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The Rooster Crows – March 3, 2017

The Spring-like weather of 2 weeks ago is now just a memory, but don’t try to convince migratory waterfowl of that, because they are coming on like Springtime Gangbusters.  Mike Anderson reports that he spotted a flock of about 2 dozen snow and blue geese in a large slough on the south side of ND Highway #11, about 2½ miles east of the Rutland corner, on Thursday, February 23, along with a substantial flock of mallards.  According to Christine Askerooth, a Wildlife Biologist at the Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge, small scout flocks of snows & blues have been surveying the area since mid-February, and, as of Monday, February 27, she reports that about 2,300 snow & blue geese were resting in the open water at Lake Tewaukon.  Christine also stated that the main flock of snows & blues is still in northern Nebraska, gradually moving toward the birds’ nesting range in northern Canada.  The Spring Conservation Hunting Season on snow geese and blue geese opened here on Saturday, February 18, and will continue until mid-May.  All a hunter needs is a valid North Dakota Hunting License, with a current Waterfowl Stamp attached; a shotgun with an ample supply of ammunition; and, geese to shoot at.  A hunter may harvest as many geese as he or she can hit, as long as the downed birds are picked up and taken home.  If the current weather pattern holds, the main flock of snow & blue geese will be here in a couple of weeks, so get ready.  Here they come, ready or not!

Just about all of the ice fishing houses had been removed from area lakes prior to last week’s cool down that started on Wednesday, February 22.  There had been concern that the annual Silver Lake Ice Fishing Derby sponsored by the Cogswell Gun Club, with some assistance from the Rutland Sportsmen’s Club, might have to be canceled, or modified, due to lack of ice.  However, a couple of nights with the low temperatures in the teens soon restored the ice to safe and sound condition.  Greg Donaldson and Shane Kadoun even ventured out onto the Silver Lake ice on Friday, February 24, and jumped up and down on it, just to make sure that it would hold up for the tournament.  It did!  The fishing Derby went off without a hitch beginning at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.  The following report was received from Joe Holmgren, a member of the Cogswell Gun Club, and a Cogswell native.  “We had approximately 110 people fishing during the 2-hour tournament.  Winners of the fishing prizes were: 1st fish, Karly Kadoun, 1 lb 14 oz. northern; 1st Place–Haley Anerson, 6 lb 2 oz northern; 2nd Place, Kolten Kadoun, 3 lb 4 oz northern; 3rd Place, Casey Lien, 2 lb 8 oz northern; 4th Place, Karley Kadoun, 2 lb 3 oz northern; 5th Place, Karley Kadoun, 1 lb 14 oz northern; and, Last fish, Payton Lien, 1 lb 13oz northern.  A total of 14 fish were caught: 7 Northerns; 3 Perch; 2 Walleye; 1 Crappie; and, 1 Bullhead.  Raffle winners were: $1000.00 Dennis Duerr, Lidgerwood; $750.00 Paul Heigh, Forman; $500.00 Phillip Freeman, Geneseo; $250.00 Ayden Swanson, Gwinner; and, $100.00 Jason Sirek, Wahpeton.”  A lunch stand serving roast buffalo sandwiches and hot buffalo soup prepared by members of the Cogswell Gun Club was set up in the Silver Lake Pavilion, and many non-anglers made the drive out to the lake just to enjoy the lunch.  Congratulations to all the participants in the 2017 Silver Lake Ice Fishing Derby, and to the members of the Cogswell Gun Club and Rutland Sportsmen’s Club, for another successful event. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – February 24, 2017

Spring ain’t sprung, and the grass ain’t riz, but we sure are wondering where Winter is!  Mid-February was more like mid-April, with Fifty-eight above on Friday February 17, preceded by 52 above on Thursday, the 16th, and followed by 54 above on Saturday, February 18.  Sunday shattered all records with a reading of 61, and Tuesday, February 21, nearly equaled it with 59.  Global warming may not be convincing politicians whose campaign coffers are bulging with money from the coal and oil industries, but it seems to have made believers of Mother Nature and Old Man Winter.  Well, not so fast there, Buster!  The forecast is calling for nighttime lows below the freezing mark for the coming week, or so, with daytime highs remaining in the 30’s and 40’s, still well above “normal,” but not quite as comfortable as the conditions to which we have grown accustomed.  Meanwhile, the Ground Hog, who provided a forecast as inconsistent and confusing as a Donald Trump Executive Order back on February 2, has skedaddled out of town, and was last seen sunbathing in a Speedo on a beach in south Florida.  So much for loyalty.

Rutland welcomed 2 new citizens to the community this past week.  First, Ms. Whitney Huesers is now in residence at 210 Front Street West.  She is a native of Max ND, and is employed by the Sargent County Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Office in Forman.  Welcome to Rutland, Whitney.  We’re glad you met us.  Second, Mr. Lincoln Mitchel Mahrer was born on Saturday, February 18, to Michael and Kayla (Christensen) Mahrer at a Fargo hospital.  Lincoln, or Linc, as he is known to his close friends, weighed in at 8 pounds 9 ounces, and stood 21 inches tall in his bare feet on arrival.  He joins big sisters Whitney and Lucy in the Mahrer home, and already has a job lined up in Mahrer Construction’s shop here.  Grandparents are Mitch & Dawn Mahrer of Rutland; Penny & Randy Beckstrom of Rutland; and, Brad & Rebecca Christensen of Mooreton.  Welcome to Rutland, Lincoln!  You are now a member of the Uff-Da Day 2017 Entertainment Committee.

