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The Rooster Crows – May 27, 2016

It wasn’t much, but beggars can’t be choosers.  The rain that fell here late Sunday night and early on Monday morning, May 22 & 23, only measured .1 of an inch according to several rain gauges owned by Ron Narum, John Harris, Larry Erickson, Paul Anderson and Kurt Breker, but just the promise of rain brought newly sprouted soybean and corn plants out into the sunshine on Monday morning, according to Harvey Bergstrom.  The forecast is predicting rain during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and rain during the Memorial Day weekend is usually considered to be a good sign for the coming Summer, so all in this area are pulling for the weatherman to be right, for once.  Well, we’ll know how it turned out next Fall.

Extra!  EXTRA! The thunderstorm that passed through the area at about 8:30 on the morning of Wednesday, May 25, dropped an additional .13 of an inch of precipitation on Rutland, according to the Accu-Rite electronic rain gauge in Paul Anderson’s backyard at 309 Gay Street.  So, it’s not done raining, yet.

Long time Rutland community residents Bill & Mary Woytassek, now citizens of Detroit Lakes MN, called on friends in Rutland on the morning of Monday, May 16.  The Woytasseks had spent the preceding weekend in Aberdeen where they attended the high school graduation of one of their granddaughters, a daughter of their son, Alan Woytassek.  Bill had been assisting son Jerry and grandson Andrew Woytassek with Spring planting in this area, but that work is now complete, so he and Mary were heading for their home at Detroit Lakes for a Summer’s worth of rest and relaxation.  Bill plans to be back in Rutland for harvest this Fall.

Jim & Dianna Garot departed Rutland on the morning of Wednesday, May 18, bound for their home in Oceanside, California, via Fargo, Minneapolis and San Diego.  The Garots are the maternal grandparents of James Brakke of this community, and had flown into Fargo on Thursday, May 12, to be on hand for James’ graduation from NDSU’s School of Pharmacy on Friday, May 13.  While visiting in this community, the Garots were guests in Jesse & Marcia Brakke’s Ransom Township farm home. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – May 20, 2016

There was a reason why Grandpa never started planting corn until after the 10th of May, and the area got a taste of that reason on Saturday, May 14, when the temperature dipped down into the upper 20’s and lower 30’s early that morning.  The frost was light in this area, with the wind credited with preventing a lot of frost damage.  Doug Spieker reported that his pickup’s digital thermometer read 30 degrees on Rutland’s Main Street either late in the evening on Friday or early in the morning on Saturday.  Appropriately, Doug was coming home from a concert of the FrostFire Band, featuring Kari Breker of this community, when he noted the thermometer’s frost reading. Jim Lunneborg reported that the lawn at his Shuman Township farmyard was white with frost on Saturday morning.  No crop damage was reported, though, as, according to the National Weather Service, a “killing frost” occurs when the temperature gets colder than 28 degrees, and stays colder than 28 degrees for at least 3 hours.  Rutland native Ed Nelson, a longtime resident of Crookston MN, reported that all of his tomatoes survived 24 degree temperatures up along the Red Lake River because Ed had used a prodigious number of blankets, sheets and newspapers to cover all of the plants in his backyard garden.

A crew of workmen from Strege Construction of Wyndmere was pouring cement for Jake’s Feed & Seed’s new building at 221 Front Street in Rutland on the morning of Thursday, May 12.  According to Jake Erickson, owner of Jake’s Feed & Seed, the new building will be 54’ X 102’ with 18½’ side walls, and will have warehouse, equipment storage and office facilities.  Andrew Woytassek is in charge of constructing the building which was obtained from the Wolters Company of Wisconsin.  Jacobson Plumbing, Heating & Excavating of Rutland is doing the plumbing and installing the heating and air conditioning system, states Jake, and B & K Electric of Forman is doing the electrical work.  Jake says that he hopes to have the building ready for occupancy by July, barring any unforeseen difficulties.  Congratulations to Jake Erickson and Jake’s Feed & Seed on this significant addition to Rutland’s business district.

Dean Nundahl stopped in at The Lariat for coffee and conversation on Thursday, May 12, before heading back to Mankato MN.  Dean reports that he and Paul Kiefer had good success while fishing at Lake Tewaukon on Wednesday, May 11, bringing in several medium sized walleyes.  Dean stated that as he was bringing in one walleye, a huge northern grabbed it and was brought up to the shore with the walleye in its mouth.  The northern was somewhere between a large barracuda and a small Great White Shark in size, but when it spotted the landing net heading its way, it coughed up that walleye and got away.  In the process of spitting out the walleye, though, the big northern did disembowel the smaller fish with the knife-like teeth in its huge maw, Dean reported, nearly completing the process of cleaning it.  That big northern is still out there, in the depths of Lake Tewaukon, waiting to be caught by, or to catch, an unsuspecting angler.  Dean was back in Rutland for business purposes on the morning of Wednesday, May 18, and stated that he and Carol intend to be visiting old friends in Rutland on May 28 & 29, the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Read More »

