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The Rooster Crows — February 5, 2016

With heavy rains on the Pacific Coast, and deep snow in the mountains of California, cooler than normal temperatures from the Southwest to the Gulf of Mexico and huge snowfalls in the Eastern U. S., from the Great Lakes to South Carolina, North Dakotans have been enjoying one of the most pleasant winters in recent memory, if the words “pleasant” and “winter” can be used in the same sentence, that is.  The Last 4 days in January constituted the January thaw of 2016, with the temperature hitting a record 42 above on Thursday, and up to 39 on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  This year’s Ground hog, Rutland Rasputin, a cousin of Punxatawney Phil, showed up on Ground Hog’s Day, Tuesday, February 2, with a change in the weather, though, bringing in colder temperatures and snow flurries to this area just when we were beginning to think about spring planting.  “Not so fast,” said Rasputin, “6 more weeks of winter for you!”  A rip-roaring blizzard ripped across Iowa on Tuesday, too late to have an impact on that State’s Presidential Caucus.  On Tuesday, Donald Trump, the guy who sees no one’s shadow but his own, and who once said, “No one remembers who came in second,” thanked Iowa Republicans for giving him a second place finish on Caucus night.  On Ground Hog’s Day it was obvious that the country is in for 6 more weeks of bloviating from the blowhard billionaire, a fate worse than winter.

Jim & Debbie Fust of Park City MT stopped in at the Lariat Bar for breakfast on the morning of Wednesday, January 27.  The Fusts had been visiting in Rutland, Milnor and Lisbon since Friday, January 22, and planned to be heading back to Montana to enjoy the “Chinook” warmup on Thursday, January 28.  Debbie reports that her Mom, Phyllis (Donaldson) Sundlie has recently moved into skilled care at the Veterans Home in Lisbon, and that her Dad, Leif Sundlie, is still doing well in the assisted living area at the Veterans Home.  Leif, a 1941 graduate of RHS, is one of the 2 surviving charter members of Rutland’s American Legion Post #215, the other being Milton McLaen.

Norbert & Beverly Kulzer drove down to Hartford SD on Tuesday, January 26, to spend some time with children & grandchildren, and also to pay a visit to the Ortman Chiropractic Clinic at Canistota SD.  While at Hartford, the Kulzer’s took in a couple of basketball games in which their grandson, 6’3” Freshman Will Kulzer, and his Tri-Valley High JV teammates showed that their team had improved greatly since the beginning of the season, according to Norbert.  The Kulzers were back in Rutland on the evening of Friday, January 29, and Norbert reported that even the Interstate Highway at Summit SD was free of ice and snow, an unusual condition for that stretch of road at this time of the year. Read More »

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City Elections

Five City Official positions will be placed on the ballot this June.  The positions are Mayor, City Council Member (2 positions), Park Board Member (2 positions). Each position is for a 4 year term ending June 30th, 2020.

Qualifications for Elected Office include being a City resident for at least 9 months preceding the election and eligibility for elective office.

Candidates for City offices may file Petitions/Certificates of Nomination with the City Auditor containing the signatures of not less than 10% of the number of qualified voters who voted for that office in the last City election.  The 2016 Petition/Certificate of Nomination signature requirements are as follows:

Mayor or City Council Member      7 Signatures

Park Board Member        7 Signatures

Petitions may be circulated beginning January 1, 2016 and are due to the City Auditor by 4:00 p.m. April 11, 2016.

Filing for City Office will require the following forms:

Petition/Certificate of Nomination (SFN 2704) (Submit to City Auditor)

Statement of Interest (SFN 10172) (submit to City Auditor)

Complete instructions and on-line fill-able forms may be found at the North Dakota Secretary of State website:

Application forms are available at the Rutland Senior Center and Sargent County Bank – Rutland Station or from the Rutland City Auditor at 724-3081.

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City Council Agenda

City of Rutland
February 1, 2016 Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order
  2. Additions to/Approval of agenda
  3. Approval of January minutes
  4. Public comments, if any
  5. New business
    1. Liquor Permit: Approve a Special Event Alcoholic Beverage Permit for the Lariat Bar for Sunday, February 7, 2016.
    2. Gaming Permits:
      • Approve Gaming Permit #212 to Tyler Christensen for a fundraiser raffle on May 15, 2016 for Penny Beckstrom; further waive payment of permit fee.
      • Approve Gaming Permit #213 for the Rutland-Cayuga Rural Fire Department for a raffle to be held Friday, March 4, 2016 at the Rutland Hall.
    3. City Sewer Position: Roger Pearson has stated his intention to retire from the City Sewer Operator position with the City.  He has held the position since June 2, 1969.
  6. Old/Unfinished Business
    1. Drain 8 Improvement Project No. 2016-01
  7. Financial Report
    1. January Cash Balances Report
    2. January Revenue and Expenditure Reports
    3. Presentation and approval of bills
    4. Collections/Delinquents Report
    5. Auditor Report
  8. Communications from the Mayor
  9. Announcements
  10. Adjournment

Next City Council Meeting, Monday, March 7, 2016, 5:00 p.m.

