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The Rooster Crows – January 30, 2015

The “January Thaw” that arrived back on the 14th of January has provided the people of North Dakota with a 2 week vacation from Winter without the hassle of leaving home.  While the eastern U. S. has been shivering and shaking through a tough winter, battling ice, snow and blizzards, the usually frozen center of the country, from Canada to Mexico, has been enjoying sunny days and temperatures 20 to 30 degrees above normal.  In Rutland, any snow on the streets that had been missed by Mayor Narum and the City’s snowplow has been cleared by Mother Nature.  The forecast is for a return to winter conditions on Saturday, January 31, but, with January behind us, can Spring be far ahead?  Watch the Ground Hog on February 2.  If he sees his shadow, we have 6 more weeks of winter ahead, and, if he doesn’t see his shadow, winter’s end will arrive in only 42 days.  Well, why would anyone trust a Ground Hog, anyway?

A group that included Mark Breker of Rutland, Neil Hornseth of Veblen SD, Shane Kadoun of Milnor, Alex Breker of Washburn and Abra Duval of Oakes in its number, drove up to Winnipeg, Manitoba, on Friday, January 16, for a weekend of ice fishing on Lake Winnipeg.  According to Mark, each angler could bring either 4 or 6 walleyes back with them when they returned to the USA, depending on the type of license they had purchased.  The fishing was good, Mark reported, and they caught a number of walleyes that were 28” or longer.  Shane Kadoun hauled in the largest walleye, a 32 inch lunker that weighed over 12 pounds, states Mark.  The group returned home on Monday, January 19, full of fish and fishing stories.  Mark has been ice fishing on Lake Winnipeg several times in the past few years, and reports that the fishing is always good, even when the catching isn’t.

Josh and Brianne Nelson of this community have purchased the house at 210 Gay Street, long known as “the Sjothun house,” from Kyle & Kaia Mahrer.  They expect to be moved into their new home by the beginning of March.  Previous owners of this home include: Bill & Annie Lubke; Lowell & Phyllis Sjothun; Mr. & Mrs. Leland Evenson; Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Miller; and, John Johnson.  The house was originally built by “Lumber John” Johnson, then manager of the John R. Jones Lumber Yard in Rutland, back in 1909, with the intention that it would be home for him and his fiancé after they wed.  When the intended Mrs. Johnson was killed in a carriage accident, however, Mr. Johnson could not bear to move into the new dwelling, and sold it to Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Miller, owners of the Rutland Hardware Store.  The Millers owned the house until the 1940’s, when it was purchased by the Leland Evenson family.  Lowell & Phyllis Sjothun purchased the home in 1948, and made it the Sjothun family residence for more than half a century, until 1999, when Phyllis Sjothun sold the house to Bill & Annie Lubke.  Kyle & Kaia Mahrer acquired the house in 2011.  They and their 3 children now reside at 318 First Street. Read More »

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RFL Kickoff

The Sargent County Relay for Life Kickoff will be Sunday, February 1, 2014, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Milnor Area Community Center.  Stop by and support the Rutland Rockets RFL Team and have a great breakfast!

Click below for more information.

Relay For Life

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The Rooster Crows – January 23, 2015

The “January Thaw” began on Wednesday, January 14, out here on the prairie, and it provided a welcome respite from Winter’s brutal cold for all.  Sunny skies and temperatures up into the 40’s over the weekend rid Rutland’s streets and sidewalks of snow and ice, making for safer travel by both pedestrians and motor vehicles.  The January Thaw can’t last forever, though, and the arrival of new snow on Tuesday, January 20, was a reminder that Winter still has more to say before taking its leave, but it sure was nice while it lasted.  Mayor Narum had the City’s snowplow truck clearing snow from the streets by 4:30 a.m. on the morning of Wednesday, January 21, and Jim Brown had his snow shovel in action at about the same time, clearing sidewalks and driveways of the newly fallen snow.  A hearty “Thank You!” is due to the Mayor, to Jim and to the others in the community who do their part to keep our streets and sidewalks clear and safe throughout the Winter.  Thanks, too, to our County road crew of Merrill “Sparky” Engquist, Virgil Nogowski, Tom Manley, John Mlnarik and Paul Shearer, and to our State Highway Department crew of Tom Hillestad, Chuck Anderson and Barry Christianson for getting out there to open the roads when the rest of us are still snug and warm in our beds.

