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City Council Organization Meeting

The Rutland City Council will hold its Organization Meeting on Tuesday, June 28, 2016, in the Rutland City Hall starting at 5:00 p.m.

  1. Oaths of Office
  2. Council Organization
    1. President
    2. Vice President
  3. Mayoral Appointments, with Council approval
    1. Appoint City Attorney
    2. Appoint City Auditor
    3. Appoint City Engineer
  4. Designate Official Paper
  5. Assignment of Portfolios
    1. Beautification
    2. Finance & Debt Service
    3. Personnel
    4. Planning, Zoning & Development
    5. Public Safety & Parks
    6. Sanitation
    7. Streets & Buildings
    8. Water
  1. Rutland Housing Resolution of Sponsorship

Rutland Housing, Inc., has applied for a grant from Lake Agassiz Regional Council for improvements to Rutland Housing #3.  As part of the application process, the request needs a sponsoring unit of government and the City is asked to adopt the resolution of sponsorship.

Be it resolved that the Rutland City Council will act as sponsoring unit of government for the project titled Rutland Housing #3 to be conducted during the period July 2016 through September 2016.

The Rutland Housing, Inc., Board is hereby authorized to apply to the North Dakota Division of Community Services for funding of this project on behalf of the Rutland City Council on June 28, 2016

  1. Adjournment

Next City Council Meeting: July 11, 2016 (second Monday due to July 4 holiday)

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The Rooster Crows – June 24, 2016

Another half an inch of rain on the morning of Saturday, June 18, brightened the countryside and kept the green things growing.  The rain was an unexpected dividend, as the big chance of rain had been on the previous day, when the wind blew from the east all day and the forecast proclaimed a 50% chance of rain.  When the wind switched to the south, the humidity dropped and the chance of rain on Saturday fell to near Zero, most gave up hope.  Mother Nature, however, had other ideas, and sent a big storm up the James River Valley to our west, dropping a deluge of rain in Dickey County while blessing Sargent County with “just enough.”  Another rain shower on the morning of Wednesday, June 22, preceded by a thunder and lightning show at about 3:00 in the morning, kept the area looking fresh and lawn mowers humming.  Paul Anderson’s AccuRite electronic rain gauge recorded .18 of an inch, while the AccuRite electronic rain gauge belonging to his neighbor, John Harris, on the west side of Ross Street indicated .17 of an inch from the same event.  Doug Spieker reported that his farm rain gauge in Tewaukon Township showed .12 of an inch on Wednesday morning, indicating that the rain pattern of the past couple of years, with less rain along the base of the Coteau des Prairies Hills and on “The Flat” than out on the prairie to the north, is continuing.

Rutland Housing, Inc. received more good news on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 15, when the non-profit corporation’s treasurer and business manager, Bert Siemieniewski, was informed that Lake Agassiz Regional Council had approved a $25,000.00 grant to be used to fund improvements to the 6-plex apartment house at 204 Dakota Street.  Updating the electrical system, new roofing and new siding are the number 1 items on the priority list, according to Bert, to be followed by interior renovations in common areas and in some of the apartments.    The use of loan funds for improvements to Rutland Housing’s 4-plex apartment houses at 207 First Street and 316 Ross Street had previously been approved by Ryan Taylor, State Director of USDA’s Rural Development Agency, and Steve Lervik, Rural Development’s Director of Multi-Family Housing.  Installation of new dual source heating systems in the 2 4-plexes had been completed earlier this year, with Jacobson Plumbing, Heating & Excavating; Nelson Electrical Service; and, Jerry Sapa Construction; all of Rutland, doing the work.  Current members of Rutland Housing’s Board of Directors are: Delores Lysne; Bert Siemieniewski; Carolyn Christensen; and, Bill Anderson.  Rutland Housing, Inc., was established in 1971 to provide additional housing opportunities in the Rutland community.  Members of the first Board of Directors were: Earl Anderson; Rudy Anderson; Norbert Kulzer; Aldon Donaldson; and, Skip Sjothun.

