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The Rooster Crows – August 25, 2017

“The sun always shines on Rutland!” That’s what the Old-Timers used to say, and once again the old saying has proved to be accurate. A sunny day was sandwiched in between 2 days of clouds, sprinkles, mists and drizzles to help make the 9th Annual Rutland Rib Fest the 3rd annual Relay For Life Rutland Junk Fest/Farmers Market/craft sale and the 1st annual Rutland Rib Fest car show on Saturday, August 19, another big day in the little city that can. Tom Thayer’s ’57 Chevy was Best in Show and Colin Sundquist’s 1974 Ford Ranchero 500 won the People’s Choice award in the car show that featured vintage, classic and contemporary autos and motorcycles. There were 7 entries in the competition for the “Best Ribs In Rutland” title: D’s Barbecue – Milnor; Stoke & Smoke, Milnor; Lariat Bar, Rutland; Hanna Brothers, Milnor; BJ’s, Ellendale; Mahrer Brothers, Rutland; and, Digger’s Barbecue, Forman. The judges selected D’s Barbecue as this year’s winner of the title; Stoke & Smoke was awarded 2nd; The Lariat Bar captured 3rd Place; and, Hanna Brothers garnered 4th Place honors. The” Peoples’ Choice” award went to Hanna Brothers, and Stoke & Smoke came in 2nd in the Peoples’ Choice category. The judges acknowledged that their work was difficult, as all of the ribs in the competition were very good. There was live music throughout the day by 2 excellent bands: The Dirty James River Band of Jamestown; and, Super Cell of Gwinner. The following report was received from Ione Lunneborg of Rutland, one of the organizers of the Relay For Life fund-raising effort: “Perfect weather made for a beautiful day to spend in Rutland on Saturday. Rolls and coffee at the Rutland Seniors’ from the 4 Seasons Health Care Center started the day off on a sweet note at 8am and the day was off and running. There were a number of garage sales throughout the town. Junkers brought a great variety of wares. Vendors filled the back room of the bank and Rodney Erickson’s building on the west side of Main Street. Food was available from the Rutland Rockets Relay for Life team at the Town Hall; from 4 Seasons and Shawna & Nathan Bergh at the Seniors’ Center; and, the Legion Auxiliary’s Pie & Ice Cream Social at the Seniors’ Center was once again a big hit. New to the Little Old Ladies Junk Fest was a Farmer’s Market on Gay Street, between the Bank & the General Store, and it was a popular addition. The Old Parsonage, with its inventory of antiques, collectibles and just plain interesting items, was open throughout the day. The Lariat Bar added a Car Show this year. Winner of People’s Choice was Colin Sundquist of Forman with his ’74 Ranchero and Best in Show went to Brampton native Tom Thayer of Colfax with his ’57 Chevy. Rib Fest filled the streets with ribbers, tantalizing smells and people. Also new for the event this year was the addition of live music starting at noon. It added a festival feel to the day. …the day was another successful one for Sargent County Relay for Life, and for the Lariat Bar’s 9th Annual Rutland Rib Fest. …This old lady was home and in bed at 9:30! Well worth the hours Val Bjork and I put in for it to happen!” Thanks to Ione for the report, and to all those who enjoyed the ribs, music and good fellowship in Rutland last Saturday. Next up: UFF-DA DAY XXXIII on Sunday, October 1, right here in Rutland.

Rick Bosse and wife, Sherry, accompanied by Rick’s son, Jeff, 3 of Jeff’s children, Jeff’s friend and her son, spent the week of August 5 to August 12 at Wisconsin Dells WI, Rick reports, and had a very enjoyable time. Rick & Sherry had their travel trailer and Jeff had his motor home parked in a campground that was within walking distance of many of the attractions in that picturesque region of Wisconsin. The campground was crowded, Rick states, but they didn’t spend much time there, anyway. A water park that is advertised as the “Largest In The World” is located near the campground, and Grandpa Rick and the grandchildren spent quite a bit of time splashing in the pool and careening down the water slide. The area around Wisconsin Dells is very scenic, and Rick states that he and the rest of the family enjoyed the week immensely.

Curt & Renee Larson returned home on Tuesday, August 15, at the conclusion of a 3-week trip to Norway. The first 2 weeks of their trip was an organized tour, hitting the high spots, and for the last week they visited friends and cousins on both sides of their family. Twenty-two years ago, the Larsons hosted an exchange student from Norway, Simon, and he served as their guide for their final week in Norway. Simon was 17 when he stayed in the Larson home, and he is now 39, with a wife and 2 children. Renee states that one of the highlights of the tour was finding a cousin on her Grandmother’s side of the family who is now 93 years old. Renee had an old family photograph along, and the cousin identified herself in the photo, taken 91 years ago, when she was 2 years old. Curt & Renee were enjoying themselves at the Rutland Rib Fest on Saturday, August 19, and reported that they were just about recovered from the jet lag.

