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The Rooster Crows – April 24, 2015

And the rains came, but not too much.  Light rain began falling on the evening of Saturday, April 18, and continued on into Sunday morning.  According to reports heard around The Round Table on Sunday morning, amounts varied from .33 to .5 inch in Rutland, with Jim Lunneborg’s gauge showing a “strong half inch,” at his farm in Shuman Township.  Roger Pearson’s rain gauge on the east side of Rutland indicated half an inch, he reported, although he disclosed that the measurement may not be 100% accurate because there was also a small, dry twig that had been blown into the gauge that may have soaked up some of the precipitation before Roger checked the amount on Sunday morning.  Paul Anderson’s rain gauge, a block west of Roger’s, showed only .33 of an inch, and Jesse Brakke reported that his electronic, computer monitored, continuous flow gauge recorded about .3 of an inch at his farmstead up along Highway #11, between Rutland and Cayuga.  More rain is needed, and soon, but last weekend’s rainfall was a welcome reminder that Mother Nature has not forgotten how to make it happen.

Mother Nature has not forgotten how to make water freeze, either, and proved the point on the mornings of Tuesday & Wednesday, April 21 & 22, by dropping the temperature into the 20’s in the Rutland area.  Many trees had already begun to leaf out, and it is likely that they will have to make a second effort at that activity when warm weather returns with the plumber, sometime next week.

Dry conditions, low corn prices and high input costs are making some changes in cropping practices this spring.  When all is said and done, it is very likely that Spring Wheat acres will be up, considerably, from the average of recent years, and that Sargent County will experience a sizable decrease in the number of acres planted to corn.  Andrew, Jerry & Bill Woytassek report that they have been planting wheat this spring, for the first time in a decade.  Reports have been circulating at The Round Table to the effect that local seed dealers have sold considerably more wheat seed this spring than in recent years, and are running short.  The old saying is, “The cure for low prices is low prices,” meaning that when there is no profit to be made by growing a certain commodity, farmers will decrease the acreage devoted to that commodity, produce less, diminish the supply and, eventually, strengthen the price again.  Right now, there is not much profit to be seen in any crop, but corn is the weakest and will likely see the largest decrease in the number of acres planted. Read More »

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Veterans Memorial Dedication and Book

The Rutland American Legion Auxiliary is planning a dedication of the Rutland Veterans Memorial on Flag Day, June 14, at 2:00 p.m. There will be several guest speakers at the event.

The Auxiliary is compiling a directory of all the Veterans listed on the Rutland Veterans Memorial. The information will include a photograph, if available, along with service information for each Veteran. The Auxiliary has information on many Veterans but is missing many more. They would like a photograph, unit and years of service, and any other information on their service that you would like to submit for consideration. The Auxiliary is on a tight schedule so information would be appreciated by May 1. Submissions can be sent to the City of Rutland at and the information will be sent to the compiler. If you or someone you know is listed on the Veterans Memorial, please send in your information by May 1 to be included.  Cost of the book will be announced at a future date.

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Sargent County FIRE DANGER RATING FOR Wednesday APRIL 21, 2015



This ban is in effect due to the ND governor’s executive order dated April 1st, 2015

Ratings of HIGH  –  VERY HIGH  –  EXTREME  –  and RED FLAG WARNING have a  NO BURNING  allowed

First offense is a Class B misdemeanor:  up to 30 days in jail and a $1,500.00 fine.

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Rutland Rockets Sale and More

Stop by Rutland on Saturday, May 2, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. for the Rutland Rockets Relay for Life Team rummage sale, bake sale and scalloped potato dinner.  The event will be held at the Nordland Lutheran Parish Hall.  Dinner will be served from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. or until gone.  Rummage, baked goods and monetary donations welcome!  Rummage sale items should be clean and in good repair. The flyer with details is also in our Events listing.

All proceeds go to the Sargent County Relay for Life to be held Friday, June 26, in Milnor from noon to midnight.

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The Rooster Crows – April 17, 2015

“Tis the Devil’s wind that blows, to raise the skirts so high; But God is just and sends the dust, to close the wicked eye!” Ole Breum 1903-1994.  Ole’s poem hit the nail on the head this past week, as winds of 40 to 50 miles per hour, and temperatures in the 70’s, and even into the low 80’s, produced conditions that have not been experienced here since the disastrous drought year of 1988.  With no rain on the horizon, or in the forecast, and the weather experts predicting more of the same, some local farmers are thinking twice about sinking several hundred dollars per acre into a crop that might not have enough moisture to grow, or even germinate.  Other old-timers used to say, “Plant in the dust, and your bins will bust,” but they usually didn’t talk much about how that worked out in 1934, 1936 or 1988.  Well, time will tell, and every day that it doesn’t rain is one day closer to the day that it will.

Folks driving by the corner of Front and Ross Streets have noticed that one of Rutland Oil Company’s bulk fuel tanks appears to be out of place.  The reason it looks that way is because it is.  Greg Donaldson, owner of Rutland Oil Co., reports that he has recently acquired a new 15,000 gallon bulk tank that will be replacing one of the older, smaller tanks that has been in use since time immemorial.  The new tank will not be moved into place until the old tank it will replace has been removed, and Greg expects the move to take place within the next week.  Greg states that since he took over operation of the company from his father back in 1984, he has gradually been replacing the old tanks with newer, more environmentally friendly, tanks.  The new tanks have also been larger than the old ones, and Greg has doubled the storage capacity of the 5 tanks he now has in place at the Company’s bulk storage site in the past 31 years.  Back in 1984, there were 8 independent bulk fuel dealers and 1 major supplier doing business in Sargent County, Greg states.  The number of independents has decreased dramatically in the past 3 decades.  In addition to bulk fuel products, Rutland Oil Company also has its self-service pumps on Main Street that are available 24 hours a day.  “All it takes is a credit card,” says Greg.

Visitors to the Rutland Town Hall will notice a plaque above the office service window bearing the name of Rutland City Auditor Deborah Banish, and also bearing levels of achievement emblems from the North Dakota League of Cities (NDLC).  The NDLC sponsors the Municipal Government Academy Leadership Training Program (LTP) which provides continuing education opportunities for municipal officials. Read More »

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