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The Rooster Crows – September 2, 2016

The month of August closed out on a pleasant note, with the last 2 days of the month giving residents of Rutland and the rest of Sargent County a taste of what can be expected during September.  Mother Nature did provide an example of what she is capable of in August, though, on Monday, the 29th, when she pushed the temperature up into the 90’s while providing humidity to match.  Demonstrations like that make us look forward to Autumn, at least for a day or two.

Soybean fields are beginning to turn color, and it is expected that the first beans of the 2016 crop will be delivered to local elevators in the next couple of weeks, at least that’s according to the optimists among the Assembled Wise Men at the morning coffee and conversation session at the Lariat.  Rodney Erickson reports that the Rutland Elevator/Wheaton-Dumont Co-op was not taking any new grain on Wednesday, August 31, in order to clear the books and begin the second year of operations with a clean slate on September 1.  Since taking delivery of the first load of wheat at the newly renovated Rutland Elevator facility on September 9, 2015, Rodney reports that more than 1.4 million bushels of wheat, soybeans and corn have been purchased by Wheaton-Dumont Co-op and delivered to unit train loading terminals in Minnesota.  As of September 1, 2016, all grain purchased at the Rutland Elevator will be delivered to the brand new Wheaton-Dumont Co-op/United Grain Company unit train loading facility in Britton SD, a one-way distance of only 35 miles as compared to about 70 miles, or more, to the Minnesota terminals.  Congratulations to Wheaton-Dumont Co-op and to Rodney Erickson on a successful first year of operations at the Rutland Elevator, and thanks to Rodney for the investment of time, effort and resources that resurrected the Rutland Elevator to commercial life, AND made it a vital part of the community once again.

Ms. Barbara Weidl of Skillman NJ was a weekend guest at the Steve & Sheila Wyum farm from Friday, August 19 through Monday, August 22.  Ms. Weidl had first met the Wyums in 1999, when she was on her first visit to North Dakota, and they had invited her to visit their farm east of Rutland.  She did so, and has been back several times since then.  She states that she visits Rutland’s internet web site,, each week, and keeps up on activities here by reading The Rooster Crows and by “friending” the Rutland Facebook page.  Although she visits North Dakota every year, this was her first visit to Rutland since back in 2011.  She states that she visits western North Dakota nearly every year, and that she has been both impressed and disappointed with the changes that have occurred in that part of the State as the oil business has boomed and busted over the past decade.  A few days before her Rutland visit this year, Ms. Weidl reports that her car had a flat tire while she was driving on U. S. Highway #85 south of Watford City.  The oil truck traffic was so heavy, and so fast, that changing a tire was a life threatening experience.  On her first visits to that area of the State, back in ’99, a rancher in a pickup might come along every 15 or 20 minutes, and was almost sure to stop to lend a hand, but everything moves too fast for that now.  There are more people and there is more traffic, but you’re on your own if you have a flat, she said.  She appreciates the less frantic pace of life in Sargent County.  the Wyums and Ms. Weidl were planning to take a tour of the Coteau des Prairies Lodge on Monday, August 22, prior to her departure for the return trip to The Garden State.

