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The Rooster Crows – March 24, 2017

Spring arrived on Monday Morning, March 20, put in one day on the job and then took the rest of the week off.  The last few days of Winter were quite nice, up to 50 on Saturday, March 18, up to 64 on Sunday and into the low 50’s on Monday, but cold and wind returned by Tuesday morning, greeting local residents with 20 degrees and a brisk northwest wind as they ventured out on the first full day of the Spring season.  As Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over til it’s over.”  How right he was!

Amid the tens of thousands of Canadian geese, snow geese, blue geese, mallards, pintails, teal and bluebills that flocked into Sargent County this past week after spending the Winter in warmer climes, was one of the rarest of the rare, a snowbird seldom seen but often heard, the Old Curmudgeon, also known as R. Harrington Bradbury III, Millionaire, who arrived on a wing and a prayer at his Summer roost in Rutland just as last weekend’s warm snap was ending on the evening of Monday, March 20.  He and Janet had spent the Winter at the Warren Ranch near Rapid City SD, where they experienced more snow than usual, but less cold than was visited upon this region of the country.  Awakening to 20 degrees and a biting northwest wind on Tuesday morning, Mr. Bradbury commented, “Hope I can find a parka, long johns, winter gloves, neck scarf, ear-lap woolen cap and, just in case, a set of snow goggles.”  By the time he finds them, Spring will be back.  The Bradburys’ many friends here extend a hearty, “Welcome Home!” Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – March 17, 2017

Faith and Begorra!  It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s been “Up With The Irish!” at the Lariat Bar in Rutland.  According to Mike Pyle, who, along with Jeremy Becker, is one of the proprietors of the finest establishment in town, the St. Patrick’s Day Special on Friday evening will be the favorite menu of St. Patrick himself, corned beef & cabbage, with potatoes and sausage.  There’s some of Jamison distillery’s finest Irish Whiskey on the top shelf, too, states Mike.  So, if you’re Irish, or if you’d like to be Irish, or if you would just like a good supper accompanied by an excellent beverage, The Lariat Bar & Grill in Rutland is the place to be on Friday, March 17.  It’s the place to meet old friends, and to greet those you haven’t met yet.

Another day and a half of fierce winds battered Rutland and vicinity on Saturday and Sunday, March 11 & 12.  The wind was accompanied by about 2 inches of new snow, although it was difficult to get an accurate measurement, with the snow going by sideways.  Mayor Narum reported that by the time the snow and the wind stopped on Monday morning, some streets were entirely bare, while large snowdrifts blocking some intersections had to be cleared out with the City’s snowplow.  Norbert Kulzer reports that the street in front of his house was completely open, but his driveway was covered by several inches of snow.  Norbert is usually pretty prompt about clearing his driveway of snow, but states that this time he is going to leave that task to the one who put it there.  The thermometer reading of 4 degrees below zero on the morning of Monday, March 13, was not very enticing to prospective snow shovelers, especially when considered in the light of predicted temperatures in the upper 40’s and low 50’s by Thursday and Friday.  On the bright side, the Vernal Equinox, heralding the arrival of Spring, will occur in Rutland at 5:17 a.m. on the morning of Monday, March 20, according to Siri, the little “know-it-all” who resides inside a lot of cellular telephones these days.  Also coming up for the entertainment and gratification of fans of ecology, environment, weather and climate is Earth Day, 2017, on Saturday, April 22.  The theme of this year’s observance of Earth Day is “Trees For The Earth.”  Another bit of encouraging news is the fact that, as of Friday, March 17, 2017, there are only 200 weeks left until Inauguration Day, 2021.  Let the countdown begin!

Lenny Runyan stopped in for morning coffee at the Lariat Bar on the morning of Thursday, March 9, and reported that road conditions in the hills along the State Line are good, for now.  Lenny drives a schoolbus for Sargent Central School District, and states that road conditions are a major concern for him and the other Sargent Central bus drivers when he is transporting students from home to school and back again.  The ice that coated township and county gravel roads from the end of December to the beginning of February made Lenny’s bus route extremely difficult to navigate this Winter, he stated, and the high winds that swept through the region on Monday & Tuesday, March 6 & 7, made driving the school bus about like trying to keep a large box kite on the road.  Lenny, his wife, Kathy, and family reside on the old Maly farm in the hills southeast of Rutland, and he reports that his livestock herd, consisting of: cattle; hogs; sheep; goats; guinea hens; ducks; and, chickens; continues to increase.  Lenny estimates that he now may be the proprietor of the largest goat ranch in Sargent County. Read More »

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Wash Your Troubles Away….

Get your tickets for this year’s Rutland Community Dinner Theater. It will be another fun night!


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The Rooster Crows – March 10, 2017

All roads led to Rutland on the evening of Friday, March 3, as, according to the ticket count at the door, 480 diners attended the Rutland Sportsmen’s Club’s annual northern pike fish fry at the Rutland Town Hall.  Continuing their traditional rivalry, the pan fryers and the deep fryers vied for the approval of diners, even indulging in some post-event spinning that would do a modern political campaign proud.  But, when the smoke had cleared and the last filet consumed, the result was once again a virtual tie, with a slight edge to the pan fried, or possibly a slight edge to the deep fried, depending on who was spinning the story last.  The 2 camps are already preparing for next year’s contest.  Club Secretary Travis Paeper gave the following report: “We raised a net of $1,500 on the 3 cash raffles, and that money is earmarked for the trap league. The winners of the three $500 cash drawings were Josie Nelson of Forman, Dean Mairs of Lisbon and Nick Mclean of Rutland. The Trap League students raised an additional $525 with their bake sale so, all in all, the Trap League raised $2,025 for their program. I did not hear a final tally on the total people served but I estimate that the 480 is pretty accurate.”  The net proceeds of the fish fry ticket sales will be used to maintain and improve the Club’s grounds, equipment and clubhouse at The John Narum Memorial Trap & Rifle Range, 3 miles west and 1½ mile south of Rutland, just north of Silver Lake, and to support the Club’s other activities in the community, including: the Annual Youth Day each August; and, High School League Trap Shooting at the John Narum Memorial Trap & Rifle Range in the Spring, among others.  Congratulations to the Rutland Sportsmen’s Club for another successful event.  The Sportsmen’s Club’s Fish Fry is held on the first Friday in March each year, so mark Friday, March 2, 2018, on your calendar, and be ready to “sit down and eat!”

Nancy Glarum of this community retires from her position as a Vice-President at the Sargent County Bank last Friday, March 3, to accept a new position with Consolidated Abstracting Co. of Detroit Lakes MN.  She had been employed by the Bank for the past 19 years, and before that she had worked as a clerk for the U.S. Postal Service in Rutland, Forman, Cogswell, Gwinner & Wahpeton; as a legal secretary and legal assistant for Anderson Law Office in Rutland; and, as Assistant Weed Control Officer for Sargent County.  Nancy and her husband, Doug Glarum, have resided on the Glarum family farm about 7 miles southeast of Rutland since their marriage 35 years ago.  With Nancy’s new job, they intend to divide their time between the farm and their lake home at Pickerel Lake MN, states Nancy.  The Glarums have been active members of the Rutland community, of Nordland Lutheran Church and of several other community organizations, and their many friends here wish them well in their new endeavor. Read More »

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Joe Breker Receives National Honor

Joe Breker received a national honor at the annual Commodity Classic convention in San Antonio last weekend. For his 38 years of commitment to conservation agriculture and forward thinking innovation, Joe was presented the Good Steward Recognition Award from the National Corn Growers Association.

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