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Hens Do Crow – Friday, July 18, 2014

Bright, sunny weather greeted more than ninety descendants at the Couteau des Prairie Lodge on Saturday, July 12, for the Anderson/Narum/Donaldson family reunion, an event that has been held on a regular basis since 1951. Family arrived from California, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas along with twelve relatives from Norway.   The twelve Norwegians are cousins of several local residents including Bill Anderson, Chuck Anderson,  Dick Anderson, Paul Anderson, Beverly Brezicka, Greg Donaldson, Joanne Harris, Barbara Hayen, Doris Hoistad, Milton McLaen, Orville Nelson, Orvis Pearson, and Roger Pearson to name a few.  Irene Anderson, age 97, took the honors as eldest family member attending and 11 month old Celia Olson, daughter of Jeff and Rachel Olson of Rutland, was the youngest. The relatives gathered for a fun-filled day of visiting, food and entertainment. One of the highlights of the day was the performance of a play entitled “Parting,” written by Clifford Nelson and performed by a cast of cousins from both Norway and America.  The play tells the story of the six children leaving Norway providing an understanding of the difficulties of “parting” and the emotions felt by those who chose to remain in the homeland.  One hundred twenty five years ago, in March of 1889, Ole Anderson was the first to leave Norway, bound for Kirkhoven, Minnesota, on his way to North Dakota.  Eventually his siblings followed and established homes in the Rutland area.  Those siblings were Jonetta Olson Narum, Bernt Anderson, Otto Anderson, Netta Donaldson, and Josie Lauritzen.  Gina Onsrud and Lene Odberg remained in Norway to farm, raise their families, and also care for their mother and her small farm in the Snertingdal area, north of Oslo, near Lake Mjosa, Norway’s largest lake. Clifford Nelson, brother of Orville Nelson, wrote the play in 1989 as a tribute to his grandmother Jonetta Narum, her parents and her siblings. Clifford, a graduate of Sargent Central High School, was a teacher in Montana until his untimely death in 1996.  His legacy lives on in the plays he authored and in the school named for him and dedicated to his memory.  A family history book written by Danene McLaen was shared and enjoyed by many.  Roy Hildebrand and Doug Spieker also provided horse and wagon rides for the descendants and their family members at The Lodge.  On Sunday, several family members attended services at Nordland Lutheran Church, participated in activities at the John Narum Memorial Trap & Rifle Range at the Rutland Sportsmans Club, and toured the Sargent County Museum in Forman.  Some of the visitors will depart for Norway on July 17 while others will head to Iowa to meet host families from an event held two years ago. The next Anderson/Narum/Donaldson gathering will be held during the summer of 2016.

A large crowd of spectators gathered at Sanderson Field for the Rutland Park Board Men’s Slowpitch Softball Tournament on Saturday, July 12.  Six teams were in the competition – Gwinner Green Wave, Britton, Eden, Oaks JVG, Havana and the hometown Rutland Roosters. The Rutland Roosters lost their first game to JVG but won the rest of their games leading them to the playoffs.  JVG and the Roosters played for the championship last year and this year they again went head to head for the final game.  The Roosters came through at the end winning the championship for the second year in a row. The Rutland Roosters now have a 28-4 season record with three league games left to play.  The Roosters have another tournament this weekend, July 19, in Oakes, and the state tournament in Fargo on August 10.  Congratulations to the Roosters for a season well played. Read More »

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Rutland Park Board – June 25, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Members Present:  Hal Nelson, Hilary Mehrer, Jeff Olson, Larry Christensen.  Not Present:  Barry Christianson

Secretary’s Report:  Motion to approve secretary’s report made by Larry, Hal seconded; motion carried

Treasurer’s Report:  No formal report given

Old Business

Men’s softball tournament will be on Saturday, July 12th and possibly extended to Sunday, July 13th.  Hilary and Jeff will be gone so we will be asking members of the community for their help with concessions.  Rob has lined up the umps.  Finalize concessions during next meeting.

Weed whacker was found but gas was put in it.  Vaughan Rorhbach is looking at it to see if it can be fixed.

Hilary mentioned that we should look at getting something to keep at the basketball court to help get the water off after a rain.  Will purchase a squeegee to keep by the court.  Also, a Rubbermaid container will be purchased to hold the basketballs that are left at the court.

New Business

Lumber delivered to fix the bleachers

Welcome to our newest members, Larry Christensen and Barry Christianson

Election of new officers:  Jeff made a motion to keep the three members positions as is and add Barry Christianson as president and Larry Christensen as member at large.  Motion seconded by Larry Christensen.  Officers are as follows:  Pres:  Barry Christianson, Vice President:  Jeff Olson, Secretary:  Hilary Mehrer, Treasurer:  Hal Nelson, Member at large:  Larry Christensen.