Jake Erickson has been on light duty since undergoing shoulder surgery on Monday, January 12.  Rutland’s Utility Main Street Businessman, Norbert Kulzer, has been taking care of business at Jake’s Feed & Seed while Jake has been laid up.  With his shoulder and arm completely immobilized until healing is complete, Jake does not expect that he will be resuming full-time action at his place of business for another 3 to 4 weeks.  In the meantime, though, Norbert is making some great deals on feed, seed and supplies while the boss is out, so stop in at Jake’s Feed & Seed, where they’re always glad to see you.  Jake’s many friends in Rutland wish him a speedy recovery.

It has been reported that Carter Wayne Gebhardt was born in Fargo on Wednesday, January 14 to former Rutland resident Julie Gebhardt.  According to the information received, young Carter weighed in at just under 7 pounds and stood 19 inches tall in his bare feet on arrival.  Carter’s Great grandparents are June (Lien) Pherson and the late Dennis W. Pherson Sr. of this community.  Among his Great-Great-Grandparents are the late Percy and Edith (Thornberg) Pherson.  Carter is in residence with his Mom, his Grandmother, Melody Pherson, and his Uncle, Daryl Pherson, at their home in Cayuga.  Julie’s many friends in Rutland extend a hearty welcome to Carter Wayne Gebhardt.  His middle name is the same as that of his Great-Grandfather Dennis, and his Great Uncle, Dennis Pherson Jr. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – January 16, 2015

“Some Like It Hot,” was the name of the movie from the 1950’s, but that movie was not about North Dakota in January.  Sub-zero temperatures had greeted local residents nearly every morning this year until Wednesday, January 14, when the morning reading finally had a + sign in front of it.  Cold has been the rule since Christmas, with the high in Rutland on Monday, January 12, reaching all the way up to 4 degrees below zero.  The TV weather forecasters are predicting a “January Thaw” for this weekend, though, and no one is complaining about that prognostication.

Sargent County Auditor Pam Maloney was in Bismarck from Wednesday through Friday, January 7-9, last week, attending the annual meeting of the North Dakota Weed Control Association.  The Association’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” was posthumously presented to the late Richard O. “Dick” Anderson of this community on Wednesday, January 7, and Pam accepted the award on behalf of the Anderson family.  Dick worked for the Sargent County Weed Control Board for 16½ years, from July of 1997 to December of 2013, and had also served as an officer of the State organization.  He had served as Assistant Sargent County Weed Control Officer from July of 1997 to August of 1998, and as Weed Control Officer from August of 1998 until he resigned due to ill health in December of 2013.  Dick had been nominated for the award by a member of the State Association’s governing board, Jim McAllister. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – January 9, 2015

Without any encouragement at all, January has been living up to its reputation as the coldest month of the year, and it is barely a week old.  The mornings of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, January 5, 6 & 7, had the mercury hovering at the 10 below zero mark, with the wind chill factor at 35 to 40 below.  Wind chill was something no one around here had ever thought about until the late Dewey Berquist, the longtime TV weatherman for WDAY-TV Channel 6 in Fargo, started talking about it as a topic to spice up interest in his weather report segment of the 6:00 and 10:00 o’clock news back in the late 1960’s.  Wind chill is not really a measure of temperature.  It is a measure of the rate of heat loss from items that are out in the weather, whether a rock, an automobile or the exposed skin of anyone foolish enough to be outside in a short sleeved shirt and without a jacket.  The higher the wind velocity, the faster the rate of heat loss, thus an actual air temperature of -10 with a wind velocity of 20 mph removes heat from an object, or a body, at the same rate as the body or object would lose heat if the temperature was -45 with no wind.  Once the temperature of the object, or body, equaled the ambient air temperature, though, it would not get any colder, no matter what the wind speed.  So, even though wind chill feels cold, it is not really as cold as it feels.  Now, doesn’t that make you feel better.

Brad Christensen, Rebecca Christensen and Debbie Liermark took advantage of some favorable air fares to fly like the wind and escape winter’s chill with a brief post-Christmas vacation trip to Wendover NV, where the lights are always bright and the city never sleeps.   The trio were in Wendover on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, December 26, 27 & 28.  They returned home on the morning of Monday, December 29, and report a very enjoyable trip.

Duane Bergh stopped in at The Rutland General Store on the morning of Wednesday, December 31, for some advice, whether solicited or not, from the Assembled Wise Men before heading up to Fargo for New Year’s Eve.  Duane has been in southern California since harvest operations wrapped up this past Fall, and was really appreciating the sub-zero temperatures that greeted him when he got back to his Weber Township farm home near Havana.  Duane stated that he would be attending a family gathering in Fargo over the New Year holiday before heading backto warmer weather on the Pacific coast. Read More »

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