Back in May it was reported in this column that Cayuga native Raymond “Randy” Kiefer had arrived in North Dakota from California, after making the trip on a bicycle. On Friday, August 18, Mr. Kiefer notified friends here that he had recently arrived back at his home in Irvine CA, also making the trip from North Dakota to California by bicycle. Here is Randy’s report:

“Greetings, after 4 months of riding and staying with friends and relatives, I am back in Irvine. My main motivation for the trip was to attend my nephew Robert’s marriage to Tina in the Minneapolis area. (Robert is the son of Randy’s sister, Paulette (Kiefer) Rousseau.) The wedding was FANTASTIC!!! They had many wonderful friends and beautiful people attending. Seriously, it was a grand affair on all fronts. I wish them well. A somewhat additional motivation was that this year is the 50th anniversary of my high school graduation from Sargent Central. (OUCH!!) A brief summary of my journey is attached. 1) After assisting my long-time neighbor and point counter-point debating friend, Jeffrey, pack for his relocation to Phoenix, on 10 April my journey started. Jeffrey dropped me in Ehrenberg, AZ, just across from Blythe, CA. 2) My first day was an easy ride with the added benefit of an overnight with cousin Judy (Isensee) and her husband Lloyd Anderson in Lake Havasu, AZ. 3) That was followed by riding through AZ, UT, CO, and WY. 4) I reached Sheridan, WY on XYZ April. There, I stayed with my niece Michele Hoistad. And I was lucky to get out of town alive… 5) Next up a social afternoon with cousin David Janisch in Gillete, WY. Thank you very much. 6) Then it was on to Britton, SD where I unexpectedly met cousin Julie Dyer (Janisch). What a pleasant addition to my ride. 7) Finally, what could be considered the ½ point on 6 May, I arrived at my sister Pamela and brother-in-law Keith Hoistad’s farm near Lisbon, ND. I was one happy rider to be at my home-away-from-home. While at the farm I punched cows, drove tractor and pick-up pulling a horse trailer, fixed and installed new fence, cut trees, mowed lawn, and had a great time eating and drinking. This was also a good time to call on my old friends, the Anderson Bros., in Rutland, and to renew connections with friends and family in Cayuga at Memorial Day Services there. 8) At this point I also attended Tina and Robert’s wedding with their friends and relatives. An occasion to remember. 8½) I joined up with my regular cycling partners, Don Isensee & Dick Reis, to reconstitute the Apple Dumpling Gang for a tour of bike trails in northern Minnesota. 9) On 23 June I was back on the road across ND & MT. In Townsend MT I had an evening beer drinking session with cousin Doug Breker. I had just briefly visited with him over Memorial Day in Cayuga. Prior to that we hadn’t connected for about 40 years. 10) From MT it was into ID for another connection with Pamela and Keith at their 8,400’ elevation cabin. Nothing like being off the grid in a hot tub with the only light being the Milky Way. I shall return. 11) Then the final leg was from Stanley ID, across the remainder of ID, across OR, and into beautiful CA, and the cool coast at Crescent City. 12) Along the coast I stopped in Redwood City for 2 nights with cousin Wayne Janisch. A warm and welcoming host. This was after his first reaction when he opened the door “you look a mess….” The second night cousin Marilyn and her husband Don were over for dinner. It is always nice to stay connected. 13) After 2 easy days I was in Monterey where again I was welcomed for 2 nights by Valentina and Stan. (I could get in the habit of sleeping in a bed…) Stan and I worked together in closing Fort Ord over 20 yrs ago. Stan seems to have job security for another 10… 14) Then on to San Luis Obispo for a train to OC on Aug 14. Total distance – a reasonable estimate is 4,600 miles. My thanks to friends and relatives who I met & visited.”  r/random/RayGeo/Rando/Skinny G.

Thanks to Randy for the report, and congratulations on successfully completing a 4,600-mile solo bike ride through the Great American West. Even John Wayne never did that! Not bad for a 68-year-old skinny kid from Cayuga.

Two Rutland stalwarts, Norbert Kulzer and Phyllis Erickson, have been patients in Fargo hospitals this week. Norbert was receiving treatment for a foot infection, and Phyllis for a fractured hip. Their many friends in Rutland wish them both a speedy recovery and return to their homes here.

A Memorial Service was held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, August 21, at Bolger Funeral Home in Fargo to honor the memory of the late Ronald Shupe, husband of former Rutland community resident Barbara (Laumb-Hoflen) Shupe. Mr. Shupe had passed away on Thursday, August 10, at Sanford Hospital in Fargo. He was 74 years old at the time of his death. Barbara Shupe’s many friends in this community extend their condolences and sympathy to her, and to the family and friends of Ronald Shupe on the occasion of his passing. Bolger funeral Home in Fargo was in charge of arrangements.

