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City Council Meeting – January 8, 2018

The Rutland City Council met at at 5:00 p.m. on January 8, 2018, in the Town Hall. Mayor Ronald Narum and Council Members Erickson, Lysne, and Siemieniewski present. Absent – Mahrer. The City Auditor was also present.

Minutes: Siemieniewski/Erickson moved approval of the December 4, 2017 minutes. Motion carried (Aye – Erickson, Lysne, Siemieniewski. Absent – Mahrer).

Refund of Taxes Application: The City has received an application for abatement or refund of taxes from the Sargent County Assessor for 2017 for property owned by R2, Inc. The property was improperly assessed for a building/railroad spur which is no longer on the property. Valuation changed from $9,000 to $1,500 for Railway Addition, Lot 4, Block 1, 16,449.56 feet.

Lysne/Siemieniewski moved approval of the Sargent County Tax Assessor application for abatement or refund of taxes to R2, Inc., for 2017 for property improperly assessed by the County. Motion carried (Aye – Erickson, Lysne, Siemieniewski. Absent – Mahrer).

Depository Designation: Erickson/Siemieniewski moved that the Sargent County Bank be designated as the depository for City of Rutland funds. Motion carried (Aye – Erickson, Lysne, Siemieniewski. Absent – Mahrer).

Auditor Training: Erickson/Siemieniewski moved approval of training and travel reimbursement for the City Auditor to attend the March Madness 2018 Workshop for elected and appointed officials in Bismarck, March 6-7, 2018. Motion carried (Aye – Erickson, Lysne, Siemieniewski. Absent – Mahrer).

Records Disposal: Siemieniewski/Lysne moved to authorize the City Auditor to proceed with records disposal in accordance with NDCC 54-46-12 with a final disposal record presented to the Council in June. Motion carried (Aye – Erickson, Lysne, Siemieniewski. Absent – Mahrer).

Financials: The City Auditor presented the December 2017 financials. Erickson/Siemieniewski moved approval of the Financial Reports as presented. Motion carried (Aye – Erickson, Lysne, Siemieniewski. Absent – Mahrer).

Bills: Erickson/Siemieniewski moved approval of payment of bills from the general fund:

Check General Checking Amount Purpose
ACH Waste Management $ 1622.73 Contract garbage
12436 Bert Siemieniewski $ 277.05 Council July-Dec
12437 City of Fargo $ 14.00 Health water sample
12438 Deborah Banish $577.19 December
12439 Delores Lysne $277.05 Council July-Dec
12440 Dickey Rural Network $135.51 Telephone
12441 Jacobson Plumbing $3410.00 Water, Lagoon work
12442 Kjelden’s Hardware Hank $42.99 Battery charger
12443 Municipal Finance Officers $30.00 Membership
12444 Michael Mahrer $138.52 Council July-Dec
12445 Nardini Fire Equipment $350.00 Hall monitoring
12446 Rodney Erickson $230.87 Council July-Dec
12447 Roger Pearson $73.88 December
12448 Ronald Narum $576.45 December/Mayor 6-mo.
12449 Sargent County Auditor $757.75 Assessment books
12450 Sargent County Treasurer $3211.75 City property taxes
12451 Southeast Water Users $620.70 Nov. 206900 gals
12452 US Treasury $6.61 CP161 Filing fee
12453 US Treasury $404.03 f941 4th Qtr
12454 Waste Management $82.50 Hall garbage
12455 Rutland Oil $725.00 Fuel
12456 Rutland Township $116.04 City Share utilities/tax for Shop

Motion carried (Aye – Erickson, Lysne, Siemieniewski. Absent – Mahrer).

Delinquents: There are four delinquents at this time.

Auditor’s Report:

  • A letter has been sent to Josh Nelson regarding the shipping container placed on property on Front Street. No building permit was obtained and he has been sent an invoice for $110.00. A reminder will be sent in 30 days and will inform him if payment is not made, it will be levied as a special on the property.
  • A Tree City USA application is being prepared to submit to the State to recognize Rutland as a Tree City. The Park Board new planting project and the cleanup work done by the City on the trees will qualify the City for the status.

Mayor Report: Mayor Narum reported on a water break which will be the owner’s responsibility to repair.  The leak at Prindiville’s is on the rural water line and not the City’s water line as it is outside of City limits.

Council Member Siemieniewski noted that Rutland Housing has sidewalk from the building to the City sidewalk that needs to be repaired or replaced. The Council noted that the sidewalk would be the responsibility of Rutland Housing, Inc., and not the City.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, February 5, 2018.

Approved February 5, 2018

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