Animal Services

No dog or cat shall be permitted to be or remain in the city without being licensed if over ten (10) months of age. It shall be the duty of the owner or keeper of any dog or cat kept within the city to have the dog or cat inoculated against rabies and to license such dog or cat. No license or renewal license shall be issued unless the dog or cat has been inoculated against rabies and proof thereof is shown to the person issuing the license. City Ordinance 11.0201.1 limits the number of dogs and cats over six months to no more than five pets (in any combination). A special permit is required for households exceeding five animals.

Fees for Pet Licensing: $10.00 for each neutered/spayed dog or cat. $15.00 for each unneutered dog or cat. Licenses are good for one year annually by July 1. A license fee of $50.00 per pet will apply to any licenses not paid by August 1 and shall be added to the utility bill and be subject to all provisions of utility billing including late fees.


The Sargent County Sheriff's department provides the following assistance to all residents and is dedicated to helping protect the health, safety and welfare of both people and animals in our community.

  • Responding to stray animal complaints
  • Investigating dangerous animals
  • Impoundments
  • Barking dog complaints
  • Trapping nuisance wildlife and loose livestock
  • Carcass removal
  • Ordinance enforcement

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