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Uffda Day

Join us for Uffda Day in 2017. Just look at the past Uffda Day fun!


Uffda Day 2016

Fun times are to be had here in Rutland, North Dakota this Sunday! Music by Albert Mikesh

Posted by Uffda Day on Thursday, September 29, 2016


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The Rooster Crows – July 21, 2017

The “Death By Drought” sentence was commuted, temporarily, when a life saving rain arrived in the nick of time on the morning of Tuesday, July 18. Paul Anderson’s electronic rain gauge in his backyard at 309 Gay Street recorded .45 of an inch, and Jesse Brakke’s electronic gauge along Highway #11 between Rutland & Cayuga indicated .6 of an inch. Mike walstead stated that the rain gauge on his farm in Rutland Township showed just a little over .45 of an inch, but Mike said, I need rain so bad that I’m calling it half an inch!” The same rainstorm dropped 1½ inch of rain at Wahpeton, but only .35 of an inch at the farm of Sargent County Highway Engineer Jesse Sedler near Great Bend. The rain does fall on the just and the unjust, alike, but not always in the same amount.

Rodney Erickson reports that he was up in the Devils Lake region of North Dakota recently, performing aerial application of ag-chemicals to farm fields near Leeds and Lakota. Rodney states that there is a marked contrast between the excessively Wet conditions in northeast North Dakota & northwest Minnesota, and the drought that has been afflicting the rest of the region. He reports that Devils Lake, after receding from its high water line and giving back some farmland in recent years, put it all back under water this past Spring as the result of heavy snow last winter and big rains this spring. There are some who draw comfort from the fact that, although it’s too wet in the northeast and too dry in the southeast, on the average it’s just right! Read More »

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If you have to ask what is Uffda Day, here’s the answer!


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The Rooster Crows – July 14, 2017

A large delegation from Rutland traveled over to Wahpeton on Friday, July 7, to attend the Celebration Of Life service held there in memory of the late Christopher Seavert. Well over 250 were in attendance at the service, held in the Hughes Shelter in Chahinkapa Park, including many relatives and family friends. Among those from Rutland who attended the service were: Paul Anderson; Andy Harris; Bill Anderson; Bonnie Anderson; Joanne Harris; and, Dianna Anderson.

One of those attending the Chris Seavert Memorial service who came from a distance was former Forman and Rutland resident Doug Freitag, who has made his home in Minnesota’s Northwest Angle since retiring as head of the Bobcat Company a number of years ago. Doug was a Sargent Central High School classmate of Chris’s mother, Judie Seavert Grohs, and was also a good friend of Chris’s father, the late Ron Seavert. In the reminiscing that followed the service, The Great Freitag Farewell Hog Roast, an epic event that is now part of Rutland lore, was among the memories recounted. Back in the mid-70’s, the Freitags had been residing in the small house at 322 Bagley Street that was known as “Grandma Prindiville’s house” (the house has been gone for many years) when Doug received word that he was being promoted to the post of District Sales Manager for the Melroe Co. in Wisconsin, and that a move to the Badger State had to be made. Doug’s many friends in Rutland quickly organized a farewell party at which the centerpiece and main course would be a whole hog, roasted on a spit over a bed of red hot coals. Norbert & David Kulzer had experience at roasting a hog, had the equipment needed to accomplish the task, and were designated as consultants, directors and morale officers for the project. An old coal furnace stoker had been geared down to turn the spit at the proper rpm’s, and the hog, head and all, had been stuffed with sauerkraut, wired to the spit and was placed over the coals early in the day. The steel spit was studded with long spikes to keep the hog turning. Sometimes hogs roast quickly, and sometimes they go slow. This one was slow. At one point the spit broke in the middle, dropping the entire main course into the coals. The stoker was turned off and the hog was rescued from the fire, but what could be done? Right then, Ralph Breker, a hog roast aficionado and a guy who could fix most anything, drove up in his farm pickup. The hog, with the steel spit and sauerkraut stuffing still inside, was quickly loaded into the back of Ralph’s pickup and the chefs and their assistants made an emergency run up to Kulzer Brothers farm implement shop on Main Street. Ralph drove into the shop, the wire ties were quickly cut and the sauerkraut was speedily scooped out of the way. The spit had broken almost exactly at the center point. A large piece of tin foil was placed beneath the break, to keep any errant welding slag from contaminating the pork. Ralph pulled on the welder’s helmet, and with the appropriate welding rod carefully selected by the assembled experts, he placed the 2 broken ends together, struck an arc and began welding. When he was done, it wasn’t a pretty weld, but it held. The sauerkraut was pushed back into the hog, the wire ties were pulled tight and twisted and the entire caravan headed back to the Freitags’ backyard to celebrate their success. Throughout the repair process, the hog had remained in the back of Ralph’s pickup. The hog was once again placed over the coals, the end of the spit was reconnected to the stoker and the hog was cooking again before it had a chance to cool off. Finally, when it was too dark for anyone to see if the meat was done, and too late for anyone to care, dinner was served. Many friends from Rutland, Forman, the Bobcat (then Melroe) Co. and throughout the County were present, most for dinner and some just to see the show. The large crowd that had been on hand throughout the day and most of the night gradually thinned, leaving a hardy few who were still enjoying themselves around the barbecue pit when the sun began to brighten the eastern horizon. The suggestion was made that, if they had some eggs, they could have bacon and eggs for breakfast, if they had some bacon, but where to obtain them at that hour of the morning was the question. Doug didn’t have any. He was moving. Scott Donaldson recalled that his parents, Aldon & Lorraine Donaldson, had a good supply of eggs and slab bacon in the refrigerator at their home, and all agreed that, if Aldon had been there he surely would not object to furnishing the bacon & eggs. So, a delegation was selected to accompany Scott to the Donaldson home, where a stealthy bacon & eggs raid was conducted. With bacon and eggs in hand, a frying pan, paper plates and other utensils quickly appeared, and a sizzling breakfast was speedily prepared and served. All who had been present concluded that a good time was had by all, and justifiably so. Doug recalls that he stopped in at Hermansons Grocery Store just before leaving town, and Roy Hermanson put his hand on his shoulder, saying, “Now you be careful when you get back east.” Really!? If you can survive the farewell party in Rutland, you can handle just about anything. For the unabridged version of this epic tale, ask Greg Sjothun about it the next time you see him. Read More »

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City Council Agenda

City of Rutland, July 10, 2017, Agenda

  1.  Additions to/Approval of agenda
  2. Approval of minutes: May 10, 2017 and June 5, 2017
  3. Public comments, if any
  4. New business
    1. Property Insurance
  5. Old/Unfinished Business
    1. Sidewalk Project: A request for bids was issued in June to replace the sidewalk on Gay Street adjacent to the Hall. Information will be presented at the meeting.
    2. Zoning Board: The City Council appointed Rutland Zoning Board members on November 5, 2007: Bill Anderson, Mike Kulzer, Shannon Mehrer, Ron Narum, and Gretchen Vann. There was no initial term limit indicated on the appointments. It is recommended that appointments be for a limited term of four-years with members eligible for reappointment. An extra-territorial representative is needed to replace Mike Kulzer. In addition, existing members can be reappointed or new members appointed.
  6. Financial Reports
  7. Communications from the Mayor
  8. Announcements
  9. Adjournment
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