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The Rooster Crows – October 3, 2014

Here it is, the 30th Annual Uff-Da Day in Rutland, coming up this Sunday, October 5.  There has been some concern expressed about the weather, but, the old saying is, “The Sun always shines in Rutland, even when it’s raining!” and this year will be no exception.   Rain or shine; warm, cold or comfortable; the show must go on!  Uff-Da Day will begin with the 5th Annual Uff-Da Day 5k Run/Walk, commencing at the intersection of First and Cooper Streets (County #10 and #3) at 9:00 a.m. followed by the opening of the craft booths by 10:00 a.m.  Demonstrations, food stands and dinner at the Rutland Town Hall are all scheduled to start at 11:00 a.m.  At 1:00 p.m. the Uff-Da Day Parade will be stepping off at its assembly area on Dakota Street with the music of the Aberdeen Pipe & Drum Bagpipe Band filling the air, and the Kids Pedal Tractor Pull is scheduled to take place on Main Street right after the parade, at about 2:00 p.m.  There will also be one of the best antique and classic car shows in the region, horse drawn wagon and buggy rides throughout the day, as well as inflatable games for the kids.  Demonstrations of pioneer crafts will be going on throughout the day, including a demonstration of how to bake bread in a wood-fired cookstove by Maudie, the cook, in the Pioneer House on Main Street.  Lefse Lena and the Rommegrot Queen will be on hand at the Senior’s Center to show folks how to create those Scandinavian staples the old-fashioned way, the way Grandma made them.  Over in the Rutland Fire Hall, the Park Board will be serving up Uff-Da Tacos, something that Grandma and Grandpa never heard of, but which they would wish that they had.  Visitors can pick up a free copy of the 2014 issue of The Rutland Leader that contains more information about Uff-Da Day activities and events, as well as local history.  Uff-Da Day chairperson Lori McLaen invites everyone who enjoys good food, good friends and a good time to come on over to Rutland on Sunday, October 5, for Uff-Da Day XXX.  Uff-Da Day XXXI is scheduled for the first Sunday in October, 2015.

Paul Anderson took in the annual “Grape Stomp” at Red Trail Vineyard and Winery in Buffalo ND on Saturday, September 27.   Paul is a past president of the North Dakota Grape & Wine Association, and is currently serving as secretary of that organization.  The Association has been working to develop winter-hardy grape varieties, and to establish grape and wine production as a viable part of North Dakota’s agricultural economy.  Prairiewood Winery of Elliot ND will be hosting a wine-tasting event featuring several varieties of wines produced from grapes grown at that enterprise’s Ransom County vineyard on the porch at The Old Parsonage on Uff-Da Day, Sunday, October 5.

Two of Rutland’s stalwarts, Dick Anderson and Andy Hoflen, have been patients in different hospitals together this week.  Dick went to St. Francis Hospital in Breckenridge on Thursday, September 25, complaining of shortness of breath and a rapid heartbeat.  The diagnosis was pneumonia, and Dick was transferred to Essentia Hospital in Fargo on Saturday. He reported on Monday that he was much improved, but that he would remain in the Hospital for a while, until the last vestiges of the pneumonia were knocked out.  Andy was taken to the Oakes Hospital on Thursday morning, September 25, with severe abdominal pain.  His condition was diagnosed at Oakes, and he was immediately transferred to Sanford Hospital in Fargo for surgery.  Andy expects to be in the Hospital for several more days, although his doctors have informed him that his recovery is already well ahead of schedule.  Dick’s and Andy’s many friends here wish them both a speedy recovery, and a quick return home. Read More »

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30th Annual Uffda Day!

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The Rooster Crows – September 26, 2014

The pleasant, late Summer/early autumn weather Rutland has been experiencing this month was interrupted, briefly, on the afternoon of Saturday, September 20, by a thunderstorm that barreled through with speed, violence, wind and rain.  The day had begun like the days preceding it, warm and sunny, but a cold front rushed across the area in the early afternoon, bringing with it a line of thunderstorms that brought a hard-driven rain to most of Sargent County, with reports of hail in the Havana area and a possible tornado sighting northwest of that community.  In Rutland, rain gauge measurements varied from .3 of an inch at Norbert Kulzer’s back yard, to .5 of an inch at Andy Hoflen’s farm and .75 in Jesse Brakke’s rain gauge between Rutland and Cayuga.  The rain came hard, fast and horizontally, and was over almost as fast as it had started.  The air behind the front was cooler and drier, making Sunday one of those beautiful days that make a person willing to live through the other 364 days in the year just to experience it.

Ryan Taylor, candidate for North Dakota Commissioner of Agriculture, and Jason Astrop, candidate for North Dakota Tax Commissioner, were the featured speakers at the 26th District Democratic-NPL Campaign Rally held at Lisbon on the evening of Wednesday, September 17. A crowd of about 60 gathered in the Gazebo at the North Dakota Veterans Home to enjoy a picnic supper of burgers, beans and bars, and to enjoy the music of the popular local band, Raw Sugar, prior to hearing from the candidates.  State Sen. Jim Dotzenrod and Representatives Jerry Kelsh and Bill Amerman also addressed the assembly.  A pie auction and other donations netted about $2,500 for the 2014 campaign, reports 26th District Chairman Paul Anderson of Rutland.  Other local folks attending the rally included Mark & Kathy Wyum, Duane & Sharon Lock, Orville Nelson, Steve & Sheila Wyum and Bill Anderson.

