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The Rooster Crows – November 4, 2011

Mild temperatures have continued through the end of October and into the beginning of November.  How long can it last?  Not long enough.  The forecast for Saturday consists of 4 four letter words: rain; snow; wind; and, cold.  On the bright side, though, it has been so nice for so long that the weather has to get worse before it can get any better.

The annual Halloween party at the Lariat Bar drew another large crowd on the evening of Saturday, October 29.  Rebecka Christensen reports that there were some outstanding costumes in the competition with the winners being:1st Prize – Janelle Brakke as The Naughty Nurse; 2nd prize – Nick McLaen and Jesse Maly as The Blues Brothers; 3rd prize to a foursome, Barry & Jen Christianson and Chad & Heather Koziol as The Flintstones and friends; and, 4th prize to Krista Mahrer and Dylan Schuster as Eskimo Girl with Penguin..The Lariat vibrated to the music of Rockin’ Rodney from 9:00 p.m. to closing.

Glenn Kulzer hosted about 3 dozen family and friends for barbecued ribs at the Rutland Seniors Center on the evening of Saturday, October 29.  Glenn’s method of preparing the ribs, along with his special barbecue sauce recipe, created “the best ribs I ever ate,” according to one of the guests, his grandmother, Irene Anderson.  Glenn states that he plans to be in Rutland for the 3rd Annual Rib Fest in August of 2012 to compete for the coveted title of “Best Ribs In Rutland.”

Larry Christensen, Commander of Bergman-Evenson Post #215 of the American Legion in Rutland, reports that the Post’s Flag Retirement Ceremony will be held on the Legion Hall grounds at 3:00 p.m. on Veterans Day, Friday, November 11.  Anyone with worn or soiled American Flags to be retired can leave the national ensigns with him or at the Rutland General Store, says Larry.

The good news from Rochester MN this week is that Larry Anderson of this community has been released from the hospital and is heading home.  Reports are that the surgery to remove a tumor from his abdomen went well, and he is on the road to recovery.

Two of the “Grande Dames” of this community, Janet Malstrom and Patty Carlen, have been hospitalized in Lisbon for the past week.  Janet has been in one of the Lisbon Hospitals “swing beds” since Monday, October 24, and Patty has been in the room next door since Thursday, October 27.  Their many friends here wish them both a speedy recovery and return home.

Rutland native Arden Anderson underwent surgery to repair 3 ruptured disks in his neck back on Friday, October 21, at Sanford Hospital in Fargo, reports his wife, Marilyn.  As of this writing on Tuesday, November 1, Arden was a therapy and rehabilitation patient at St. Francis Hospital in Breckenridge.  He reports that he is making good progress.

Interior work on the Rutland Town Hall improvement project commenced on Monday, October 31, as workmen proceeded to remove fixtures from the existing restrooms and began the demolition of interior walls.  Martinson Home Center of Forman is the general contractor, with several sub-contractors, including: Kip’s Construction of Britton SD; TON Construction of Rutland Township; Jacobson Heating, Plumbing & Excavating of Rutland; and, B & K Electric of Forman; providing skill, labor and materials for the project.  The Foss Architecture Firm of Fargo is overseeing the work.  TON Construction took advantage of the mild weather on Tuesday, November 1, to pour the concrete footings for the exterior ramp on the east side of the Town Hall.  The deadline for completion of the work in the interior of the building is December 31.

The Rutland Community Club held its November meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 1, in the Rutland Town Hall.  The financial report indicated more than $31,000.00 on hand, with $25,000.00 of that amount committed to the Town Hall improvement project.  Bertha Siemieniewski reported on the progress being made by the contractors working on the Town Hall project.  The City’s office is in the process of being moved to its new location in the southwest corner of the front addition to the Hall, she stated.  The new office area has been painted; re-wired for electricity, telephone & internet; and, new floor covering is ready to be installed.  Paul Anderson reported on the information he had found on electronic exterior bulletin boards to replace the old board that had been blown away last July.  Prices ranged from a high of $21,000 for a 2 sided sign manufactured by Daktronics in Brookings SD to a low of $5,700 for a one sided sign from the Stewart Company, located in Florida.  A committee was appointed to obtain additional information and make a recommendation.  Santa Claus Day, scheduled for Saturday, December 10, was also discussed.  The tree stand has been placed at the corner of 1st & Arthur Streets, and arrangements have been made to show a movie for kids in Rodney Erickson’s building at 202 First Street.    As the Town Hall will be unavailable for Santa Claus Day, the traditional drawing for Christmas turkeys donated by Rutland businesses will be held on Main Street, as was the custom 50 years ago.  Paul also reported that 16 individual patrons of the Rutland Post Office had met in the dining room of the Lariat Bar on the evening of Tuesday, October 25, to complete comment forms on the Postal Service’s proposal to close the Rutland Post Office, and to write letters opposing the closure.  Paul stated that a similar session is being planned to be held at the Rutland General Store on Friday, November 4.  In other business, the nominating committee reported that Delores Lysne and Lori McLaen will be candidates for the Club’s Board of Directors at the December meeting.  Bonnie Anderson reported that 3 roasters had ceased to function after Uffda Day and needed to be replaced.  The next meeting of the Rutland Community Club will be on Tuesday, December 6, at a location to be announced.