The Rooster Crows column of August 11, 2017, related some of Dean Nundahl’s memories of the old Perry Elevator being dismantled 70 years ago. Neil Herman, whose father was one of those who took the elevator down and recycled much of the lumber in it, recently posted the following reminiscence on Rutland’s internet web site at “The history of the Perry elevator was very interesting to me because I got to see Alphonse Kulzer and my dad, Meredith Herman, take it down one board at a time. They put a small bid on it and ended up getting it. I was 9 or 10 at the time and thought I was helping. They lowered the cribbing down by rope, and I untied the rope. They sold a little to cover their costs, and used the rest. Alphonse built a cattle shed on his farm, and dad built a granary and cattle barn. The granary is still being used on my dad’s old farm below the Million Dollar hill.” Thanks to Neil for the information. Neil is the 2nd of the 4 children of Meredith & Nellie Herman: Nola; Neil; Carol; and, Corrine. The Meredith & Nellie Herman farm was sold to Carl & Eleanor Malstrom in the mid 1950’s, and was subsequently owned by their son & daughter-in-law, Victor “Joe” & Janet Malstrom. The bulk of the farm, except for the site of the farmhouse, was sold to Clarence Breker in the early 1990’s, and is now owned by Joe & Patty Breker. The farmhouse site is currently owned and occupied by Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Maly. Anyway, if you ever have the urge to check out what remains of the Perry Elevator you can drive by on “The Million Dollar Hill” road and take a look at the granary. Legend has it that some of the timber from the Perry Elevator also made its way into the Rutland Town Hall.

Hard to believe it, but Summer 2017 has about a month left on the calendar. Students at Sargent Central, the successor to the Brampton, Cayuga, Cogswell, Forman, Havana and Rutland school systems, went back to school on Wednesday, August 23. Drivers are cautioned to be on the lookout for school busses picking up children in the morning and dropping them off in the afternoon from now through May. Sargent Central’s school bus drivers this year are: Carol Busche; Lenny Runyan; Scott Buckhouse; and, Trent Nelson. All are veteran drivers. Lenny Runyan has once again been assigned the route that includes Rutland, and Lenny reports that he is looking forward to another year filled with new experiences.

Lefse Lena and her crew of lefse makers have been breaking lefse production records at the Rutland Town Hall in preparation for Uff-Da Day XXXIII on Sunday, October 1. Uff-Da Day Chairperson Marcia Brakke reports that 613 lefse were produced during the 2 sessions on Tuesday, August 22, bringing the total up to 2,841 as of Tuesday evening, with 6 more lefse making sessions remaining to reach Lefse Lena’s goal of 4,500 lefse. Marcia reports that 14 students from the Lidgerwood High School’s Family Living class, along with their teacher, Becky (Evenson) Dathe of Geneseo, have volunteered to help Lefse Lena make lefse on the morning of Tuesday, August 29, and a group of lefse makers from the Havana area have volunteered to keep the lefse grills hot that evening. Lefse Lena’s last lefse making session for 2017 is scheduled for the evening of Thursday, August 31, in the kitchen of the Rutland Town Hall. Anyone who wants to help out, get in on the fun or learn how to make lefse should give Marcia a call at 763-221-7862, or stop in at the Rutland Town Hall at 9:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday or Thursday. Rutland’s 33rd Annual Uff-Da Day celebration will take place on Sunday, October 1.

Local fishing experts Roger Pearson and Mac Pherson report that the fish have been biting, but not the kind they want to catch. Sheephead and carp have been anxious to get caught, Roger states, but they are not the kind of guests you want at your dinner party. The walleyes have been scarce recently, although both Roger and Mac have heard reports that Jerry Dill’s secret fishing hole on Kraft Lake has been producing some fine catches of those prized game fish. Well, you can’t catch ‘em if you’re not out there trying.

Meanwhile, on the national scene, our President has been keeping Americans wondering whether Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde is at the helm of the Ship of State. One day he is presidential, statesmanlike and rational as he delivers an address to the nation on U. S. policy in Afghanistan, and the next day he is the raging, ranting, race-baiting taunting bully that was his primary persona throughout the 2016 campaign. Who’s going to show up for work on the day that it really counts? It’s anybody’s guess. As of Friday, August 25, the count is 31 weeks down and 177 to go until January 20, 2021. America, and the World, is holding its breath.

Well, that’s the news from Rutland for this week. For additional information about what’s going on in the little city that can, check out the community’s internet web site at, and stop by the Uff-Da Day and Rutland Facebook pages while you’re out there in cyberspace, too. Don’t forget to patronize your local Post Office, and remember to keep the pressure on the U. S. Postal Service and the North Dakota Congressional delegation to SAVE OUR POST OFFICE! Later.

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