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The Rooster Crows – January 29, 2016

The weather warmed up, the wind blew, the snow drifted and the roads became treacherous.  Tracy Haussler of Rutland was on the road for home at about 8:00 on the evening of Saturday, January 23 when she encountered a slick spot on County #10, about ¼ mile south of the intersection with ND Highway #11. She was driving a pickup truck, that spun around on an icy patch, slid sideways off the east side of the road, and rolled over when the tires hit the deeper snow on the east slope of the roadway.  The pickup flipped completely over, and came to rest on its wheels, the engine still running.  Tracy was unhurt, but the pickup sustained some substantial dents.  Even the most careful of drivers can lose control when road conditions are alternately icy and dry, but following the “cruise control off-seatbelt on” rule can save a lot of trouble and pain.

There’s another new resident in the Rutland community!  Miss Ruth Leighton McLaen was born on the evening of Wednesday, January 20, 2016, to Katy & Nick McLaen.  She weighed in at 8 pounds 11 ounces and stood 21 inches tall in her bare feet on arrival.  Grandparents are Dennis McLaen and Lori McLaen of Rutland, Don Rust of Brampton and Tammy Rust of Bismarck.  Ruth joins big brother Carl Clayton McLaen on the McLaen farm northwest of Rutland.  Welcome to the little city that can, Ruth, we’re proud of you already.

Every report coming out of North Dakota’s oil patch these days contains the news that oil prices are dropping like a rock.  Sweet crude from “The Bakken” was selling for as little as $27.00 a barrel last week, down from $120.00 a barrel a little over a year ago, and a bid of 50 cents per barrel was received for some of the high sulphur crude oil being pumped out of older wells in the Williston Basin.  Legislative leaders who said a year ago that this oil boom would last for 50 years are now trying to convince constituents that they really said it wouldn’t last at all.  Some of them are the same folks who predicted that the oil boom of the late 70’s and early 80’s would last for 40 years.  If they had been correct back then, that boom would still have about 5 years to go.  It ended with a “bust” in 1981.  As of last weekend, the price of gasoline was pegged at $1.66 at Rutland Oil Co.’s self-service gas pump on Main Street.  No one but the oil companies are complaining about lower prices for gasoline, diesel fuel and propane right now, but with tax revenue from oil production slashed, the legislature’s past practice of using Oil Extraction Tax revenue to provide temporary property tax relief for property owners and permanent income tax relief for the wealthiest North Dakotans will likely result in substantial hikes in taxes on real estate after the 2017 session of the legislature meets.  Back in 2012 a poorly drafted initiated measure to repeal the property tax was defeated by the voters on the promise of the legislative leaders that there would be permanent reforms in the property tax system.  The legislature’s “reform” consisted of reshuffling separate local mill levies into the general funds of local governments, and of temporarily buying down property tax in the hopes that oil revenue would continue to flow into the State’s treasury.  Maybe it’s time for another initiated measure to permanently reduce the property tax and to hike the income tax to replace the revenue.  Occasionally State officials and State Legislators, particularly when State Government is dominated by one faction of one political party, need to be reminded that the home folks are watching what they do…and what they don’t. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – January 22, 2016

The mercury has been on a roller coaster ride this past week, dropping from the mid-20’s on Thursday, January 14, down to 17 below at Midnight on Saturday, January 16, then back up to 19 above by sunrise on the 20th.  Every time the temperature changes, a little more snow is deposited, but here in Rutland there is only 3 or 4 inches of crystallized precipitation covering the ground, so far.  On the bright side, Randy Pearson reported back from his winter hide-away in Mesa AZ that it was only 20 degrees warmer there than it was here.  Well, with the money we saved by not making that trip south, we can afford to heat the house to a comfortable 70 degrees, and we get the benefit of crisp, fresh air every time we step outside.  It’s hard to complain when you’re living in paradise!

The recent spell of sub-zero temperatures has strengthened the ice on area lakes and sloughs enough to allow even the most timid of anglers to venture out with confidence.  Several ice fishing houses have been observed on “Ole Olson’s Slough” a mile west of the intersection of ND Highway #11 and County #10, on the south side of the highway, and reports are that fishermen there are enjoying some success with perch and walleyes.  Mike Walstead reports that Walstead’s Slough on the west edge of Rutland Township, near Mike’s farm, has been producing some northern pike, with a 16-pound specimen reportedly caught and released last week.

On Thursday, January 14, the Old Curmudgeon, R. Harrington Bradbury III, Millionaire, sent the following report of how he and Janet have been enjoying their time at their winter roost on the Warren Ranch near Rapid City SD: “She was engrossed with her activities on her laptop. I was deeply involved in solving a jigsaw puzzle on mine. Silence reigned. I broke it. Saying, “Did you make me a banana split yet?” She retorted, “No.” I continued, “Are you gonna?”  She said curtly, and finally, “No.”  Silence reigned, again.”  Enough said. Read More »

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