There’s a new lawyer in town.  LeeAnn Even of Cogswell graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Law in May of this year, took the Bar Exam in August and was admitted to the practice of law at a ceremony in the North Dakota Supreme Court on October 10.  Since then she has hung out her shingle and been practicing law at 316 First Street in Rutland, where she shares office space with Anderson Law Office. Mrs. Even is a native of the Iron Range in northern Minnesota.  She and her husband, David, have resided in Cogswell for a number of years, and she is a former Mayor of that city.  Mr. Even is employed by the City of Gwinner.  The Rutland community welcomes LeeAnn Even, Attorney at Law, to Main Street. 

Word was received here on Tuesday morning that long time Cayuga resident and businesswoman, Priscilla “Percy” Isensee had passed away on Monday evening at the age of 91 years.  She was a resident of Edgewood Vista Nursing Home in Fargo at the time of her death.  Percy and her husband, Milton “Bud” Isensee, had farmed in Tewaukon Township prior to purchasing the Cayuga Grocery Store in 1947.  The Isensees also continued to be involved in farming.  Many here recall that Bud was an avid hunter, and that he had some great recipes for deer sausage, bologna  and other meat products that he prepared for customers at the store.  Following Bud’s death in 1971, Percy continued to operate the store until 1976, when she sold it and moved to Fargo with her youngest son, Ron, then a student at NDSU.  She was preceded in death by her husband and by her son, Ron.  She is survived by 2 daughters: Janice Butz of Minneapolis  and Judy Gette of Fargo; by one son, Donald of Minneapolis and Perham MN; by 4 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.  She is also survived by one sister, Verna Kiefer of West Fargo.  The funeral will be held at St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Cayuga at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 5, with burial at the Catholic Cemetery just south of town.  Percy’s friends in this community extend their sympathy and condolences to the Isensee family on the loss of their mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and friend.

The 2011 North Dakota deer season opens at Noon on Friday, November 4, and that means nothing else matters for the next couple of days.  Deer hunters, like pheasant hunters, will be dealing with reduced populations due to the harsh Winter of 2010-2011, but the hunter who puts in the required time and effort is likely to be rewarded with success.  So far, no deer have ever been bagged in any of the bars or coffee shops in Sargent County, although a lot of fantastic shots have been described in those establishments.  So, to the hunters, “Good Luck!” and to everyone else, wear orange and keep your head down.

Meanwhile, on the national scene, the Republican Presidential Primary process is looking more like a circus every day.  At each of the so-called “debates” the clown car rolls in, the doors pop open and they all roll out: Bachman; Romney; Perry; Cain; Paul; Santorum; and, Huntsman.  Romney has been stuck at about 22% in the polls, as about three-fourths of the Republican Party can’t stand his policies, which is strange because he has been on every side of every issue so far.  Texas Governor Rick Perry, once leading in the polls is now down near the bottom and he has now changed his strategy to one in which he plans to sit back and wait for the other guys to make a mistake, a strategy that one Republican strategist has described as “rope-a-dope without the rope.”  Herman Cain, the Atlanta businessman and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, is a political novice and this week’s favorite, but he is having a difficult time with the intricacies of conservative politics and has discovered that it gets harder to run with a foot stuck in your mouth.  Of the 4 at the bottom of the pack, 3, Bachman, Paul & Santorum, sound more like escapees from a lunatic asylum than serious candidates for anything, but Bachman had her turn at the top of the polls a couple of months ago, and both Paul and Santorum figure that their turn is coming.  Huntsman, a former Governor of Utah, has the misfortune of sounding rational and of having accepted an appointment to serve as President Obama’s Ambassador to China, two attributes that make him very suspect in conservative circles.  The President, unopposed for the Democratic endorsement at this point, has his own problems: unemployment at 9%; a faltering economic recovery; and, huge budget deficits; but, with the GOP’s clowns keeping everyone laughing, he’s hammering away at the “do nothing” Congress and a Republican Party willing to sacrifice the national interest to serve and protect the privileged few.  Whoever ends up with the GOP nomination, though, it’s unlikely that the Obama campaign slogan will be “Four more years!”

Well, that’s the news from Rutland for this week.  For more information about what’s going on in “the little city that can,” stop by the community’s internet web site at and check out the Rutland blog and Facebook pages while you’re at it, too.  Later.

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