A 10-man crew of workmen from Walters Buildings of West Bend WI commenced the construction of Jake’s Feed & Seed’s new building at 205 Front Street East on the morning of Monday, June 20.  Rafters were being installed by Tuesday afternoon.  Excavation and concrete work had been completed earlier this Spring by Jacobson Plumbing, Heating & Excavating of Rutland and by Strege Construction of Wyndmere.  According to Jake Erickson, owner of Jake’s Feed & Seed, the new building will have office space for his business, as well as a substantial amount of storage space for inventory and equipment, when it is completed.  Exterior work on the structure is expected to be done before the end of June.  It is anticipated that the interior work will take a little longer. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – June 17, 2016

Rain, rain, come our way, and come again another day!  Finally, after holding out for a couple of weeks, Mother Nature let loose of a generous helping of precipitation throughout Sargent County on Tuesday, June 14., dropping .88 of an inch into Paul Anderson’s electronic rain gauge at 309 Gay Street, leaving .85 of an inch in John Harris’s AccuRite precipitation measuring device at 122 Ross Street, and depositing 1.3 inches at Jesse Brakke’s farm in Ransom Township.  Joe Breker reported a rainfall of .8 of an inch at his farm in Tewaukon Township, and Jerry Bixby reported .95 of an inch in his backyard rain gauge in Milnor.  Two rain gauges that are less than 50 feet apart, those of Roger Pearson at 409 Gay Street and of Norbert Kulzer at 415 Gay Street, showed 1.2” and .7 of an inch, respectively, proving once again that, while the rain does fall on all, it does not fall on all in equal measure.

Tuesday was the trifecta day of the week, with Flag Day, Primary Election Day and Rain Day all occurring at the same time.  Rutland native Dan Narum garnered 58% of the votes in the Southeast Judicial District as he campaigns to retain his office as one of the District’s 7 judges; and, Jason Arth of Milnor, Bill Anderson of Rutland, Richard Ruch of Brampton and Donna Eklund of Forman all qualified to appear on the November General Election Ballot for 2 slots on the Sargent County Commission.  Fargo businessman Doug Burgum overturned the Republican Party’s applecart, and may have derailed the long running GOP Gravy Train, when he upset the Republicans’ endorsed candidate for Governor, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, in a smashing 60%-40% Primary Election victory that carried 50 of the State’s 53 counties.  Mr. Burgum has vowed to break up “the good old boys gang” that has been running the State for the past 24 years, but may find that the same good old boys who rode Ed Shafer’s, John Hoeven’s and Jack Dalrymple’s coattails will be trying to grab onto his in short order.  North Dakota voters have a history of periodically throwing the rascals out, much as they did when the NPL cleaned house 100 years ago, back in 1916.  This year we may find out if the same folks who threw the rascals into office in the first place can be successful at throwing them out.

Heading down to Minneapolis to attend a Minnesota Twins baseball game on Friday, June 10, were: Bill & Pam Gulleson of Rutland; Mark & Kathy Wyum of Rutland; Chuck & Mary Beth Anderson of Havana; Carol Fridgen of Nevis MN; and, Paul Anderson of Rutland.  According to Mark, Friday’s game between the Twins and the Boston Red Sox was well played through the 4th inning, when the score stood 0-0, but the Red Sox capitalized on a couple of errors by the Twins’ fielders in the top of the 5th to break open the scoring, ending up with an 8-1 victory over the struggling Twins.  One bunch of local folks headed for home on the morning of Saturday, June 11, while another group consisting of Greg Donaldson; Hal Nelson; Scott Ekstrom and, Nate Lee; drove to the Cities to take in the next 2 games of the Twins-Red Sox series.  The BoSox tallied an impressive victory on Saturday, winning by a score of 15-4, but the Twins took Sunday’s game with an exciting 3 run homer in the bottom of the 10th to break a 4-4 tie and post a 7-4 victory in the “WON” column.  Greg reports that the area around Minneapolis-St. Paul appears to have had plenty of rain, with water standing in some fields north and west of the cities.  However, conditions grew progressively more parched the closer they got to Sargent County.  Crops still look good, states Greg, but rain is definitely on the “Wish List.” Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – June 10, 2016

