Pherson reported that as of Friday, March 24, his cows had given birth to 3 calves, but about 80 more should be arriving in the next few weeks.  Cam Gulleson disclosed that the Gulleson Farm & Ranch herd was producing calves at the rate of 20 per day as of Sunday, March 26, and Larry Erickson stated on Tuesday, March 28, that his cows had 12 calves on the ground with 50 more on the way.  No planting reports have been received as of the morning of Wednesday, March 29, but several local producers have indicated that they intend to start planting wheat within the week.  Jake Erickson of Jake’s Feed & Seed says that seed deliveries have been made to several local farmers, and that they are pawing the ground, ready to start planting as soon as field conditions allow.  The cycle goes on.  Spring is here.  Hope lives, and all things are possible!

Back in June of 2015, when the Rutland Veterans Memorial was dedicated, a temporary decorative eagle made of plastic was mounted at its peak.  Despite an arduous search by the Memorial Committee and many others, a suitable permanent, brass, eagle had not been found by the time of the dedication.  Committee members Ted & Joan Lee had checked out quite a few, but even the best ones looked more like a Rhode Island Red Rooster than an eagle, so the plastic version has been doing its duty for the past 2 years.  That will soon end, though, as a real, brass eagle has finally been acquired.  Ted & Joan Lee found the eagle during their recent vacation trip to Arizona.  Joan provided the following information about the discovery, and about the generosity of a stranger who is now a friend: Read More »

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