Former Richland County Commissioner Jason Heitkamp of Mooreton ND and his daughter stopped in at The Lariat Bar for lunch on the afternoon of Saturday, February 18.  They had been at Oakes in the morning, where Miss Heitkamp had attended the funeral of one of her NDSU college classmates and friends, Dennis Roney of Oakes, who had lost his life in a tragic automobile accident last week.  Mr. Heitkamp was an unsuccessful candidate for the North Dakota State Senate from District #26 in the 2016 General Election, and he has been a frequent Rutland visitor in recent years.  He stated that he enjoys stopping in at The Lariat for the good food and friendly conversation. Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – February 17, 2017

It has often been said that the only time that weather is “normal” in North Dakota is when it is passing by it on the way to one extreme or the other.  That proved to be the case this past week, when February abandoned its allegiance to Winter weather and provided temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s for the enjoyment of all.  In local coffee shops, if you can find one these days, that is, the talk is centering on preparations for Spring planting, and on who holds the local record for being the first in the field to get started with the Spring’s work.  In keeping with the optimism brought on by 50 degree temperatures in mid-February, Kurt Breker commented that he just might have to take the tractor and grain drill out to seed a few acres of wheat on his farm south of Cayuga, just to be able to say in future years that he had done it.  If he does get some planting done and the weather holds, he just might be harvesting wheat in June, and that would be another local record.

Sonja Christensen, Co-Chairperson of the 22nd Rudy Anderson Memorial Pinochle Tournament that was held here on Saturday, February 4, reports that the score of 1,890 compiled by this year’s champions, Ed Christensen and Harvey Preble, was the highest score ever attained in the 22-year history of the tournament.  The previous record of 1,803 was set by Becki Beach and Kay Christenson back in 2011.  It has often been said that, “It’s better to be lucky than good,” but in Ed’s and Harvey’s case, it’s best to be both lucky AND good.  Congratulations, again, to the 2 Rutland Rockets veterans for their impressive win on their home court.  Sonja also reports that 3 of the 120 pinochle players who participated in the February 4 tournament: Stella Bell; Roger McLaen; and, Norman Preble; have participated in all 22 tournaments.  Congratulations and thanks to Stella, Roger and Norm for their loyalty and persistence.  Another person who has participated in each of the 22 tournaments, the person who has worked hard to make each tournament an enjoyable experience for all, is Sonja (Anderson) Christensen, eldest daughter of the late Rudy and Edna Anderson, and the currently reigning matriarch of the Ole C. and Julia C. Anderson clan.  Thank you, Sonja, for your contributions to your home community.

While folks in Sargent County have been playing pinochle and basking in temperatures 30 degrees above normal, local snowbirds, refugees who fled their North Dakota homeland ahead of Winter’s onslaught, have been huddled around their mesquite fueled campfires in the desert of Arizona, talking over current events, the world situation and “the good old days” back in their old Dakota home.  The following report of a recent gathering of Sargent County natives was received from Curt Larson on the morning of Tuesday, February 14: “Nineteen Arizona winter visitors from Sargent County enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast at Golden Corral in Mesa AZ on Monday, February 13. No one should have gone away hungry from a place like that. Good conversations were shared, mainly talking about how nice the weather is now compared to December and January. The second most popular topic was concerning our medical problems, the aches and pains of getting older, and that we can’t do the things we used to do just a few years ago. Like my mother always said, “It’s no fun to get old.” Not much talk from the men about what we were buying our spouses/significant others for Valentine’s Day. And not much talk from the women about that new diamond ring they were expecting. Maybe the romance is long gone! Read More »

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The Rooster Crows – February 10, 2017

The Groundhogs, Punxatawney Phil and Rutland Rasputin, had different experiences back on their “Day,” Thursday, February 2.  Phil woke up to clouds, no sun and no shadows in Pennsylvania, but Rasputin had a sunny morning out here on the prairie, saw his shadow, and Mother Nature has been on a roller coaster ride since then, with the mercury plunging below the Zero mark on Wednesday, February 8, but predicted to be up into the upper 40’s by Friday, February 10.  Local cattlemen are getting ready for the arrival of newborn calves in the very near future, with new arrivals expected at the Gulleson farm east of town in about a week, according to Bill Gulleson.  For new calves, cold and dry is preferable to warm and wet, but cattlemen are used to adversity, and are prepared to take what comes their way.

County Commissioner Jason Arth, an agronomist with Northern Plains Ag at Cayuga, reports that he recently accompanied a group from Peterson Farms Seeds, a North Dakota based seed company, on a trip to a resort on the Gulf Coast of southern Mexico, departing Sargent County on Monday, January 30, and returning on the evening of Sunday, February 5.  According to Jason, after a week of swimming, snorkeling, water polo, touring the countryside, attending seminars on new seed varieties and other activities, he needed to get home to rest up.  “It’s harder work than working,” he said.  A very enjoyable trip! Read More »

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RCDC Meeting

The annual meeting of the Rutland Community Development Corporation will convene at 7:00pm, Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 at the Rutland Senior Center. The meeting will commence with coffee and bars for the shareholders. The Directors report on the condition of the corporation and election of two (2) Directors will immediately follow the snack. Katie McLaen and Rodney Erickson have both completed their three year terms.
The meeting is open to everyone.
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