The 19th Annual Rutland Sportsman’s Club’s Youth Day was held at the John Narum Memorial Trap & Rifle Range north of Silver Lake on Sunday, August 21, and once again participants enjoyed a beautiful day with clear skies, sunshine, little wind and the temperature in the 70’s.  The following report was received from Club Secretary/Treasurer Travis Paeper: “We had another great turnout for Youth Day last Sunday, as expected. We had 201 kids, ranging in age from preschool through high school, participate in Youth Day activities. Thankfully the weather cooperated, and a beautiful day was welcomed by all.  The Rutland Sportsman’s Club, Sargent County Pheasants forever and The Windy Mound Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, co-sponsors of Youth Day, provided lunch for the kids and awarded several thousand dollars worth of prizes, ranging from fishing gear, archery equipment, camping gear, shotguns, rifles to an inflatable raft that had been donated by participating businesses. Youthful enthusiasts received supervised, hands on instruction on the proper use of firearms, archery and fishing equipment from Club members who emphasized safety at all times.  The sponsoring groups extend their thanks to all of the area businesses and individuals who contributed to the event. The 20th annual Youth Day will be held again next year on the 3rd Sunday in August. Winners of donated prizes were: BB Gun, Cohen Jensen; Rod & Reel, Arrow Bergh; Inflatable Raft, Payton Lien; Hoyt Compound Bow, Kloe McLaen; Rod & Reel, Braiden Mund; Sleeping Bag, Carri Oiser; BB Gun, Ava Siemieniewski; Toy Bobcat, Jacy Bopp; Tent, Jady Bopp; .22 caliber Rifle, Carsen Olsen; Rod & Reel, Carter Chapin; Rod & Reel, AJ Frothmann; Tent, TJ Johnson; .22 caliber Rifle, Aubray Hestdalen; Sleeping Bag, Aspen Bergh; Air Rifle, Alonna Granger; Rod & Reel, Allie Whelan; BB Gun, Morgan Mund; Hunting Vest, Mikyla Nelson; Sleeping Bag, Kylie Bayger; Rod & Reel, Jarod Roth; Shotgun, Celia Olson; BB Gun, Brooklyn Pherson; Remote Control Miniature Bobcat Skid Steer Loader, Ryley Smith; Tent, Tyler Brandt; Compound Bow, Bently Degenstein; Compound Bow, Cidnie Elenberger; Rod & Reel, Zaxton Olafson; Rod & Reel, Gunner Hestdalen; Tent, Daisy Lee; BB Gun, Madison Poehler; Rod & Reel, Mckenzie Poehler; Shotgun, Joseph Throener; Rod & Reel, Tony Sanford; Rod & Reel, Gracin Lehmann; 20- gauge shotgun, Mckenzie Butler; Tent, Freya Hestdalen; .22 caliber Rifle, Josephine Nelson; Rod & Reel, Jami Bopp; Rod & Reel, McKenna Paeper; .22 caliber Rifle, Rylee Roney; Air Rifle, Tyler Banish; Shotgun, Joshua Triplett; .22 caliber rifle, Brody Mahrer; and, Shotgun, Tatum Wyum.  Raffle board prize winners were: Rutland Sportsman’s Club Rifle, Tyler Schroder; and, National Wild Turkey Federation Jake’s Gun, Celia Olson.”  Congratulations to the members of the participating groups for another successful community event, and thanks to Travis Paeper for the information.

Election signs have been appearing on lawns in Rutland recently, and the 2016 campaign is set to hit full speed right after Labor Day, on September 5.  The 3 incumbent legislators endorsed for re-election from this legislative district by the 26th District Democratic-NPL Party: State Senator Jim Dotzenrod of Wyndmere; State Representative Bill Amerman of Forman; and, State Representative Jerry Kelsh of Fullerton; met with several members of the District’s Executive Committee at the Paul Anderson residence in Rutland on the evening of Monday, August 22, to finalize plans for the 2016 Campaign.  A campaign kick-off event was planned to be held at the Joel & Sue Heitkamp home on Lake Elsie, near Hankinson, for Thursday, September 1.  Those present also set the dates for several fund-raisers and “Meet & Greet” gatherings that will be held throughout the District prior to Election Day, Tuesday, November 8.  The Democratic and Republican candidates have all been on the campaign trail all Summer, but will be putting the campaign into high gear for the next 2 months.  All local and Statewide candidates of both political parties have been invited to participate in Rutland’s Uff-Da Day Parade on Sunday, October 2.