The “Drive Out Cancer” Tractorcade, organized by Jim & Ione Lunneborg of this community, was the big event in Rutland last weekend.  A lineup of antique and classic tractors, accompanied by some antique, classic and newer model drivers, was gathered on the west side of Rutland’s Main Street on the morning of Saturday, June 4, ready to participate in this Relay For Life fund raising event.  The following report was received from organizers, Jim & Ione Lunneborg: We had a great ride, this was our Sixth Annual Drive Out Cancer tractor ride. We had 43 registered riders but things come up so we started with 31 tractors.  We had one that had to drop out do to mechanical problem. The oldest tractor was a 1935 Allis Chalmers WC owned by Arlo Anderson of Leonard, ND.  The farthest came from New Prague, MN, that was Dale May. We traveled about 51 miles, southeast of Rutland past the Lodge to the Marlow road, up the hill, which gives a beautiful view to the north, past windy mound and on to Havana for lunch at The Monkey Hut. We went north around Silver Lake and onto Forman and past Four Seasons Health Care where they had many residents out in front to watch us travel by. We then progressed back to Rutland and enjoyed coffee and bars and conversation.  The morning rolls and afternoon bars were prepared and served by the Rutland American Legion Auxiliary. We would like to thank all the sponsors who donated to help cover the expense of the meals for this successful Relay For Life fund raiser.”  Congratulations and thanks to the Lunneborgs, and to all of the participants in the 2016 RLF Drive Out Cancer tractor ride, for a job well done, and a good time, too.

United Blood Services will be conducting the second of its 2 scheduled blood drives for 2016 in Rutland from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 21st in the Rutland Town Hall.  According to Janet Kiefer, one of the coordinators of the drive, callers will contact regular donors to schedule times for donations, and those who are not regular donors may contact the committee to schedule a time, or just stop in at the Rutland Town Hall on Tuesday, June 21, to give the gift of life.  The callers are Sheila @ 724-3025, Diane@ 724-3375 or Janny @724-3504.

Larry Christensen, Commander of Bergman-Evenson Post #215 of The American Legion has announced that the Post will be serving a spaghetti supper from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 8, 2016, in the Rutland Town Hall.  October 8 is the Saturday after Uff-Da Day.  The supper will Feature Doug Spieker’s original pepperoni sauce with meatballs that is made with Doug’s secret recipe and is guaranteed to give shy persons the strength to go out and do what needs to be done.  Mark Saturday, October 8, on your calendar. Read More »

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City Council Agenda – June 6, 2016


Meeting Agenda (subject to change)

  1. Call to Order
  2. Additions to/Approval of agenda
  3. Approval of May 2, 2016 minutes
  4. Public comments – Written and/or in person, if any
    1. Mosquito/Vector Control
  5. New business
    1. RV Park Inspection/Violation
    2. Lariat Liquor & Beer License: Approve renewal of the Lariat Bar, LLC, liquor license for July 1 – December 31, 2016 subject to receipt of payment.
  6. Old/Unfinished Business
    1. Boulevard Trees Update
    2. Culverts Update
    3. City Auditor Hours and Salary
    4. ND Cares Community Program
    5. Sonic Wall and Wireless Update
    6. Tabled: City Auditor Position Description: Approve the City Auditor job description dated April 4, 2016.
  1. Financial Report
    1. May Cash Balances Report
    2. May Revenue and Expenditure Reports
    3. Presentation and approval of Bills
    4. Collections/Delinquents Report
    5. Auditor Report
      • ND DOT Sidewalk Grant
  1. Communications from the Mayor
  2. Announcements
  3. Adjournment

Next City Council Meetings:  June 28, 2016 Organization Meeting; July 11, 2016 (second Monday due to July 4 holiday)

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