Two popular young people of this community, Hailey Hamilton, daughter of Kenny & Tanya Hamilton, and Kian McKibben, son of Rebecca & Brad Christensen, were elected Sargent Central Homecoming Queen and King on Wednesday, September 17.  Hailey is also the reigning Miss Rutland 2014, so she presides over a vast and expanding realm.  Yesterday, Rutland.  Today, Sargent Central.  Tomorrow, the World!  Congratulations to Hailey and to Kian on the recognition awarded to them by their fellow students.  Kian is also a member of the Sargent Central Cadets football team.  Hailey is not a member of the football team, but she is an accomplished musician and is a member of the Sargent Central Cadets choir. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – September 19, 2014

Four Thousand Three Hundred!!  The lefse count stood at 4,300, even, when Lefse Lena and her hard working crew finally stood down on the evening of Tuesday, September 16, according to lefse production coordinators Janice Christensen and Dianna Anderson.  In 14 sessions, the lefse crews averaged more than 300 lefse per session, not counting the “mistakes” which had to be consumed on the spot.  On Tuesday morning, September 16, Lefse Lena got some reinforcements when 6 High School Seniors from Lidgerwood High School came over to lend a helping hand and learn the art of lefse making.  The Lidgerwood High Independent Living class, consisting of: Kallen Jorgenson; David Novotony; Zach Frank; Jared Soreson; Seth Harles; and, Chase Heley; accompanied by their teacher Mrs. Rebecca Dathe, spent the morning with lefse turning sticks and rolling pins in their hands, and helped to roll out another 25 dozen lefse for Rutland’s 30th Annual Uff-Da Day on Sunday, October 5.  The regulars on the Tuesday morning lefse crew reported that the students did a great job, and that it was a real pleasure to have them come in and help out.  According to Mrs. Dathe, the boys had a great time, “…and they got fed royally, too.”  This same group of boys came over to help make krumkake 2 years ago, when they were Sophomores, reported Mrs. Dathe, and their first question when classes started this year was, “Do we get to go to Rutland, again?”  The answer was, “Yes!”  Lidgerwood High School’s Sophomore Independent Living class is also planning a trip to Rutland to help with sandbakkel production next week.  Mrs. Dathe and her husband, Donald, live on the family farm near the North Dakota-South Dakota State Line, south of Geneseo.

David & Patty Bladow took a short, late summer vacation trip over the September 5 weekend, with their first stop at Watertown SD on Friday to take in the antique and classic car show.  Pat states that more than 400 beautifully maintained, restored or modified automobiles were on display.  David & Pat have organized Rutland’s Uff-Da Day car show since it started, and they ran into many old friends at the Watertown show.  Rutland native Glen Larson (RHS Class of ’60) makes his home in Watertown and has frequently displayed autos he has restored in the Watertown car show, as well as at Rutland’s Uff-Da Day event.  Glen got his start restoring old cars out of necessity, by resuscitating and resurrecting his old ’49 Pontiac from the dead on several occasions back in his high school days, gaining valuable experience in the process.  Pat states that she was impressed by the friendly, welcoming business places in Watertown.  The Bladows then drove up the Red River corridor to the northeastern corner of North Dakota and a tour of the spectacular Pembina Gorge.  Finally a stop in Devils Lake ND, a city which Pat found to be nice, but unimpressive, brought their tour to its close.  They arrived home on the evening of Tuesday, September 9.  Pat stated that she had fun stopping at every fabric store on their route, shopping for hard to find fabrics requested by her many quilting friends.  Being a persistent shopper, she found some, too.

A meteor shower lit up the night sky at about 1:30 on the morning of Saturday, September 13.  Mac Pherson reports that there were at least 2 large, brilliant meteors that crossed the northeastern sky.  The ancients used to hold that the appearance of meteors, also called “shooting stars,” in the sky was a portent of significant events to come.  According to the coffee counter commentators, the fact that Mac was up and about at 1:30 in the morning was a pretty significant event in itself. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – September 12, 2014

The calendar says that autumn will arrive on September 21, but Mother Nature says different.  The Canadian cold front that moved through this area on Monday night and Tuesday morning, September 8 & 9, brought with it the the declaration that summer, short as it was, is over, and Autumn has taken its place.  Tuesday morning’s temperature was in the upper 40’s, so a frost is still in the future, but those hazy, lazy, crazy days of Summer are gone, gone, gone.

Riley Bros. Construction of Morris MN completed the bridge replacement by Darren Hoistad’s southwest of Rutland on County #5 on Thursday, August 28.  The company’s well trained and experienced crew of workmen replaced the old, timber frame bridge with 2 7’ X 10’ concrete box culverts, raised the road grade at the site by 1 foot, and did some bank repair and stabilization work at the site.  When the old bridge timbers were removed, it was apparent that they were badly deteriorated and that the replacement was needed.  The old bridge had done its job for the better part of a century.  The new concrete box culverts should last somewhat longer.  The William Scepaniak Company of Holdingford MN began work preparing 13 miles of County #5, from County #10 south of Rutland to County #4 at Brampton, for a new gravel overlay.  The Scepaniak Company is purchasing gravel for the project from Bernard Mahrer Construction Co. of Rutland.  The contract provisions call for the company to pull in the shoulders, shape the top of the road and apply 1,500 tons of ND Class 13 gravel per mile to the road surface.  This is the first time that the County Road Department has let a formal contract for graveling in more than a decade, so it will be interesting to see if the result is any different than the more informal method of hiring graveling contractors that has been the practice for many years.

Local heating, plumbing and excavating contractor Calvin Jacobson had experienced some episodes of dizziness this summer, and underwent a surgical procedure on Wednesday, September 3, to relieve pressure from an inner ear infection that had affected his hearing and balance. After a couple of days of light duty, Cal was back on the job and doing well.  According to Calvin, the pressure in his inner ear gave him the misery of a hangover without any of the fun of the night before.  Not that Calvin has had any experience with such things, but he has friends and cousins who have described the phenomena to him. Read More »

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