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The Rooster Crows – October 30, 2015

Weather conditions have been dry and dusty through most of the harvest, but relief arrived in the form of a general rain on Friday, October 23.  At 8:30 on Friday morning Norbert Kulzer reported .65 of an inch in his rain gauge at 415 Gay Street, Paul Anderson reported .75 of an inch a block west, at 309 Gay Street; and, Jim Lunneborg reported that his gauge showed between .65 and .7 of an inch at his farm in Shuman Township.  The rain continued, off and on, throughout the day, and by 10:00 p.m. John Harris Acurite electronic weather station at 122 Ross Street showed precisely 1.73” of precipitation for the day while Roger Pearson’s rain gauge at 409 Gay Street, the kind you have to walk out into the backyard to check, registered 1.75 inch of rain, A gift that was badly needed and much appreciated.  A cold front rode into town on a brisk northwest wind on Wednesday, October 28, dropping the daytime high into the 30’s for the first time in several months, a premonition of things to come.  The weekend forecast is calling for a return to mild temperatures for several more days, but Winter, like prosperity, is just around the corner.

Margot Ganske of San Diego CA visited in Rutland at the home of her father, Leonard Heinen, from Monday, October 19 through Friday, October 23.  Mr. Heinen resides in the apartment house at 207 First Street.  On Thursday evening Mrs. Ganske joined her twin sister Marcia Brakke, Jesse Brakke, James Brakke, Bill Anderson and Kathy Brakke at the Coteau des Prairies Lodge to honor Leonard on the occasion of his 95th birthday.  Leonard, better known as Lenny, is a peppy 95-year-old who enjoys a good time out with family and friends.

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The Rooster Crows – October 23, 2015

Mother Nature has been smiling on Rutland and vicinity this past week.  Warm, sunny days, cool nights, and, for a change, no hurricane force winds.  The first “killing frosts” of the season were on the mornings of Friday and Saturday, October 16 & 17, when the thermometer registered 27 and 25 degrees, respectively, for the required 2 hours or more.  The dry weather has allowed harvest operations to proceed at a rapid pace, and, as of Monday, October 19, almost all of the corn and soybean crop in Sargent County had been harvested.  Yields ranged from modest to tremendous in 2015, with crop quality being in the “very good” category, for the most part.  Crop prices are not so good compared to expenses, though, and the lower prices are primarily attributed to the strong U. S. dollar which makes American products more expensive abroad, and foreign products less expensive here; and, to the American farmer’s remarkable efficiency at producing crop surpluses, which further depress prices.

Rodney Erickson reports that as of Monday, October 19, the Wheaton-Dumont Co-op had taken in more than 500,000 bushels at its Rutland Elevator facility since opening for business less than 6 weeks earlier.  Rodney’s initial goal was to handle 800,000 bushels at the Rutland Elevator during the first year of operation as a buying, receiving and shipping station for the Wheaton-Dumont Co-op, and he is well on his way to accomplishing that goal.  Since he acquired ownership of the Rutland Elevator several years ago, Rodney has completely renovated the facility, adding some improvements along the way, such as more powerful, energy efficient electric motors to run the legs, enabling the facility to handle more grain, faster; and, a new 80’ electronic scale to weigh trucks and semis more quickly, and more accurately.  At present, the wheat, soybeans and corn that is taken in at the Rutland Elevator is hauled to one of Wheaton-Dumont’s unit train loading facilities at Tenney MN, but when the Co-op completes construction of its new unit train shipping facility at Britton SD, grain from the Rutland Elevator will be hauled there, decreasing shipping costs and increasing the price that can be paid to local farmers for their grain.  The Rutland community thanks and congratulates Rodney for resurrecting the Rutland Elevator and getting it back into the business for which it was intended when it was built, nearly 70 years ago.

Dan Carlisle of Wadena MN and Dan Kuffler of Phoenix AZ hunted pheasants in the Rutland area from Tuesday, October 13 through Friday, October 16. The 2 have been frequent visitors here over the years, and headquartered at the Jesse & Marcia Brakke farmstead during their stay here.  Dan Kuffler recently rescued a German Shorthair dog named Bella from the animal shelter at Phoenix, and reports that she did a good job of assisting the hunters find their birds during her first visit to North Dakota.  John Nelson and Bill Spears of Wadena usually accompany the 2 Dans, but were unable to make it out during the first week of the season this year.  John & Bill have sent assurances to their many friends here, though, that they intend to be out for some pheasant hunting in the Rutland-Cayuga-Havana area before the end of the season. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – October 16, 2015

It wasn’t much, but it was water.  Thunder and lightning accompanied the rain that fell fast, furious and briefly on the night of Wednesday, October 7.  Norbert Kulzer’s gauge at 415 Gay Street showed .2 of an inch the next morning, Paul Anderson’s gauge at 309 Gay Street had .15, Dale McLaen had .1 of an inch 2 miles north northwest of town and Joe Breker stated that his gauge indicated .12 of an inch at his Tewaukon Township Farm.  It settled the dust for a little while, anyway.