Chelsea Rohrbach has asked the Park Board if she can use the basketball court for her wedding on August 16th.  Legion was also contacted and they are fine with that.  We will let her know that the use of the park board facilities is a free will donation.

Possible use of the ball diamond on July 23rd for the Gulleson’s going away party.

Bag of mulch to be spread under the play structure before the 4th of July weekend.  Jeff will take care of it.

Meeting date is set for the 1st Monday of every month at 7:00 pm at the ball diamond, weather permitting, or the City Hall.  The meeting can be cancelled the day of, it just needs to be posted.

Jeff Olson made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Larry Christensen seconded.

Next meeting will be July 7th at 7 pm at the ball diamond.

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Hens Do Crow – July 11, 2014

The streets of Rutland are a bit quieter this week as former classmates, family and friends took their leave and departed for home after a weekend of festivities. The 2014 All School Reunion started Friday, July 4, with a barbeque but, due to the weather, it became an indoor picnic for the 110 attendees.  The rain did not dampen the spirit of the occasion and everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal of pulled pork, beans, potato salad and beverages catered by the Rutland General Store. Attendees were able to get caught up on the lives of their former classmates attending the reunion and to share youthful memories.  Dale Herman, Class of ’51, and Dick Bergman, Class of ’53, discovered that they both live in suburbs of Dallas TX, and that their homes are only 6 blocks apart.  An added bonus to the evening were the horse-drawn buggy and wagon rides provided by Doug Speiker and Roy Hildebrandt.  Many people took advantage of the tour of Rutland, reminiscing about the Rutland they knew as kids.  On Saturday afternoon, a group gathered at the Senior Citizens Center for a social and the opportunity to view pictures and letters from those who could not attend the reunion. Saturday evening, a crowd of 136 gathered at the Hall for a delicious banquet catered by Bert Siemieniewski and her crew.  The Town Hall was beautifully decorated with blue tablecloths, blue-tipped carnations and baby’s breath, old school supplies and school pictures.  Cries of “We looked so young!” were heard often as everyone looked over the pictures.  The Fargo alumni were in charge of the program which brought everyone back to their Rutland High School days of school cheers and songs.  Several members of the 1955 basketball team: Norbert Kulzer, Donald Olson, Jerry Johnson, Donald Litchfield, and Daryl Nockelby – the only Rutland Rockets team to win both the District Tournament and a game in the regional tournament –were present and interviewed.  The Rockets had won the District Tournament that year, and defeated Litchville in the first game of the Regional Tournament when point guard Don Olson went on a 41 point scoring spree.  The 1960 Rutland Rockets won the District Tournament, but lost out in the first game of the Regional tourney that year.  Several older graduates of Rutland High School, including Dennis Prindiville ’36, Gwen (Prindiville) Young ’38, and Leif Sundlie ’41, were also interviewed and shared some outstanding memories of their high school years.  Irene (Brown) “Anderson of the Class of ’34 is the oldest living graduate of Rutland High, and she observed her 97th birthday on Saturday, July 5, by attending the RHS Alumni Banquet and Program.  The assembled Rutland alums sang “Happy Birthday” to Irene to open the program.  The Fargo Alumni also presented an “interpretive dance” which memorialized the Rutland Roosters baseball club.  The class of 1962 had the largest attendance, 9 of 11, with the class of 1960 a close second.  Co-Chairs Larry and Carolyn Christensen led a short business meeting after the banquet.  Many attended the Sunday morning services at Nordland Lutheran Church before heading back home.  It was a weekend full of sharing old memories, fun times with old friends and classmates, and a chance for everyone to relive their youth, if only for a short time – and to relish the fact that they had survived the experience. Read More »

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Hens Do Crow – July 4, 2014

The Fourth of July, Independence Day.  It is the day America celebrates its independence from England.  Congress initially adopted the Declaration on July 2, 1776 and it was on July 4, 1776, that the Second Continental Congress met and adopted the final draft of the Declaration of Independence.  It makes one wonder if America has really been celebrating the right day.  But then, it is not really just a day.  Independence is a freedom fought hard and won.  Today is a day to celebrate.  The day for fireworks, family and friends and barbeques.  The Fourth is, after all, the biggest hot dog day of the year!

