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Community Club Meeting

Rutland Community Club met on Tuesday, September 1, 2009, at City Hall.

Nine members present:  Deb Liermark, Deborah Banish, Hilary Mehrer, Carolyn Christensen, Gretchen Vann, Doris Hoistad, Bert Siemieniewski, Quentin Hoistad, and Kathy Brakke.

Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer’s report was presented including bills paid and revenues received.  Twenty-two Uffda Ts have been sold and some DVDs as well. The General Store is selling the Ts.  A credit card charge fee will be paid by the RCC for future charge purchases of souvenirs.  For August the fee was $10.00.

Brakke/Mehrer moved approval.   Motion carried.

City Hall: Bert discussed the progress on the City Hall renovation.  A ten day notice is required for a public hearing when a proposed renovation plan and new building plan can be discussed; that will be scheduled in the future.  There is no funding for heating improvements through the Legislature.  A new furnace is needed now.  Some of the renovation/remodeling funds received [donations and CDs] could be spent on that project.

Carolyn said that Horizons funding is also available. 

Brakke/Christensen moved that the City Hall furnace repair commence and that an allocation of $15-16,000 be approved to cover the cost.  Motion carried.

Uffda Day: Christensen said that sign-up sheets have been posted at various locations in town to have residents volunteer to help make lefse.  Lefse crews will work on Tuesday and Thursday, 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.  Ione [Pherson] will have at least one late night Wednesday lefse-making session.

Mehrer said that the Uffda Tacos will be sold in the old Lariat building.  Rodney Erickson will get the needed electricity into the building prior to October 4.

Mehrer said inflatables may be available and could be rented for Uffda Day this year.

Bert is checking the inventory for the dinner needs including plates, silverware, bowls and other items.

Website: Gretchen asked why the RCC will charge Rutland businesses $50.00 to have a link on the Rutland website.  She believes that all the Rutland businesses should have a link and she asked the RCC to reconsider the vote.

Brakke said a link would be different than advertising on the site.

Hilary said the Website Committee (Bill Anderson, Earl Cramton and Hilary Mehrer) proposed the fee as a means to recover some costs. The proposal was voted on by the RCC and approved.

Brakke said the Rutland small businesses do things for the RCC that are not recognized — Greg lets the RCC use his building, the store sells T-shirts, the bar sells pins and other items.

Gretchen said she would pay for special advertising or special events to be publicized on the website.

Siemieniewski/Brakke moved that the Website Committee convene to discuss the matter of providing links at no cost to Rutland businesses. Motion carried.

It was suggested that the issue be brought back at the next meeting.    There is also the matter of advertising fees to be established for Rutland and non-Rutland businesses.

Banners: Brakke suggested that the Rutland banners be removed until they can be replaced.

Souvenirs: Debra Liermark said that the supply of cookbooks, plates, 2008 Tshirts, and pins should be moved from the RGS garage.  It was agreed that the items would be relocated at the rear of the Senior Center.

The meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

Next meeting:  Due to Uffda Day, the next RCC meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 13, 7 p.m.

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