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The Rooster Crows – November 24, 2017

Weather!  When there’s nothing else to discuss, folks can always talk about the weather.  There’s nothing that can be done about it, but talking about it diverts attention from finding real solutions for real problems, and relieves some of the guilt felt for putting off real work to worry about nonsense.  That being said, the weather has been on another roller coaster ride for the past few weeks, with highs sliding into the 20’s one day, and jumping into the 50’s the next.  This week the high was 47 on Sunday, the 19th, 51 on Monday the 20th, and 27 on Tuesday, the 21st.  Relax, though, because the mercury is predicted to hit 53 again by Friday, the 24th.  Is it global warming, global cooling, or just the normal confusion that accompanies weather conditions at the end of one season and the beginning of the next?  According to ancient myth, the legendary King Arthur of Camelot was advised by a sorcerer, Merlin, who traveled backward through time.  Merlin, it was said, remembered the future, imagined the past and didn’t have a clue about the present.  Reports from the Weather Bureau, and the White House, indicate that nothing has changed.

The 2017 North Dakota deer gun season completed its first week on Sunday, November 19, with a number of local hunters reporting success during the first 8½ days of the hunt.  Some of the marksmen from this community who have bagged there deer include: Jim Huckell; Bill Huckell; Jared Huckell with a monster whitetail buck that sported a 5X5 rack with a 23 inch spread; Jesse Brakke; Norbert Kulzer; Bryce Carlson; Mike Kulzer; and Amber Kulzer who bagged a non-typical buck with a large 4 point antler on one side and a small 3 point antler on the other.  Chuck Sundlie took a nice buck with a 5X3 non-typical rack of antlers with bow and arrow on the morning of Tuesday, November 14, while hunting near the Wyum farms northeast of town.  With a week to go until the end of the season, those hunters who still have their tags can still hope for the legendary “Tirty Point Buck” to stroll into their gunsights.

Calvin Jacobson of this community, accompanied by sons Sean, Zach, Justin & Julian, joined up with old friend and hunting companion Don Kiefer of Cayuga, and Don’s son, Justin, for several days of deer hunting in western North Dakota, in the vicinity of the communities of Rhame and Bowman.  The expedition departed Rutland early in the morning on Wednesday, November 15, and arrived back home late in the evening on Sunday, November 19.  No report of deer bagged has been received as of this writing, but the old timers usually have to show the youngsters in the group how to shoot before the hunt is over.

On Sunday, November 19,15 enthusiastic chefs-to-be completed the third of 3 sessions, held on November 5, 12 & 19, of the Rutland Community Club’s “Kids In The Kitchen” program under the supervision of Community Club director Katie McLaen.  There were 10 students in the session for kids age 7-12, and 5 “young adults” in the session for kids 13-18.  All 3 sessions for each age group were held in the Rutland Town Hall kitchen.  The following report was received from Katie McLaen.  “The participants included: Gabi Christianson; Charlize Willprecht; Brayden Siemieniewski; Tyson Siemieniewski; Maddy Erickson; Abby Erickson; Kaycee Hamilton; Brody Mahrer; Greta Bladow; Hadley Bladow; Gavin Christianson; Alexis schreiner; Josie Hamilton; Emily Hamilton; and, Hannah Siemieniewski.  This week we made “ND dirt cups” and pancakes. It was finger licking good (literally). The first week we made smoothies and monkey bread and last week we made homemade pizzas. Last week we actually gave dirt cups a go, but realized when we went to the fridge to get them out that they were still liquid because I had accidentally purchased cook and serve pudding rather than instant. Our ND DIRT was more like the MUD we had in the wet years! My helper was my daughter, Catie Claus.” Stay tuned for another Kids In The Kitchen session after the New Year.  Thanks to Katie for the report, and for the work she did to make this project a success.  Congratulations to the “Kids” on their newly acquired kitchen skills.

Speaking of the Rutland Community Club, Santa Claus has accepted the Club’s invitation to make his 72nd annual pre-Christmas visit to Rutland since the end of WW II, and the jolly old elf is coming to town on Saturday, December 9.  Santa will be stopping in at the Rutland Town Hall during the late afternoon, to have his picture taken with Rutland’s youngsters, and to pass out some gifts to those present.  He will also be present to award the Christmas turkeys donated by local Rutland businesses to the lucky winners in the community drawing.  Don’t miss it!  Santa Claus Day, Saturday, December 9, in the Rutland Town Hall.