Rick Bosse stopped in at the Lariat for breakfast on the morning of Monday, August 29, and reported that he had just returned from a 2-week vacation and hunting trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota and the high plains of northeastern Wyoming.  Rick stated that he and his spouse, Sherry, had begun the adventure with a family camping trip in the Black Hills on the weekend of August 13 & 14.  Rick & Sherry had driven out to the Hills, and had trailered Rick’s big Harley-Davidson motorcycle along, too.  When the camping concluded, Sherry drove the family vehicle and the trailer back home while Rick put his motorcycle into storage at Deadwood, and then accompanied Kim Rasmussen of Havana to Sundance WY, where the 2 had booked a guided hunt for pronghorn antelope.  Both hunters were planning to use crossbows, rather than rifles, during their hunt.  The area they hunted was about 100 miles west of Sundance, and they rode that distance in a 1-ton flatbed truck that was equipped with a standard cab, a standard transmission and a floor shift, so they did have to “rough it,” somewhat, claims Rick.  The two archers hunted from tent blinds that were set up near a watering hole that was often used by the antelope.  Kim bagged his antelope with 1 bolt from his crossbow on the first day of the hunt, Rick stated.  Rick patiently waited, 12 hours in the blind each day, and wasn’t getting any antelope to even come close.  On the last day of the hunt, he got so bored that he picked up an old hunting magazine and started looking through it.  As he was reading an article, a big pronghorn buck strolled past, within a few feet of his blind, but by the time he noticed it and could get his crossbow up to take the shot, the antelope was already about 80 yards away.  Rick said that he contemplated taking a long shot, but decided that the risk of just wounding the antelope and then losing it was too great.  That was his only chance, and he missed it just because he learned to read as a youngster at Brampton Elementary, Rick lamented.  Kim and Rick returned to Deadwood on Friday, August 26, where Rick got his motorcycle out of storage and met up with Sherry, who had ridden out with Roger McLaen on his cycle to take in the “Cool Deadwood Nights” antique and classic auto show.  Rick stated that he and Sherry had just gotten themselves and the motorcycle into a photo studio to have a picture taken when Deadwood was hit by a severe hailstorm that dented quite a few of the automobiles that were on display.  “The convertibles had their tops down,” Rick said, “and they just filled up with hail.”  Rick, Sherry, Roger and several other riders headed for home on Sunday, but the day was so uncomfortably hot that most of the group stopped at Mobridge SD to cool off by the Missouri River.  The Bosses and Roger continued on, however, and made it home by Sunday evening.  Rick stated that he was ready to get back to work, “…as soon as I finish breakfast.”  The entire trip, including getting back home, was very enjoyable he reports.

The early conservation season on Giant Canada Geese has been open since August 15, but both the geese and the hunters have been noticeable by their absence, until this past week, that is.  Several goose hunters from Minnesota headquartered out of the Jesse & Marcia Brakke farm in Ransom Township and reported getting good shooting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 26, 27 & 28.  They reported that the geese were traveling in small flocks and didn’t hesitate to come in to their decoys, indicating that they were probably young birds from this year’s hatch, unaccompanied by older, wiser birds who had run the gauntlet before.

Hunters aren’t the only ones having some occasional good luck.  Roger Pearson reports that he paid a visit to Kraft Lake, in the northwestern quadrant of Sargent County, early on the morning of Tuesday, August 30, and returned with a limit of walleyes.  Reports have been heard of a 29-inch walleye recently caught at Kraft Lake, but Roger says that he doesn’t try to catch any walleyes that are that big.  He prefers them “eating size.”

Dan and Cindy (Pearson) Tobkin of Tucson AZ have been visiting friends and family in the Rutland area for the past 2 weeks.  Cindy is the daughter of Orvis & Alphie Pearson of this community, and Dan is a native of Veblen SD.  During their Summer vacation here, Cindy participated in the Reunion of the Sargent Central Class of 1976 at the Coteau des Prairies Lodge on Saturday, August 20, and Dan took in the reunion of Veblen High School’s Class of 1971 in Veblen on Saturday, August 27.  Joe Breker, one of Cindy’s Class of ’76 classmates, reported that 35 members of the class attended the gathering at the Lodge.