A low pressure system from the south and a cold front invading from the north combined to produce ferocious winds and high temperatures on Saturday and Sunday, October 10 & 11, and 60 mph wind gusts accompanied by a plummeting temperature on Monday, October 12.  The wind stripped the autumn leaves from most trees in town.  The highs were near 90 degrees on Saturday and Sunday followed by a high in the low 50’s on Monday.  The weather reporters were using the term “wind chill” on Monday, a term we haven’t had to deal with for the past 6 months.  No frost yet, but the professional prognosticators are predicting it for Saturday, October 17.  Keep the mittens, ear-lappers and snow shovel handy.

Congratulations to our neighbors in Havana for securing the services of the Sohn family to operate The Farmers Inn Café there.  Ms. Sohn specializes in Taiwanese style Chinese cuisine, and also has a standard American style meat & potatoes menu to choose from.  We wish them well in their new enterprise. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – October 9, 2015

The first week of October has provided ideal conditions for harvest of the 2015 soybean and corn crops.  Dry weather, cool nights and sunny days have allowed combines to run almost non-stop while trucks have been hauling grain directly from the field to the elevator for sale or storage, with no dockage taken for shrink, or expense incurred for drying.  Most local producers report being pleasantly surprised by the yield and quality of the 2015 corn crop.  Denny Pherson reports that the Pherson farm finished up with Soybeans on Saturday evening, October 3, and that his custom combining crew expected to be harvesting corn on Monday, October 5, allowing Denny time to help out in the Uff-Da Day abelskiver stand on Sunday, October 4.

Members of the Rutland Park Board were hard at work on the afternoon of Sunday, September 27, installing a new swing set at the playground next to the Rutland Town Hall.  Installation work was performed by: Larry Christensen; Jeff Olson; Hal Nelson; Barry Christianson; and, Hilary Mehrer; with the assistance of 2 Bobcat skid steer loaders.  The new swing set is a useful addition to the playground equipment available at the site, and was much appreciated by youngsters on Uff-Da Day the following Sunday.

Fourteen volunteer fire-fighters and 5 units of the Rutland-Cayuga Volunteer Fire Department  responded to a fire call at about 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 30.  The fire was in a corn field owned by Duane and Mike Lock located 3 miles west of Rutland.  The Locks were harvesting corn when the combine’s corn head hit a rock, struck a spark and started the fire.  Fortunately, the wind kept the fire in the corn stubble on that part of the field that had already been harvested, so little standing corn was damage according to Rutland Fire Chief Cam Gulleson, although the corn head did sustain a substantial amount of damage when the fiber glass and plastic shields melted from the heat. Read More »

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City Council Agenda

The preliminary agenda for the October 5, City Council meeting is shown below.  The agenda may be modified at the meeting. Please note, the City Council will discuss and adopt the proposed 2016 agenda at the meeting.

City of Rutland, October 5, 2015
Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order
  2. Additions to/Approval of agenda
  3. Approval of September 14, 2015 minutes
  4. Public comments, if any
  5. New business
    a. Alcohol Permits: Two special event alcoholic beverage permits were issued to The Lariat Bar, LLC, for September 26 for the Todd Anderson Wedding and for Uffda Day on October 4, 2015.
    b. 2016 Budget: The preliminary budget figures may not be increased but can be reduced prior to formal adoption.  Home rule cities with the power to control finances and establish levy limitations are exempt from the 105 general levy limit.
    c. ND Cares Community Program
    d. City Council Vacancy and Appointment
  1. Old/Unfinished Business
    1. Speed Limit Signs on County Road 10
  1. Financial Report and Auditor Report
    1. September Cash Balances Report
    2. September 2015 Revenue and Expenditure Reports
    3. Presentation and approval of bills
    4. Collections/Delinquents Report
    5. Auditor Report
  1. Presentation of communications, if any
  2. Communications from the Mayor
  3. Announcements
  4. Adjournment

Next City Council Meeting, Monday, November 2, 2015, 5:00 p.m.

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