In the “they don’t make ‘em like that any more” category, we can put Rodney Erickson’s model “A” Gleaner combine.  On the afternoon of Sunday, November 19, Norbert Kulzer, longtime dealer in Allis-Chalmers tractors, equipment, machinery, and Gleaner combines, watched Rodney give his “A” a workout on a 3-acre cornfield Rodney has on the northwest corner of town.  Norbert recalled that the combine, a 1954 model, had originally belonged to Marvin Fliehs, who farmed south of Cogswell.  Mr. Fliehs had traded the A in on a C-II Gleaner that had originally belonged to Price Gulleson of this community in the early 70’s.  Mr. Fliehs had kept the A in excellent condition throughout his ownership, and when Raymond Erickson, Rodney’s grandfather, saw the machine on Norbert’s lot, he bought it on the spot.  It was the primary instrument used for harvesting crops on the Erickson farm for many years after that.  Rodney acquired the combine after Raymond’s death in 2013, and went through it from end to end, much as he had done with the Rutland Elevator, to get it back into tip-top operating condition.  Rodney reports that all was going well, and he had about 150 bushels of corn harvested when the chain that drives the 2 row corn head jumped off the sprocket to end harvest operations for the day.  He expects to have the chain repaired and be back in operation to complete the harvest by the afternoon of Monday, November 20.  One of the problems Rodney encountered was finding other equipment small enough to be used with the A, but he states that Denny Pherson lent him a gravity box that is mounted on the chassis of the old Rutland Fire Truck, and that is just low enough so the unloading auger on the A can clear the top of the box to unload the corn in the combine’s hopper.

Rodney Erickson also reports that corn harvest is nearing completion in the Rutland area, and will probably be done about the time that he gets his 3 acre field combined.  Rodney reports that the Wheaton-Dumont Co-op’s grain handling facilities are full, and that newly harvested corn that is delivered to the Rutland Elevator is being stored in a pile on the south side of town.  According to Rodney, there are “somewhere between one thousand and one million bushels in the pile” as of Monday November 20.  The pile will be picked up and delivered to the Co-op’s unit train loading facility in Britton SD as grain cars are made available.  Although prices are not as good as producers, or their bankers, would like, the yield of all 3 of the main crops grown here: wheat; soybeans; and, corn; were extremely good, far exceeding expectations, despite the drought experienced in this area throughout most of the past Summer.

Kevin Maly of M & S Construction was at work on Rutland Housing’s 6-plex apartment house at 204 Dakota Street on Monday, November 20, removing the old exterior Masonite siding in preparation for the installation of new “Smart Siding” to the structure.  The new siding will look much the same as the siding that was applied to Rutland Housing’s apartment house at 207 First (Main) Street a year ago.  Mr. Maly had replaced the exterior doors on the east and west entrances to the Dakota Street building a few weeks ago.  This is the latest in a series of improvements that have been made to Rutland Housing’s 3 apartment houses in Rutland since 2015.

The Rutland Senior Citizens have been making some improvements to their building at 109 First Street, too.  Jerry Sapa was at work installing a new kitchen entrance door on the east side of the building on the morning of Monday, November 20.  The new door will have a window in it, an improvement much appreciated by the Seniors’ cook, Janet Kiefer, and by the industrious Rutland Senior Citizens lefse makers who have been producing homemade lefse for the holidays.  To inquire about purchasing lefse from the Rutland Senior Citizens, call 724-4074 and visit with Janet.

Mitch Mahrer, Kyle Mahrer & Mike Mahrer of this community returned to Rutland on the evening of Monday, November 20, after spending a week hunting whitetail deer in the woods and bluegrass pastures of Kentucky with old friends Tommy & Rosemary Jones.  The hunting was good, they report.

Paul Anderson drove to Bismarck on Monday, November 20, to participate in a meeting with ND Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goring.  The purpose of the meeting was to allocate money appropriated by the 2017 Legislature for the promotion and development of the grape growing and wine-making enterprises in North Dakota.

Meanwhile, on the national scene, male political and media figures are toppling like dominos as female accusers come out of the woodwork to level accusations of sexual assault, abuse and oppression.  The President is so busy tweeting about the difficulties of others that he thinks no one remembers the 12 women who have accused him of these same offenses, as well.  A tax cut for Christmas has been promised by the Prez, and if it comes to pass it will be all his doing, but if the Congress doesn’t deliver, it will be Sen. Mitch McConnel’s fault.  Just listen to the tweets.  As of Friday, November 24, there are 44 weeks down and only 164 weeks to go until January 20, 2020.  Oh, the anticipation!

That’s the news from Rutland for this week.  For additional information about what’s going on in the little city that can, stop by the community’s internet web site at, and check out the Rutland Facebook page while you’re at it, too.  Don’t forget to patronize your local Post Office, and remember to keep the pressure on the U. S. Postal Service and the North Dakota Congressional delegation to SAVE OUR POST OFFICE!  Later.

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