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The Rooster Crows – August 18, 2017

The weatherman must have read the advertising slogan on a box of Morton’s Salt this past Saturday and Sunday, August 12 & 13, “When It Rains, It Pours!”  The rain started at about 3:00 on Saturday afternoon and settled in for a steady rain until about 9:30 on Sunday morning.  When it stopped, Paul Anderson’s electronic rain gauge registered 3.25 inches of precipitation, the biggest rainfall all year.  Neighbors to the south, though, believe that when you break a drought there should be no doubt, and over 6 inches of rain was reported from Havana all the way along the north slope of the Coteau des Prairies hills, an area that has gotten short changed in the rainfall department throughout the Summer, until now.  The rain was very welcome, and no complaints were heard from any quarters.  Lyle Erickson reported on Sunday morning that, “My corn is smiling from ear to ear.”  Lyle had a smile to match.  More rain arrived in the form of drizzles, mists and sprinkles that started on the evening of Tuesday, August 15, and continued on into Wednesday morning.  No official rainfall amounts were available as of 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, but the unofficial reports, also known as guesses, were that another .1 to .2 had been received.  The Assembled Wise Men are of the opinion that North Dakota is like dehydrated prosperity.  All you have to do is add water!

Norbert Kulzer checked in at Sanford Hospital in Fargo on Monday, August 6, after the respiratory ailment that has plagued him all Summer flared up again.  He received continuous treatment until Thursday afternoon, August 10, when he was released and headed for home. Norbert reported that he feels better, but the doctors at Sanford told him that he might feel the effects of the ailment, and of the treatment, for the next 4 to 6 weeks.  His many friends here extend him a hearty “Welcome Home!”  The discussions of The Assembled Wise Men are not nearly as stimulating when the head Wise Man is among the missing. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – August 11, 2017

“Every day that it doesn’t rain is one day closer to the day that it will,” the Old Timers used to say, and, by golly, they were right! Last week’s comments and complaints about the drought afflicting this area had scarcely been written when rain began falling on Rutland during the afternoon and evening of Wednesday, August 2.  Paul Anderson’s electronic precipitation measuring device at 309 Gay Street recorded .44 of an inch by Thursday morning; Mike Walstead reported .45 of an inch in his rain gauge on his farm 5 miles west of Rutland; Mike Anderson’s gauge 3½ miles east & 2½ miles north of town showed .35 of an inch; The gauge on the Harvey & Judy Bergstrom farm 6 miles east and 1 mile south of Rutland recorded .66 of an inch; and, Terry Dusek of the 1st National, Now Sargent County, Bank in Milnor, where every time it rains it rains pennies from Heaven, reported that his gauge showed .65 of an inch on Thursday morning. It’s not enough to declare the drought at an end, but it is enough to keep the growing season going for corn and soybean crops throughout the area.

Rutland native Anthony “Bud” Gast, now a resident of Security CO, near Colorado Springs CO, and his younger sister, Cecelia Gast of Fargo, accompanied their nephew, Ben Kessel, on a trip to visit their old home town on Wednesday, August 2. Bud grew up on the family farm east of Rutland, and was a member of RHS Class of ’60. Cecelia would have been in the Class of ’64, but the Gast family moved to Fargo in 1960, and she completed her high school education at Shanley High. Bud served in the U. S. Army for 21 years and retired at Colorado Springs in 1982. Following his Army service, he worked on construction for a year, and then worked for the Colorado Springs School System for another 21 years before retiring full time. He had flown up to Fargo last week to be with the family of his sister, Jeanne Kessel, who had passed away on July 25, and he was planning to go back to Colorado on Friday, August 4. Bud reports that his son just retired from the Army after 27 years of service, including 6 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and now makes his home in Colorado Springs, as well. Bud also has a daughter who lives in upstate New York. Bud states that he and his wife, June, have 17 great-grandchildren. He stated that he wanted to see the Rutland Veterans’ Memorial, on which his name appears, and he was impressed by the simple elegance of the monument. Although he was tempted, Bud said that he did refrain from leaving his footprints in the fresh cement in front of the Town Hall. He intends to make plans to come back to North Dakota to spend more time visiting old friends at sometime in the near future, and he extends greetings to all of his friends and classmates from the Rutland community. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – August 4, 2017

Well, maybe it really is a drought! The .05 of an inch of precipitation that fell on Rutland on Sunday evening, July 30, hardly qualified as a rain, or even as a heavy dew, but it’s all we got so we might as well brag about it. The dry weather has been welcomed by those with wheat fields to harvest, though, and the combines have been rolling throughout Sargent County this week. Reports of yield and quality are running from good to outstanding, and the market price of wheat has been the one bright spot in the commodity markets lately. Reliable definite bushel per acre figures have been difficult to obtain, however. One local wheat producer reported that he arrived in town late one morning and was unable to join in the discussion of wheat yields then in progress because, “All of the good numbers were already taken.” Just goes to show that you still have to get up early in the morning to be a success around here.

Maguire Iron of Sioux Falls SD had a crew in town to do regular maintenance and cleaning on the municipal water tower on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 25. They found the tower and tank to be in good shape, the result of regular maintenance by City Dads & Moms during the 63 years since the water system was installed and the water tower constructed back in 1954. Mayor Narum reported that there was a brief interruption in water service when the tank was drained for inspection, but regular water pressure was restored within 15 minutes, a small inconvenience to ensure a reliable supply of good water.