Steven & Sheila Wyum, Paul Anderson, Bill Anderson, Janet Kiefer and David & LeeAnn Even were among the local folks who took in the “Summer Beer Dinner” at the Coteau des Prairies Lodge on the evening of Wednesday, June 25. According to Lodge Manager Olivia Stenvold, 65 guests, including some from Fargo, Jamestown, Aberdeen and Fergus Falls, were on hand for the event, which featured four craft beers brewed by the Lucid Brewing Co. of Minnetonka MN paired up with a gourmet four-course meal prepared by Executive Chef Jeff Anderson of the Eat Shop Kitchen/Bar of Plymouth MN and Digby’s of Roseville MN.  According to Chef Anderson both restaurants will be known as “Digby’s” in the future.  Eric Beerman, founder and president of Lucid Brewing Co., was on hand to introduce the beers served with each course and, along with Chef Anderson, to explain the pairing and interaction of the beer with each course of the dinner.  Additionally, the second dinner course featured the introduction of a Breker beef tenderloin produced on the Joe Breker and Jeff Breker farms, and processed by a local butcher using the Brekers’ exclusive “28 day dry aging” process. The menu included: Course One – Air-Enlightened Ale, Roasted garlic pork rillette, poached pears, sorrel, pine nut butter; Course Two – Silo Belgian Style Saison, roasted beets and carrots, fresh cheese, coriander spiced dry aged beef tenderloin, arugula, toasted cumin vinaigrette; Course Three – India Pale Ale, Beer braised linguica sausages, fire roasted peppers, chimichurri, hot pickles; Course Four – Infused Dyno–Pale Ale, Goat Cheese Cake, honey almond marshmallow and lemon shortbread.  No doubt about it, the dinner and the event were a huge success.  For more information about events at the Coteau des Prairies Lodge, check out the internet web site, or give Lodge Manager Olivia Stenvold a call at 701-680-1175. Read More »

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Hens Do Crow – June 27, 2014

The sun was shining and the winds were favorable for the Sargent County Relay for Life in Milnor on Friday, June 20.  The event drew hundreds of county residents, family and friends in the fight against cancer.  The Rutland Rockets served up a lot of scalloped potatoes and ham and the brownies and ice cream were also a popular item during the heat of the day. The silent auction alone raised over $5,000 for the event and at last count the tally was nearing $88,000 with donations still coming in.  The books will be closed on the 2014 funding effort in August so if you missed it there is still time to contribute.  Rutland Rockets Chair Pam Maloney would gladly accept more donations for this fundraising event.

Mr. Dick Johnson of Hot Sulphur Springs CO was a Rutland visitor on Saturday and Sunday, June 21 & 22.  While in the community, Mr. Johnson got together with several of his cousins: Paul Anderson of Rutland; Beverly Schons of Fargo; Sonja Christensen of Wahpeton; Marilyn Anderson of Wahpeton; Bill Anderson of Rutland; and, Joanne Harris of Rutland; for an impromptu family reunion at The Rutland General Store where reminiscences and root beer floats were the order of the day on Saturday afternoon.  The cousins are descendants of Swedish immigrants John and Maria Peterson who homesteaded in Rutland Township with their three children: John; Emma; and, Julia; back in 1887.  Mr. Johnson stopped in Rutland while heading back home to Colorado after nearly a month of visiting old friends in western North Dakota and at his old hometown of Drayton, and a weeklong fishing trip on the Ontario side of Lake Of The Woods with friends from school days in Drayton back in the 1950′s. During his visit here, Mr. Johnson stayed at the Coteau des Prairies Lodge on Saturday night and he rates the accommodations as “First Class.”  He plans to be back in Rutland at about the same time next year.  Mr. Johnson’s grandfather, Ole B. Johnson, served as Sargent County’s Clerk of Court for about 20 years during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th decades of the 20th Century.  His father, Chaude Johnson, was President of the State Bank in Drayton for many years.  Dicks career has been in newspaper journalism and publishing.  His great-uncle, the late Albert Johnson, once owned the Sargent County News in Forman, and his uncle, the late Omar “Bub” Johnson, at various times, owned both the Sargent County News at Forman and the Sargent County Teller at Milnor.

The Rutland Raiders 4-H Club, along with other 4-H-ers from the County, heeded the call to action at the Sargent County Fairgrounds on Sunday, June 22, to help get ready for the Fair. Panels and railroad ties were removed from the horse arena and rocks were picked, the barns were cleaned, the auditorium floors were scrubbed, signs posted, and the Exhibit building floors were swept.  Brightly colored trash cans will adorn the Fairgrounds thanks to several kids who spray painted them in various colors and designs.  The 4-H members have already submitted their project lists for the Fair – what are you entering in the Fair?  Bring your sweetheart for a fun weekend at the Fair and make sure to get to the Rodeo or the bands.  There is surely something for everyone so mark your calendar for this year’s Sargent County Fair on July 25, 26, and 27. Read More »

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