The Uff-Da Day lefse count stood at 3,486 when the last lefse came off the griddle on the evening of Tuesday, August 30, reported 2016 Uff-Da Day Chairperson Marcia Brakke.  Two more lefse making sessions are scheduled for Thursday, September 1, and barring electrical failure, the goal of 4,000 should be reached and surpassed by Thursday evening, says Marcia.  Lefse Lena’s Tuesday morning lefse making crew had an interesting experience when Mr. Bob Laird of Rutland, Vermont, stopped in Rutland, North Dakota, to take a look around.  He had just accompanied his son to Bozeman MT, where the younger Mr. Laird is studying communications, specializing in movie making, at Montana State University.  Mr. Laird states that, “There are 7 generations of Rutlanders in my family.”  He grew up in Rutland, graduated from Rutland High, and now teaches mathematics at the University of Vermont in Burlington.  He has visited this community many times via cyberspace and Rutland’s internet web site, but wanted a first hand look at the little city that can, and decided to take the opportunity to make his first personal visit, he said.  Both Rutlands were railroad towns back in the 1880’s, but time and changes in transportation has diminished the railroad presence in both communities.  Rutland VT was founded in the 1760’s, states Mr. Laird, back when the English colony of New York was claiming jurisdiction over the “Green Mountains” of Vermont.  A lot of high quality marble is produced from quarries near Rutland VT, and “Rutland Marble” figured prominently in the construction of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.  Both Rutlands are situated at about the 45th latitude, so hours of daylight throughout the year are the same, although Vermont’s average annual rainfall, and snowfall, is considerably higher than is North Dakota’s.  Mr. Laird followed the advice he received from Rutland’s lefse ladies, and decided to stay the night at the Coteau des Prairies Lodge.  Before the lefse ladies let him go, though, they loaded him up with several packages of lefse and a couple of Uff-Da Day T-shirts.  Mr. Laird spend a pleasant evening visiting with one of the Lodge proprietors, Joe Breker, before turning in for the night.  On Wednesday morning, he was given visiting professor status at the gathering of the Assembled Wise Men at the Lariat Bar.  Some of the faculty members present included: Mike Anderson; Norbert Kulzer; Doug Spieker; Mike Kulzer; Mac Pherson; Mark Wyum; and, Bill Anderson.  Bev Kulzer, Cher Spieker and Janny Kiefer also contributed to the discussion.  Mr. Laird hopes to return to Rutland with his wife, Linda, for Uff-Da Day XXXII on Sunday, October 2, he said.  He wants to roll lefse and experience rommegrot.

The refrain from “Take Me Out To The Ballpark” has been running through Dick Meyers’ mind this past week.  Dick reports that he recently stopped in at the North Dakota Veterans Home in Lisbon, where he visited with Rutland natives Leif & Phyllis (Donaldson) Sundlie.  Dick and Leif had both played baseball on the Rutland Roosters teams of the late 1940’s, and reminisced about ball players and ball games of that bygone era.  One of the topics discussed was the old grandstand at the Rutland ball park, now Lou Sanderson Field.  Dick said that both he and Leif had memories of being in the grandstand, and that he could remember climbing around in the rafters with the Prindiville boys: Roger; Pat; and, Mike; when they were small boys, but neither Leif nor Dick could remember when the grandstand was removed, or what happened to the lumber.  Dick would appreciate it if anyone who remembers the old Rutland grandstand, or has any photographs of it, would share those memories and pictures with him, and with the rest of us, too.

Some upcoming events in the Rutland community include: Labor Day on Monday, September 5, in Rutland and throughout the United States; Rutland Sportsmen’s Club meeting on the evening of Thursday, September 8, at the John Narum Memorial Trap & Rifle Range north of Silver Lake; Rutland City Council meeting at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, September 12, at the Rutland Town Hall; Rutland Community Club meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, September 12, in the Rutland Town Hall; Rutland Park Board meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, September 12, at Lou Sanderson Field; and, Uff-Da Day XXXII, on Sunday, October 2, in Rutland, North Dakota, and wherever Bob & Linda Laird of Rutland, Vermont, happen to be on that day.

Well, that’s the news from Rutland for this week.  For additional information about what’s happening in The Little City That Can, check out the community’s internet web site at www.rutlandnd.Com, and stop by the Uff-Da Day and Rutland Facebook pages while you’re at it, too.  Don’t forget to patronize your local Post Office, and remember to keep the pressure on the U. S. Postal Service and the North Dakota Congressional delegation to SAVE OUR POST OFFICE!  Later.

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