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The Rooster Crows – January 15, 2016

The mercury plummeted below the zero mark for 5 mornings in a row, from Friday, January 8, to Tuesday, January 12, when it bottomed out at 10 below.  Temperatures bounced back up into the 20’s on Wednesday, January 13, but another plunge, this one as deep as 20 to 30 below zero, is predicted for the coming weekend.  This is still North Dakota, and it is January, after all.

Steve Lervik of Dickinson, State Director of the Multi-Family Housing program for the U. S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Agency, and Michelle Laske of the Agency’s Valley City office, met with the Board of Directors of Rutland Housing Inc. at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 6, at Rutland Housing’s office in the 6-plex at 204 Dakota Street.  Mr. Lervik reviewed management issues with the Board, and approved the appointment of Board member Bert Siemieniewski to serve as interim manager of Rutland Housing’s 3 apartment houses in Rutland.  Mr. Lervik and Ms. Laske also checked on progress that is being made on the replacement of the heating systems in Units #1 & #2, the 4-plexes that are situated at 207 First Street and 316 Ross Street.  Mr. Lervik commended the Board for keeping the bills paid and the corporation going through a rough period.  Now that a manager has been approved, Rutland Housing will again be able to process applications from prospective tenants and to file reports using Rural Developments electronic data filing system.  This was Mr. Lervik’s first visit to Rutland, and he stated that he is looking forward to working with Rutland Housing in the future.  Rutland Housing, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that was formed by the Rutland community back in 1971, to provide housing for low income and elderly residents of the community.  The original Directors were: Norbert Kulzer; Earl Anderson; Aldon Donaldson; Rudy Anderson; and, Skip Sjothun.  Current members of the Board of Directors are: Delores Lysne, President; Bill Anderson, Vice-President; Carolyn Christensen, Secretary; and, Bert Siemieniewski, Treasurer.

The Laurie Greene Benefit that will be held from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 16, in the Rutland Town Hall is ready for a big day, according to Shawna Bergh, Laurie’s daughter and one of the organizers of the event.  Laurie has been battling cancer, and the purpose of the benefit is to help with some of the extra expenses that are not covered by insurance.  Laurie has been undergoing a series of chemotherapy treatments to combat the cancer.  The benefit will begin at 3:00 with a bake sale, raffles and silent auction.  At 5:00 a free-will dinner of turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings will be served, while the auction, raffles and other activities will continue until the 7:00 p.m. conclusion.  Laurie and her husband, Craig Greene, formerly resided at 115 Forest Street, in the house now owned and occupied by Shawna and Nate Bergh.  Laurie & Craig currently reside in Havana, and Craig is employed at the Bobcat factory in Gwinner. Read More »

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2016 Recycling and Holiday Schedule

Following is the 2016 Recycling Calendar and the Holiday Schedule for Waste Management service in Rutland.   Recycling is on Week 3, Red Week on Tuesdays.

WM 2016 Recycling Schedule

WM 2016 Holiday Schedule




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The Rooster Crows – January 8, 2016

The first week of the New Year has been accompanied by mild temperatures, mostly in the teens and 20’s, but occasionally bumping up over the 30 mark, with a few bright and sunny days interspersed with a few days of fog and overcast to accommodate those who prefer gloomy conditions during the depths of winter.  Ice fishermen have been divided in their opinions about the safety of venturing out onto the ice on area lakes.  The cautious ones have not yet tried their luck, waiting for some colder weather to thicken the ice, while the more adventurous anglers, those who said “The ice is plenty thick.  I’m going out!” have not been heard from since.  Careful observers can draw their own conclusions.

The 2015 North Dakota Pheasant Hunting Season ended at sundown on Sunday, January 3, and the mild conditions that prevailed for the last half of December and through the first few days of the New Year, provided those ambitious enough to go afield with some excellent winter hunting opportunities in the Rutland area.  Dan Klug and son, Brendan, of West Fargo were in Rutland on the morning of Tuesday, December 29, to get in on some late season pheasant hunting with old friends and Bobcat Company co-workers Paul Anderson and Bryce Carlson of this community.  The 4 were joined by Jesse Brakke of Ransom Township, by Jesse’s English Setter, Rosie, and by Bryce’s German Shorthair Pointer, Timber.  The hunters walked several areas of CRP between Rutland and Cayuga, and as is normal during winter hunts, saw large flocks of pheasants get up ahead of them, well out of shotgun range.  According to a report from Paul, without the dogs there would have been no pheasants.  As it was, the 5 hunters bagged 10 roosters.  The birds held so tight in the grass and snow that the hunters would have walked right past them if the dogs hadn’t pointed the birds and then flushed them from cover.  A hunt made both successful and more enjoyable by the efforts of 2 of man’s best friends.