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Drive Out Cancer Tractor Ride

The Drive Out Cancer Tractor Ride will be in Rutland on Saturday, June 4, starting at 9:00 a.m. sharp! 100% of the entry fees go directly to Relay for Life. Come join the Ride or watch as they roll out of – or back into – Rutland!Tractor Run

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The Rooster Crows – May 13, 2016

Well, it rained most of the day on Tuesday, May 10, but it was what the late Oscar Hoflen used to call a “dry rain,” one that you could be out in all day and never get wet.  Roger Pearson reports that his rain gauge registered .006 of an inch on Wednesday morning, and he was reading it with his glasses on, too.  Mother Nature has once again been more than generous in bestowing the gift of wind upon us, though, and Monday, May 9, was another of those screen door slamming, shingle lifting, siding prying wind events that have been all too common in the Spring of 2016.  Well, this too shall pass.  To paraphrase Duane Lillestol, “It’s almost always calm after the wind stops blowing.”

A pair of Rutland sunbirds, Orvis & Alphie Pearson, flew home to their summer roost on Thursday, April 28, following several months at their winter home in Mesa AZ.  The Pearsons are set to enjoy the summer on their farm home east of Rutland.  Welcome home, Orvis & Alphie!

Janice Christensen observed her birthday on Wednesday, May 4, in the dining room at the Lariat Bar with coffee, cake, conversation and the company of many friends, both old and new.  Janice’s age is classified, but when she was born FDR was in the second year of his third term as President, JFK was a Lieutenant j.g. in the U. S. Navy and the great American naval victory at Midway was still a month into the future.  Her many friends in Rutland wish Janice a “Happy Birthday!” and many more.  A couple of other birthdays noted this past week included: Wendy Jacobson on Saturday, May 7; and Pastor Curt Larson on Mothers’ Day, Sunday, May 8. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – May 6, 2016

No rain this week, at least not through Noon on Wednesday, May 4, but Mother Nature has made up for the shortage of precipitation with an abundance of wind.  On both Saturday, April 30, and Tuesday, May 2, the wind blew at gale force, or stronger.  Saturday, April 30, was Community Clean Up Day, and the east southeast wind obliged by moving everything that was not tied down toward the City’s inert materials landfill on the northwest corner of town.  Mayor Narum reported that a large amount of refuse, trash and junk was delivered to the landfill site, some to be burned and buried, and some to be recycled.

Some observers of events meteorological expostulated that the high winds on Saturday and Tuesday emanated from the State of Indiana, where Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz were exchanging barrages of insults while campaigning for Indiana’s delegates to the 2016 GOP Convention that will be held in Cleveland later this year.  Once again the Donald, a “pathological liar,” according to Sen Cruz, trounced his rival, “Lying Ted,” by a substantial margin, apparently nailing down his right to the Republican Presidential nomination.  Former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders have, for the most part, eschewed personal insults in favor of debating such topics as economic opportunity, reforming the financial system, foreign policy and campaign financing, making their campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination a dull affair, indeed.  Although Sen. Sanders won a majority of the votes in the Indiana Democratic Primary, the delegates are awarded on a proportional basis, so, at this point, it looks as if Hillary will be the Democratic candidate, but Republicans are still hoping to see the FBI lead her away in handcuffs.  Well, in the past 25 years they have accused her of everything from murder to jaywalking, and they are pretty sure that she is guilty of something.  After all, if she wasn’t guilty, would they have made all of those admittedly unfounded allegations?  Well, let’s see – they’ve been lying about her for the past quarter of a century, but this time they’re telling the truth.  If anyone believes that, they might be interested in purchasing a bridge in Brooklyn, too.

John and Joanne Harris of this community have received word that their eldest son, Mike, was notified on Tuesday, April 26, that he has been promoted to the rank of Captain in the United States Navy.  Mike had enlisted in the Navy in 1987, and after serving as an enlisted sailor for several years enrolled in the Navy Officer Candidate program at Iowa State University.  Since receiving his commission as an Ensign in 1995, Mike has progressed steadily through the ranks to his promotion to Captain last week.  For the past 2 years Mike and his wife, Sally, have been stationed at the U. S. Naval base on Okinawa, Japan.  Their next duty station will be at the San Diego Navy Base in southern California.  According to Mike’s parents, he and Sally are planning to be in Rutland on Tuesday, May 24th, and a reception in Mike’s honor will be held in the dining room of the Lariat Bar that evening.  “Everyone is welcome,” states John.  The Rutland community extends its congratulations to Captain Mike Harris, USN, on his recent promotion.  The rank of Captain in the Navy is the equivalent of the rank of Colonel in the Air Force, Army and Marines.  Next step, Admiral! Read More »

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