The members of Bergman-Evenson Post #215 of the American Legion met at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 26, in the American Legion Hall/Rutland Fitness Center. The Adjutants report indicated that approximately $2,300 was on hand for Post activities in the community. Two new members have joined the Post since the membership drive commenced at the end of June, and several other potential members have been contacted, Commander Christensen reported. Members voted to contribute $200 to the Lidgerwood Babe Ruth Baseball Program to help defray the team’s expenses while attending the State Babe Ruth Baseball Tournament in Thompson ND on Friday & Saturday, July 28 & 29. A new sidewalk and ramp to the front door of the Legion Hall has been installed, replacing the old sidewalk and step that were becoming dangerous, and the Post will have new handrails installed prior to Uff-Da Day on October 1. Plans to conduct meat raffles as fund raisers have been put on hold. A note from Miss Hannah Siemieniewski thanking Post members for their assistance with her trip to Music Camp at the International Peace Garden earlier this Summer had been received, reported Commander Christensen. The next meeting of Post #215 will be held at the call of the Commander. Current officers of Post #215 are: Commander, Larry Christensen; Vice-Commander, Tom Manley; Adjutant, Douglas Olstad; Chaplain, Theodore Lee; and, Sergeant at Arms, Calvin Jacobson. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – July 28, 2017

The Rainfall this past week has been of the “hit and miss” variety, mostly miss with just enough hit to keep the crop, and hope, alive. The thunderstorm that rolled through on Friday night and early Saturday morning, July 21 & 22, left about ¼ inch in Rutland, .4 at the Mike Anderson farm northeast of town, .7 at Kurt Breker’s farm 1 mile south of Cayuga and 1½ inch at the Harvey Bergstrom farm 2½ miles south of Cayuga. Cam Gulleson reports that he checked a rain gauge 4 miles east of Rutland that had 1.75 inch of rain in it on Saturday morning, while Harvey Bergstrom reported that there was no rain at all on the fields he farms in Shuman Township 2 miles north of Cayuga. The quarter of an inch here in Rutland brought the total for the week of July 14-21 up to somewhere between .9 and even 1 inch, depending on whose rain gauge was checked. Just remember that an inch of rain is the equivalent of approximately 12 inches of snow, so be happy that it’s July and not January.

Steve & DeeAnn (Breker) Paulson of Austin TX were visitors in the Rutland and Cayuga communities during the week of July 15-22. The Paulsons visited friends and family here throughout the week, and departed for their home in the Lone Star State on Saturday, July 22, in the company of their great-nephew, 7-year-old Drew Kiefer of Dallas TX. Drew had been visiting at the home of his grandparents, Cliff & Janny (Breker) Kiefer, for a couple of weeks. DeeAnn’s fellow students from her days at RHS and SCHS remember her musical ability, and her willingness to put that ability to work. During her Sophomore and Junior years at RHS she was the de facto head of the school’s music program and leader of the Rutland High School Band. She translated her musical talent into a successful career as a music teacher in schools from Hankinson ND to Austin TX, where she & Steve still make their home. Steve, a native of Hankinson, had a successful career as an engineer for the 3M Company.

Several boys from Rutland have been playing Babe Ruth American Legion baseball at Lidgerwood this Summer, and on Friday, July 21, the Lidgerwood team captured the District Championship by defeating the team from Casselton in a hard-fought contest. Boys from the Rutland community on the team include: Gaven Christianson; Landon Lysne; Austin Willprecht; Fletcher Willprecht; and, Logan Wyum. The boys will be playing in the North Dakota State Babe Ruth Tournament in Thompson ND on Friday & Saturday, July 28 & 29. The Rutland community extends congratulations to the Lidgerwood team & coaching staff; and to Gaven, Landon, Austin, Fletcher & Logan on their achievement, and thanks them for keeping the baseball tradition of the Rutland Roosters alive and well. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – July 21, 2017

The “Death By Drought” sentence was commuted, temporarily, when a life saving rain arrived in the nick of time on the morning of Tuesday, July 18. Paul Anderson’s electronic rain gauge in his backyard at 309 Gay Street recorded .45 of an inch, and Jesse Brakke’s electronic gauge along Highway #11 between Rutland & Cayuga indicated .6 of an inch. Mike walstead stated that the rain gauge on his farm in Rutland Township showed just a little over .45 of an inch, but Mike said, I need rain so bad that I’m calling it half an inch!” The same rainstorm dropped 1½ inch of rain at Wahpeton, but only .35 of an inch at the farm of Sargent County Highway Engineer Jesse Sedler near Great Bend. The rain does fall on the just and the unjust, alike, but not always in the same amount.

Rodney Erickson reports that he was up in the Devils Lake region of North Dakota recently, performing aerial application of ag-chemicals to farm fields near Leeds and Lakota. Rodney states that there is a marked contrast between the excessively Wet conditions in northeast North Dakota & northwest Minnesota, and the drought that has been afflicting the rest of the region. He reports that Devils Lake, after receding from its high water line and giving back some farmland in recent years, put it all back under water this past Spring as the result of heavy snow last winter and big rains this spring. There are some who draw comfort from the fact that, although it’s too wet in the northeast and too dry in the southeast, on the average it’s just right! Read More »

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