Tim & Julia Honchl of Yellow Springs, Ohio, arrived in Rutland on the morning of Wednesday, December 30, for a visit with Tim’s maternal grandmother, Violet Wyum, and with his uncles & aunts: Steve & Sheila Wyum; Mike & Phyllis Wyum; and, Mark & Kathy Wyum.  Tim & Julia were married in Kentucky at the beginning of October, and combined their honeymoon in Puerto Rico with a 2-month course in organic agriculture.  Since leaving Puerto Rico at the beginning of December they have been touring the United States on AMTRAK’s rail passenger trains.  The Honchls boarded the AMTRAK train at Fargo on January 2, bound for their home in Ohio where they operate a Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA) organic vegetable farm.  Tim’s mother, Wendy Sue Honchl, is the only daughter and the youngest child of Violet Wyum and the late Robert Wyum of this community.  Wendy and her husband reside at Lisbon, Maryland, where she is employed in a major medical facility. Read More »

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Rutland City Council Agenda

City of Rutland, January 4, 2016, Meeting Agenda
(Agenda is subject to change)

  1. Call to Order
  2. Additions to/Approval of agenda
  3. Approval of December minutes
  4. Public comments, if any
  5. New business
    1. Sargent County Water Board – 5:15 p.m. – The Chair and members of the Sargent County Water Board will be present to discuss Drain 8 with the Council.  The Ransom and Rutland Township Boards and individuals impacted by changes to the Drain are also invited to attend the meeting.
    2. Depository Designation:  The City Council is required by law, in January of even-numbered years, to designate depositories of public funds which meet the pledge of security requirements.  Action: That the Rutland City Council designate the Sargent County Bank as the depository for City of Rutland funds.
    3. Laboratory Services Contract:  Action: Approve the contract with the North Dakota Department of Health for chemical and radiological analyses required for compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and clean Water Act for calendar year 2016.
    4. Kitchen Stove
  1. Old/Unfinished Business
    1. TAP Grant Application Update
  1. Financial Report
    1. December 2015 Cash Balances Report
    2. December Revenue and Expenditure Reports
    3. Presentation and approval of bills
    4. Collections/Delinquents Report
    5. Auditor Report
  1. Communications from the Mayor
  2. Announcements
  3. Adjournment

Next City Council Meeting, Monday, February 1, 2016, 5:00 p.m.

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The Rooster Crows – January 1, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Poor old 2015, battered, beaten, bruised and bloodied, staggered off the stage at the stroke of Midnight on December 31, and was replaced by fresh-faced, optimistic and energetic 2016, the year that will finally bring peace, prosperity and personal fulfillment to this old Earth. 2016 did not have to campaign very hard to replace 2015. Tired old 2015 was ready to throw in the towel. But 2016 has made a lot of promises, and we can only hope that it is the year that will finally deliver. Whether it can succeed where all but a few of the preceding 2,015 have failed remains to be seen. We won’t know until 2017 arrives. Check back at that time, and we’ll compare notes on 2016’s performance.

Mother Nature provided a fresh snow cover for Rutland and vicinity on Saturday, December 26, but only an inch or two, nothing like the 10 to 12 inches of new snow that the same storm system dumped on areas of South Dakota. Norbert and Beverly Kulzer had spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the homes of their sons’ families at Brandon & Hartford SD, near Sioux Falls, and Norbert reports that they headed for home at about 5:00 in the afternoon on Christmas Day, just ahead of the snowstorm, and arrived at their home in Rutland just as the snow was beginning to fall here. “Timing is everything,” says Norbert.

Friends here were saddened this week when word was received that Rutland native Donald Leroy Franzen had departed this life on Tuesday, December 22, 2015, at Presbyterian Nursing Home in Fulton MO at 89 years of age. Additional information about Don will appear in next week’s column. A Spring funeral service in Britton SD is being planned by the family. Price Funeral Chapel, formerly Franzen Funeral Chapel, of Britton will be in charge of arrangements. The Rutland community extends its sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Don Franzen, an old friend who never forgot his roots, and who assisted many through difficult times. Read More »

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